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I Just Want to Be a Quiet Top Student

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“Do you desire knowledge?”

“No, I want girls, the cute ones!”

“When you reach the pinnacle of human knowledge, you can do everything you want.”

“Then I want knowledge!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IJWBQTS
Alternate Title:我只想当一个安静的学霸
Author:Shu Xiaocheng
Weekly Rank:#4435
Monthly Rank:#4843
All Time Rank:#3435
Tags:Campus Love, Discrimination, Fantasy, Level System, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Nationalism, Racism, Scientists, System, Wealthy Characters,
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31 Comments on “I Just Want to Be a Quiet Top Student
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  1. Mmm creo que el autor no sabe nada sobre otros países ya que trata como tontos a todos excepto a los chinos, y por si fuera poco es extremadamente bueno para lamer las suelas de los zapatos de su gobierno. Toda novela china tiene un poco de eso, pero esta es excesiva. Leeré unos 50 capitulos mas para ver si mejora, si no es así la dejaré.

  2. Review: The novel is quite enjoyable to read. I am not sure why but the ending is a bit rushed as there were some things which have not been accomplished and things which the readers (at least me) were waiting for. The author did say at the testimonial that he ends it due to his lack of knowledge. Anyways, the novel is quite good so give it a read, and no, it is not harem, there is only one FL and MC truly loves her.

  3. Chinese novels are the only places where i find the MC talking about math problems like he did not find enlightenment during cultivation. Cant he just go to the teacher and say that he did not understand. Why Tf does he say “I think I have entered the bottleneck stage. I have been unable to conquer the core essentials of matrix algebra and compound determinants.”

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