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As a good-looking Beta with a good family background, Duan Jiayan has lived a smooth sailing life for more than ten years, until he met Lu XingCi in high school.

Lu XingCi’s family situation is better than his, he is taller than him and plays basketball better than him. Needless to say, his grades are a whole tier above Duan JiaYan’s. Even his friends can’t help but occasionally praise Lu XingCi.

Most importantly, every girl that Duan JiaYan has set his sights on, all admitted that they have liked Lu XingCi for a few years already.

Since then, Duan Jiayan has never thought well of Lu XingCi, till the day he received his new medical report. He is a late-blooming Omega, and because he became an Omega this late, it came with dire consequences. Now Alphas will feel the need to beat up other people whenever they come near Duan JiaYan. He himself is now allergic to every Alpha’s pheromone, except Lu XingCi’s.


One night during a self-study session, Duan Jiayan became extremely uncomfortable and ended up asking Lu XingCi to bite him and leave a temporary mark.

After finishing the bite, Lu Xing asked: “We Alphas have very bad tempers, now that I’ve bitten you, are there any rewards?”

“Why don’t you…” Duan Jiayan tentatively asked: “Be a little more generous?”

“Sure,” the other party kneeled slightly and tilted down his head, exposing his white neck: “Then you’ve to also bite back. Once you do, I won’t make a fuss anymore.”

Duan Jiayan: “…”

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Short Title:ILYP
Alternate Title:我喜欢你的信息素
Author:Yǐnlù Xīng
Weekly Rank:#5473
Monthly Rank:#6037
All Time Rank:#3651
Tags:Adapted to Drama CD, Carefree Protagonist, Character Growth, Confident Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Doting Love Interests, Enemies Become Lovers, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Omegaverse, Strong Love Interests,
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  1. The translate are VERY off. You can out a bit but it will cause a headache after a few pages. Since the terms are wrong it hard to get a good flow as one needs to think of the correct word to replace.

  2. Una muy buena historia El romance no fue del todo lento porque el alfa tenia claro su objetivo El omega es denso Pero su relación es sólida Gracias por subir

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