The goddess of life's ocean clothing has been broken.

An Lin wanted to punch the body of the goddess of life with a second punch.

What I didn't expect was that the reaction of the goddess of life and the power under her control greatly exceeded his imagination, and she used her overflowing blood in an instant to create the **** vortex called the barrier of life and death.

The mighty explosion of the mighty heavenly elements and five elements sinks into the vortex, and the vitality of energy is consumed by the ultimate death force contained in the vortex.

An Lin knew from the bottom of his heart that in actual combat, he would never be the opponent of the goddess of life. The power of life and death controlled by the other was too abnormal. In such a hurry, he could use his own blood to build such a defense against the sky.

An Lin felt his long-time punch, and at this moment, he was all swallowed by the **** vortex ...

One to one, he really can't beat the goddess of life.

But he has Tina!

A light flashed from the side.

The golden elf wings vibrated, and the beautiful woman's hand held the sword blade reflecting the world, piercing the heart of the goddess of life at an incredible speed!

Yuxi followed, trying to intercept, but it was still too slow to keep up with the speed limit of the elf's brief burst.

The life **** gnashed his teeth and barely moved his body within the limit reaction time, but the world sword still passed across the side of her chest, leaving deep blood.

Tina, who passed by with the goddess of life, wanted to stab the second sword, but at this time, Yuzhen had flew into it!

If Tina is unstoppable, this move will be very deadly.

But at this time, the elf's eyes flashed for a moment, and the sword of the world shifted slightly, and continued to move forward towards the goddess of life!

"Crazy!" The goddess of life jumped at the heart of Tina's decision. At this time, she had no time to avoid, and the speed of the sword was too fast.

In addition, the trajectory of the sword coincided with the trajectory of the jade jade. The blade's blade collided with the side of the jade jade, which changed the jade jade's flying trajectory. By the time Yu Jie penetrated Tina's arm, World Sword had pierced the heart of the goddess of life from the rear!

Unparalleled determination and unparalleled reaction ability, Tina successfully countered the army of the goddess of life! !!

The sword of the world pierced the heart of the goddess of life.

This made the goddess of life feel the strong death again, and the sword qi annihilated her heart in an instant. Not only that, the **** mirror particles began to grow virally at the origin, increased madly, and devoured her power crazy!

The most feared of the gods of life is Tina's mirror world sword.

And now, Tina's magic mirror world sword, once again gave her a fatal blow.

"Give me to death !!" The life **** was furious, and Yuyu danced wildly, stabbing at the elf madly, drawing countless deadly trajectories like voids in the void.

At this moment, Tina was suddenly in danger, and she was almost fatally injured several times.

Until Anlin hammered the goddess of life with a punch ...

The pounding hit the extreme boxing force, blasted the body of life into distortion, and was directly bombarded for hundreds of miles, hitting a huge mountain as high as 100,000 feet into two, which stopped it. inverted flight.

When the goddess of life flew upside down, she cut her body and cut her upper body in half.

Both An Lin and Tina chased after him.

Then I saw the goddess of life, whose upper body was cut so much that it could not survive, and used the supreme authority of life to complete the physical restoration within one second ...

This unsolved power of life ...

Tina's non-lethal injuries have only recovered most of them now. The fatal injuries of the goddess of life have been completely recovered, and the erosion of the particles of Tina's mirror has been stripped away.

No matter who sees this kind of anti-healing resilience, he will be mad, and even feel a deep sense of powerlessness ...

An Lin and Tina felt the same way.

But they also know that this is not the moment of despair, now is the best time to fight back, Anlin's fist, Tina's sword shadow, once again wrapped the goddess of life, and carried out a crazy siege at that cost to the woman!

The momentum of the goddess of life was so unparalleled before, she fell into a passive state.

Repeated collisions blew up the Shenshan Mountain, lifted the forest of the Shenshu, and cut off the fairy river.

Within this realm of miracles and wonders, a strange sight appeared. Anlin and Tina chased after the goddess of life, and nearly a hundred beasts of flood and wildness chased after Anlin and Tina's ass.

The pursuit and flight of the three parties were natural, and I did not know how long it would last.

"Life! But you opened up the true nature of the Tao. Why are you still being chased and fought back, and you fight back quickly?" The **** of the sea saw the invincible appearance of the **** of life, and couldn't help but spit out the channel. .

"Shut up for me! Otherwise, I will throw you out and let you fight!" Daimei, the goddess of life, raised her eyebrows and said clearly.

When the ocean **** heard this, he dared not speak again.

Fighting with your mouth is okay, really throw him out, he will be brutalized by An Lin.

"If it weren't for the truth of your Tao had been forced out early, why are we so passive? Useless things!" The **** of life looked angry at the **** of the ocean ~ ~ At this time, regardless of the alliance Relationship, directly angry.

Ocean Tenjin's face was ugly, but he couldn't find anything to refute.

The three-phase reincarnation is truly a mysterious array. If the three major phases return, the power is indeed every second. The tyrannical Anlin and Tina are irrelevant. Why is it so passive now?

Blame it, they were so useless ...

He was bored by the light of tomorrow ...

At this time, it is north of Bai Qionghai.

Shangguanyi rushed into the black cracks in the sky, and the white skirt flew up against the wind, like the peerless white lotus blooming in the night sky, bearing a series of horrible gods and thunders that could destroy the world, and the body was submerged into the chaos and darkness.

Suddenly, the source of extreme cold gasified into blue frost covering the sky.

Heaven and earth turned into winter again.

Bai Qiong closed the sea and heavy snow fell.

She rushed to the scene of heaven to startle all the creatures. Tiandao has always dealt with her, but this time she has rushed to Tiandao to take the initiative to challenge Tiandao!

"That's the true emperor, isn't it?" Michael murmured, watching the white back of the sunken mark.

"A member who is not a world-breaking gang and has a world-breaking ability better than us. My candidate emperor really fails ..." Fighting over the Buddha is also extremely emotional.

Although they have mastered the most subtle world-breaking moves, are they capable of facing true heaven? not at all. However, Shangguanyi did it.

With her own power, Shangguanyi rushed to the heavenly path, frozen the territory for thousands of miles, and even the sky was frozen for it. How many people can face the existence of true heaven in this world? Cyril, Chen Chen, An Lin, other than that.

Shangguanyi is doing such a thing now.

Doing what a heavenly son should do!

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