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I, Maunyin, Am Not a Singer!

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A system designed to cultivate the strongest battle singer, it selects a soul with infinite potential, and uses the remaining power to prepare a perfect singer body, and Tianhu is ready to start.


The system and the auxiliary elves were shocked when they watched the new host, their hair turned golden, and then they dealt with the enemy and fell into a long silence.

Question: This host can become a Super Saiyan, and there is no need to sing to deal with the enemy. How can I train her to become a singer?

Experiencing the world: Battle → Honkai → Zhan Ji Sing → Warcraft Front → Dragon Ball → Demon Slayer → Slash·Red Eye → Magical Girl Nanoha → ? ?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IMANS
Alternate Title:我,巡音,不是歌姬!
Weekly Rank:#5879
Monthly Rank:#6215
All Time Rank:#7266
Tags:Dragonball, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Honkai Impact, Male to Female, Overpowered Protagonist, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, Singers, Strong from the Start, Stubborn Protagonist, World Hopping,
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23 Comments on “I, Maunyin, Am Not a Singer!
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  1. The MC become more and more unbearable in latter chapter, typical saiyan characteristic but much worse, IQ go in the negative whenever food and strong opponent is involve disregarding her friend opinion and consequence, never go all out when fighting enemy and holding back to enjoy the fight, end up with the enemy escape to come back and cause more trouble or hurting bystander.

  2. in the beginning everything was ok, but a little later on, this crap of characters started always distrusting the mc and she always has to do a lot of things to prove her innocence, In the middle of it there's always someone who gets all arrogant and the mc doesn't do anything, all the time she's become stunned or helpless but never does a damn thing, if it were me,The first sentence theses shit say, I was already beating. All the time this shit, mc looks like an idiot who doesn't understand anything and he always does what he is told to do, he looks like a servant. sorry if anyone don't understand what I said, i used the Google translate.

  3. shit, what Maunyin i search the chinese name as it turnout MC has the same appearance of Megurine Luka the vocaloid. The story not bad thou if you can look past the gender.

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