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I Have Ten Strongest Beasts

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Owning an ancient beast can destroy the world? Suning laughed: “I’m sorry, I have ten!”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHTSB
Alternate Title:我有十大最强神兽
Author:Lao Shi
Weekly Rank:#3264
Monthly Rank:#1773
All Time Rank:#3887
Tags:Alchemy, Beast Companions, Harem, Martial arts, Monster Tamer, Mysterious Family Background, Mythical Beasts, Polygamy, Weak to Strong,
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25 Comments on “I Have Ten Strongest Beasts
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  1. "If the bloodthirsty demon will seize the opportunity, Feng Lingyue and Pang Jiu'er, who are in the purple-scarred glass tower, will probably fall into the hands of the bloodthirsty demon general, and the situation will only be more difficult to deal with." HELLLLOOOOO??????? CAN I ASK??? IS YOUR WIFE JUST THEM BOTH?? LOL!!

  2. I'm already read it till chapter 625, but what? I feel this is a trash novel! Why? Cz inconsistent of the main character and the story! First for the story, there is too much modern tech! But I think it's ok, cz maybe this is just side story for opening the bigger world when modern tech is just kid play for the strong. But when I'm continue reading it, I'm confuse. Why more chapter I'm read there is more high tech! Then in chapter 619-625 I'm feel the main character personality start to change! It's more like a kid, diff when he always calm.

  3. He got 7 wife so far (ch 975) and every wife is useless! I mean when he first met with them the description of the wife is really a "prodigy and extremely talented genius daughter" but so far what? Ugh! And I'm kinda sad for his wife, I mean its okay if his first wife got much more attention! But wth with the newly bride? Its feel like she is the second important after the first! When he is married with 6st and 7st wife, you know what? He just go to the 7st chamber like he forget about the 6st wife! Ugh it's amusing to read this! I'm really disappoint with the author! I mean c'mon man! I'm already read your versatile security, but why it is so fucking downgrade in quality in this novel? I don't understand it!!

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