It was black and bright.

Jiang Beiran came to a place among the mountains.

‘Huh... it’s really goosebumps being stared at by an old man with his mind. Jiang Beiran thought with a sigh of relief.

Although the big family is not bad for money, it doesn't do charity either.

Moreover, because the temptation inside Jinding Island is too great, in order to prevent disciples from not turning in the treasures obtained in Jinding Island, before departure, everyone carried the Qiankun ring that was issued by the "official".

For example, the Qiankun ring on Jiang Beiran's body is all given by the Shi family, so you have to report everything you want to bring.

When they come out of Jinding Island, the Shi family will first check the Qiankun Ring in turn. Except for returning the reported things to you, all other gains will be turned in.

Just now Shi Yangxi took them to the door and swept him more than once with profound knowledge, just to make sure that he didn't bring extra Universe Ring.

This is not because Jiang Beiran did this by the outsider Shi's family, but every sect or family that allowed disciples to enter Jinding Island did it, regardless of whether it was a direct line or a collateral line, they had to abide by this rule.

Otherwise, the disciple who found the prefecture-level magic weapon last year would obediently hand it in.

Trust between people?

That is impossible.

When Jiang Beiran was relieved, other team members also appeared behind him.

Observing around, Jiang Beiran didn't know where this was, but he was able to confirm that the aura distribution and environmental composition here were the same as the Xuanlong Continent, and it could be preliminarily determined that they should not have been transmitted to any other world.


Without too much pause, Jiang Beiran's team ran deeper.

‘It seems there is really no person or thing that can threaten me. ’

After traveling through the mountains for a long time, the system prompt did not jump out even once, which proved that no accidents would happen at present.

After confirming that there was no threat, Jiang Beiran stopped running around, planted a quiet array on the spot that could suppress the sound, and said to Shi Jiamu: "According to the plan."

"This is it?" Shi Jiamu asked, pointing to the mountain in front of him.

"Yeah." Jiang Beiran nodded.

"Roger that."

After Shi Jiamu finished speaking, he slammed his fist against the mountain wall.

Then only heard a loud noise, the whole mountain was struck across, revealing a long corridor.

‘Accurate power control is worthy of a genius. ’

"You take them in first."

"Good." Shi Jiamu promised and led the team members into the mountain.

Shi Fenglan stayed beside Jiang Beiran and asked, "Little Beiran, is there anything I can help?"

"I need you to go in with you."


Pouting, Shi Fenglan followed the large group to the mountain.

When everyone left, Jiang Beiran placed an Earth Spirit Array that could detect foreign invasions, a Luo Wu Array that could hide the mountain, and a Yang Guard Array to defend against mysterious attacks.

That's right, Jiang Beiran intends to use this mountain as its base camp.

It is important to know that Jiang Beiran is not only here to win the first prize. It is also one of his purposes to find out what is protecting the island, so a fully functional base camp is still very important.

After arranging the formations one by one, Jiang Beiran returned to the mountain and found that the mountain had been punched with large holes for people to live in, which was considered "decorated".

Seeing Jiang Beiran coming, Shi Jiamu, who was floating in the air thinking about where he could open a hole, fell to the ground and asked, "Uncle, are these enough?"

"Enough for the time being." Jiang Beiran shouted after saying, "Assemble."

In the next second, the team members who were still resting immediately gathered in front of Jiang Beiran.

"Ding Yuanzheng, Ji Zishi, Ni Guanyu, stand out."


The three of them responded and took a step forward.

"The three of you are responsible for the first search."

The three of them were startled at first, but quickly accepted the reality, and said, "Yes!"

One of these three is good at finding ore, one is good at finding herbs, and the other is good at finding insect dens.

And in this mountain map, the minerals are definitely the most, and the insect nests are also everywhere. Although there are not many medicinal materials, the ones that can grow in this environment are generally the best medicinal materials.

In addition, these three people are also the most courageous in the team, and it is most appropriate for them to perform the first search.

After deciding on the candidates, Jiang Beiran sewed three pieces on the spot and let them wear them.

Although he had told Shi Weiyi about this matter before, Master gave him, there shouldn’t be a second one, so he only brought awkward materials, no finished products, and only cloth and mysterious patterns were written on the baby. Line only.

Regarding whether these players will miss their mouths, Jiang Beiran is not worried.

He has almost "domesticated" these players, and has taught them what to say when someone asks them, and the system does not jump out of options for this matter, so there is definitely no problem.

When the three of them put on Luran, Jiang Beiran exhorted: "Say it again, don't get distracted, do you remember?"

"Remember!" the three of them looked at each other and nodded earnestly.

The role of Ming Ran has not been to be invisible, but to make the "sense of existence" disappear completely.

So as long as you keep staring at the awkwardly dressed person and don't look away, you can always see him, but once you look elsewhere, you will lose your target when you come back to your senses.

"I will accompany you for the first time. Let you get used to it first. Let's go."

Hearing that Jiang Beiran would also go with him, Ji Zishi and the others were relieved. Although they had already witnessed the magic of Miran, when they thought that there were all over the island, there would still be something in their hearts. Afraid.

But when he heard that Jiang Beiran, the fifth stage of Qi training, was willing to go with them, he immediately felt relieved.

This is the same as the difference between a general shouting "Brothers follow me!" and "Brothers, follow me!" on the battlefield.

The former is much more reassuring.

When the three of them were ready, Jiang Beiran beckoned to Shi Jiamu.

Shi Jiamu pointed at himself and asked, "Am I going too?"

"if not?"

"Oh, here it is."

The reason for bringing Shi Jiamu is because Jiang Beiran intends to implement the principle that he can never do it himself.

He is just a fifth-level Qi training with "no hand to bind the chicken power", in case of any physical work, Shi Jiamu still needs to do it.

"I want to go! I want to go too!"

Seeing how you put on Xiao Beiran's new Lu Ran, Shi Fenglan shouted immediately.

"You stay to see home."


"That `s a deal."

After Jiang Beiran finished speaking, he took the other three out of the cave.

"Huh!" Shi Fenglan suddenly puffed up her mouth, but thinking that it was useless to be angry, so she had to run to find Liu Weining to continue rubbing jade together.

After leaving the cave, Jiang Beiran asked the three of them: "Which way to go?"


The three each pointed in a direction and shouted together.

Hearing that all three of them had found out, Jiang Beiran did not know that Gao Cao felt that their search ability was indeed very strong, or that there were so many good things in this place.

Thinking that this is a mountain, Jiang Beiran decided to look at the quality of the ore here. He looked at Ding Yuanzheng, who is good at searching for ore, and said, "You will lead the way."


Ding Yuanzheng agreed and walked towards the northwest.

About the time for a cup of tea, when Ding Yuanzheng was thankful that he hadn't touched any of them, he saw three people walking towards him, talking and laughing.

This caused Ding Yuanzheng to stop in an instant, and did not dare to move.

After a while, the three talking and laughing people just brushed past them, and didn't even mean to pause, as if they were all air.

‘Brother Jiang, this dress... really amazing. ’

With emotion in his heart, Ding Yuan, who has greatly increased his confidence, is striding forward.

Ji Zishi and Ni Guanyu, who followed behind, also breathed a sigh of relief, feeling as if they could really live out of the island.

After walking another two miles, Ding Yuan was looking at Jiang Beiran and pointing downwards.

‘The gift of talent is really easy to use. ’

Ding Yuan could smell the good baby here a few miles away, but Jiang Beiran was already standing directly above the baby, but still couldn't perceive anything.

This made him only sigh that there is a specialization in the art industry.

Nodded, Jiang Beiran first searched the surroundings with mental power, and when he found that there was no one else, he began to arrange various formations.

After laying down the Luo Wu Formation that could hide everyone, Jiang Beiran looked at Shi Jiamu and said, ‘Excavation. ’

Shi Jiamu nodded, then looked at Ding Yuanzheng and asked, "Probably how deep?"

"Just dig down fifty-two feet."

Hearing Ding Yuanzheng uttering a precise number, Shi Jiamu gave a punch to the ground after a little thought.

With a "boom", the ground split instantly, and a channel to the ground quickly appeared.

Bend down and glanced down, Jiang Beiran recognized the ore that Ding Yuanzheng had smelled so far.

"It turned out to be a purple frost stone..."

Jiang Beiran discovered that this Jinding Island was really different. Generally speaking, the best ore must be found in the veins. This is good, just buried such a piece, as if someone dug it and buried it and waited for you to find it.

‘It’s really a strange place. ’

Lifting his head, Jiang Beiran looked at Shi Jiamu and said, "Take Yuanzheng down and take a look. If you can dig it, you can dig it up directly."

"Okay." After Shi Jiamu finished speaking, he took Ding Yuanzheng to the bottom with him.

After a while, Shi Jiamu jumped up holding a piece of ore exuding dark purple.

"Brother Jiang! This Jinding Island is really amazing! This is the first time I have seen such a high-grade purple frost stone. It's too powerful, too powerful."

Jiang Beiran was also amazed after receiving the purple frost stone handed by Shi Jiamu.

This purple frost stone is originally the best in the mine. If it is used to make magic weapons, if it succeeds, it must be a mysterious start. In addition, containers made from this ore have miraculous effects and can nurture the power of ice magic weapons.

Putting the purple frost stone into the universe ring, Jiang Beiran looked at the other people and said, "Look, it's that simple."

The three of them all smiled after listening.

Now that safety is guaranteed, their minds are naturally alive.

It's a great honor for the Shi family to win the Bixiao Meeting, and the benefits will be indispensable for them after returning.

"Big Brother Jiang." Ding Yuanzheng shouted at this moment.


"But I found the ore by myself and I can't dig it out, what should I do?"

"Then record the location, come back and tell me, are you okay to remember the way?"

"No problem! I'm very good at this!" Ding Yuanzheng shouted, patting his chest.

Nodded, Jiang Beiran looked at the other two and said, "The same is true for you."

"Yes!" Ji Zishi and Ni Guanyu nodded at the same time.

After removing all the magic circles, Jiang Beiran looked at Ji Zishi and said, "Go, then go to the place you found, can you still smell it?"

"Yes!" Ji Zishi nodded vigorously.

"Then go."

With the first experience, the back was much smoother, and Ji Zishi almost ran to the target point.

On the road, I encountered two teams of Xuan Wang who were fighting each other, and it was easy to bypass it.

"It's right there." Ji Zishi said, pointing at the top of a cliff.

"Take him up."

Jiang Beiran said to Shi Jiamu.

After hearing this, Shi Jiamu grabbed Ji Zishi by the collar and flew him into the air.

In a short while, the two of them flew back with a Qianyuan grass.

"Brother Jiang! This Qianyuancao is definitely two hundred years old. Even in our Xuanfang, it is priceless!"

Seeing Ji Zishi's excitement, why didn't Jiang Beiran know that this thing was valuable?

But what about knowing, it's not working for someone else.

‘I have to find a way to come in once by myself. ’

After digging up a good treasure twice in a row, Jiang Beiran was really tempted by this ~ If he could come in and collect a lot, many of his manufacturing plans would surely be greatly advanced.

The ability of self-protection is of course also greatly improved.

But when he thought of the Xuansheng stationed here all year round, Jiang Beiran had to sigh in his heart.

'hateful! The most hated thing is monopoly! The person who hates monopoly more is not me! ’

Throwing Qianyuancao into the Qiankun Ring, the five-person team moved on to the next destination.

It wasn't until the sky was completely dark that Jiang Beiran returned to the cave with the team.

"Little Beiran~ I'm hungry!"

When Xiao Beiran came back, Shi Fenglan ran over immediately.

At the same time, the gazes of other people also looked over, and they found that there were no less than five people, and there was no missing arm or leg. Suddenly, the hanging heart felt a little lower.

Pour out all of today’s harvest, Ji Zishi said to others as a representative: "Don’t worry anymore! Brother Jiang’s dress is just like what he said. No Xuan Wang can find us, even if we walk face to face. ."

Looking at the treasures piled into hills, coupled with Ji Zishi's appearance.

Wei Guang was the first to take the lead and cheer!

"Great! I can go back to see my mother alive! No! I can take my mother to live a good life!"

There was one who took the lead, and the others immediately followed and cheered.

"be quiet."

Hearing Jiang Beiran's order, everyone immediately stood up obediently.

Now they no longer regard Jiang Beiran as the ghost **** who drove them to hell, but as a divine envoy who sent them to the land of bliss.

"From tomorrow I will follow this to take all of you out to experience once, and then you have to act alone, is there a problem?"

"No problem!" everyone shouted in unison.