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I Loaded the Love Game

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[The system is activated and the game starts]

[Players can get points rewards after completing the strategy]

[The target of the strategy must meet the system accreditation standards (for details, please click the supplementary rules)]

[Complete temporary activities, you can purchase additional special goods, and encourage players to participate actively]



[Loading is complete, I wish you a happy game]

[Arrange time reasonably and pay attention to self-protection;
Beware of being deceived and make friends sincerely;
…Stay away from the hatchet (blacked out)]

- Description from Unknown


Short Title:ILLG
Alternate Title:我加载了恋爱游戏
Author:Flying crow
Weekly Rank:#1845
Monthly Rank:#1250
All Time Rank:#4223
Tags:Dark, Harem, Male Protagonist, Psychopaths, System Administrator, Yandere,
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23 Comments on “I Loaded the Love Game
  1. plss before rating this novel,u should atleast read the tags n not judge the novel if u only read the early part!!! this novel give u a vibe very much diff than most cn novel in this site(its very much refreshing),its more like JP light novel especially like romcom with UNUSUAL HEROINE,none of heroines so far(i'am @ ch 156) is normal like ur usual urban romance type,so beware if its not to ur liking just stop,but if u ok with it continue, maybe the mc will get hard time(almost die not just once) but it will get better ,cause i myself very much uncomfortable when i read that part :) but so far i liking it ohh n there is some fanfict element in this novel,so far there is hibike eupho chara. so i give this one 5 star ,quite hard to tell u what i want to cause eng its not my 1st language so pardon me if any typo or wrong word :) hope u all give this novel some chance :)

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