At this moment, Mu Bai quickly rushed over, stepping on the ground with both feet, stepping on the ground every time.

Scattered rocks and flying debris, the tip of the sword of the flames reached the ground, and sparks were sparked in the direction of his running.


"Clang!" "Pump!"

Then I saw that Mu Bai swung his sword towards one of the Zerg races, and that person was not weak either. His name was Chakusu, and he belonged to the first echelon in the Ninth Layer of Nirvana.

But this is the case, he could have struggled, or blocked Mu Bai's unremarkable move.

As a result, what awaits him is death!

That's right, just when he was about to fight back, he suddenly seemed to see something terrible, and as a result, the thing in his hand was stopped, and it was just blocked by Mu Bai before it was completely blocked.

In an instant, he was killed in seconds.


Seeing this scene, there was a sudden uproar in the field, and everyone was shocked by Mu Bai's hand.

Because, from their perspective, it can be seen that this is an ordinary blow.

And I am very confident that no matter who it is, this blow can be blocked.

But what they saw now was that Chakusu didn't stop him, but was beheaded by Mu Bai's move.

The answer is so obvious and unexpected.

"call out!"

Ignoring everyone's surprise, after Mu Bai killed one person, he instantly went to the next person, still beheading one person easily as before.


"Shoo!" "Shoo!" "Shoo!"...

In the following time, Mu Bai seemed to be on the hook, no one went to any place, and everyone was beheaded.

And the people who died were still cut very easily by him.

Merely, just a light sword.

Such a scene, if it is once or twice, they can still accept it.

But this time, they not only did not become numb, but became scared.

Because they know these unknown things are the most terrifying.

Especially the people who use it are Mu Bai, and they all fear the white fox.

"This white fox, what method did it use, so many times in a row, it makes people unable to counterattack."

Seeing Mu Bai doing this, Naku and others on the side also reacted, frowning and looking at him.

Kaluo also echoed at this time: "Yes, I have never seen this trick. It seems that every time those people have to resist, they seem to lose their action and be directly killed by the white fox."

"Yes, I found it too!"

"That's it, hell, he wasn't like this before."

The others also agreed, but Hua Lingyu remained silent, frowning and looking at Mu Bai, as if thinking about something.

It didn't take long for Mu Bai to behead people once, Hua Lingyu suddenly realized that she looked in Mu Bai's direction and exclaimed.

"It's a mental attack!"

At this time, Hua Lingyu finally remembered something, staring in Mu Bai's direction, her expression undecided for a long time.

Because she found that the trick Mu Bai just used was exactly the one she was good at.

Mental power attack!

Moreover, their mental power attacks are similar.

They are suppressing the opponent's spirit, making it unable to exert its original strength.

It's just that hers is a long stream, accumulating little by little, killing people.

Mu Bai broke out suddenly, causing people to die.

Moreover, what shocked her the most was that Mu Bai had only been beaten for mental power attacks just now, but now, the other way around.

How can this be done? !

Thinking of this, Hua Lingyu shook his head repeatedly, expressing puzzlement.

"What? Mental power attack?!"

"No, this white fox doesn't have this trick?"


"Could it be just now?"

At the same time, several other people also understood from her words. They all looked at him with surprise.

After all, when they were fighting just now, they didn't realize that Mu Bai had this ability.

If it had been there, they would have discovered it in the battle.

Well, since there is now, it means that Mu Bai's move came out of that abnormal change just now.

Everyone is not a fool. Since he can stand there and repel so many people, he must have awakened something.

"It is indeed a mental attack."

At this time, Hua Lingyu shook his head after hearing the words of a few people.

"As for when he had it, I really don't know, but the only thing I know is that his current mental attack is very strong."


Can it be strong?

Hearing this, several people complained in their hearts one after another, whether they were strong against Mu Bai's mental power attack.

Needless to say, they all know.

After all, the mental power attack is related to the mental power level, and Mu Bai is the only seventh rank in it.

Can his attack be horrible?

In trouble!

Seeing Mu Bai who was still flashing in the field, the hearts of several people were cold, and the original enthusiasm for killing the white fox was also reduced a lot.

There were even one or two people wondering in their hearts how to escape from the next battle.

As for victory?

Sorry, there is no such option now.

Other people's guesses, Mu Bai certainly didn't know, he was immersed in the excitement of new moves.

This move is exactly what Hua Lingyu said just now, a mental attack.

The reason why he had it was that he spontaneously awakened after too many attacks from Hua Lingyu in his spiritual world just now.

Of course, this spontaneous awakening is not attributable to his talent.

It was the three sets of spiritual martial arts that Mu Bai had learned, chaos, refining, and forging.

These three sets of martial arts, originally all platinum martial arts, combined together, have the power of diamond martial arts.

Respectively, they can temper their spiritual power, making their spiritual power more solid and powerful than ordinary people.

For this reason, Mu Bai did not suffer less before.

It was just that following Lei Luo's physical training, coupled with the battlefield of ten thousand races, his training frequency began to decrease.

However, just today, this set of martial arts did bring him a big surprise.

That is the world of spiritual power after they have been forged, which is not only extremely solid, but also capable of absorption.

As for absorption?

It is to absorb the attack characteristics of other people's mental power, and then transform it into something suitable for him.

Just like just now, Hua Lingyu has been using mental power to attack him.

In fact, at that time, Mu Bai's spiritual power world had already begun to absorb.

Until just now, after absorbing a certain value, he finally awakened it.

Mu Bai called this trick, secret pressure!

Dark pressure, mental power attack martial arts, is the use of mental power to attack the opponent and make it incapable of action. It seems like the overlord color in a certain One Piece.

Use this to suppress others!

The only difference is that Mu Bai's move becomes stronger according to his strength.

The most important thing is mental power.

Only the higher the level of spiritual power, the stronger he will use it, just like just now, people resist killing, and Buddhas resist killing.

Finally, after fighting for a long time, Mu Bai turned his attention to Qinaku several people, with a strong look in his eyes.

"Next, it's your turn!"

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