Late at night, Li Xu closed his eyes and lay silently on the bed.

Although after becoming untouchable, they can no longer sleep, but most deformed masters still maintain the habit of sleeping. For them, sleep is equivalent to a means of relaxation and a means of maintaining emotions.

However, tonight's Li Xu began to have nightmares.

For him, this situation has not occurred for a long time. The last time he appeared was when he was hunted down by the official, but after he was rescued by the boss, he never felt this flustered again.

But tonight, that feeling reappeared...

Half-dreaming and half-awake, Li Xu only felt a fiery hotness in his chest, and at the same time a familiar heart season kept coming. After feeling all this, Li Xu finally opened his eyes blankly.

When he understood what happened, he jumped up and pulled out the note on his chest!

I saw that the note at this time was hot, as if it had been burned by a fire, and at the same time, there were several blood-red characters on the cover of the note—

[The copy of the strange story will open in five minutes...]

【are you ready? 】


Li Xu's heart suddenly trembled. He watched as a five-minute countdown appeared on the cover of the note. Suddenly, an inexplicable panic filled his mind.

"Finally, the second copy of the strange story has arrived, but I don't know if I can survive this time like I did before..."

Li Xu murmured in a low voice. He took out the phone and wanted to wake Chen You up, but he suddenly woke up. The other party must have noticed the change in his notes.

So if you call the other party now, it is equivalent to disturbing the other party, and at the same time reducing your survival rate in the copy of the strange talk.

Thinking of this, Li Xu took a deep breath. He simply sat cross-legged on the edge of the bed and meditated silently.

This is the method he learned from some psychology books, not to say that this kind of meditation can really exercise superpowers or something, but this kind of meditation helps to relieve tension and concentrate the spirit.

Soon, the five minutes passed completely, and at the same time, a door appeared in front of Li Xu again.

This is a red wooden door, three meters high and two meters wide. At this time, the door is closed, and it seems that no one knows what happened on the other side of the door.

He felt the notes on his chest getting hotter. At this moment, there seemed to be a voice in the depths of his heart urging him and warning him that if he didn't follow the instructions of the strange talk notes, very bad things would happen...

However, for Li Xu, all this was no longer surprising. He got up directly from the bed, opened the door at the same time, and came to that dark and gloomy vast world again.

The same dark sky, the same black clouds like thousands of hairs, this kind of weird and even terrifying scene, only in the ghost story copy will appear.

At this time, there were already two figures standing inside the gate.


Seeing that Chen You was also in this venue, Li Xu finally breathed a sigh of relief. With Chen You's indoctrination during this time, he was really afraid of the bride in the wedding dress. Fortunately, Chen You was one step ahead of himself. Come, let yourself not face that terrifying guy alone.

After hearing his voice, Chen You also turned his head slightly, nodded slightly at him, then turned his head again, and confronted a red-clothed figure in front of him.

The figure in red was none other than the bride in the wedding dress.

At this time, in the surrounding darkness, a messy footstep also began, and soon Zhao Sha and Chen Jiuyi also walked out of the darkness and came behind Chen You.

However, this did not end, and some new faces began to walk into the darkness, and they walked into this space nervously, and some people even started to ask, but there was no black young man in this group of people.

It seems that because he is too dark, he has already killed the other party in reality?

Thinking of this, Li Xu suddenly felt a sense of schadenfreude.

"Who are you and where am I?"

"Where is this place, shouldn't it be the real world?"

"Haha, so interesting, I like this kind of challenge!"

But at this moment, a group of newcomers who entered the world of ghost stories began to inquire about each other's intelligence, and some even swaggered in front of Li Xu and questioned loudly.

It's just that Li Xu didn't have any plans to answer. He just glanced and turned around again, looking at the bride in the wedding dress with vigilance. The distortion field on the body seems to have become more intense...

"Li Xu, explain it to them."

But at this moment, Chen You suddenly gave an order.


Li Xu then nodded, turned around and clapped his hands at the crowd, attracting the attention of the newcomers.

Although no one called, but Li Xu knew that in the last copy, only six people died on his side, and according to the nature of the strange talk notes, eight new contractors must be involved at this time. Therefore, this kind of food market-like scene will appear.

"Everyone, the reason why everyone is here is because everyone has a notebook, right?"

Li Xuhuan looked at everyone, then took out his notebook and showed it to everyone present, "Whether you agree or not, after you get this notebook, your life is limited by this notebook, and you can't help yourself from life and death."

The faces of many newcomers present changed drastically, and their deepest secrets were exposed in an instant, and everyone lost the interest in chatting.

"Here, we are companions."

Li Xu continued, "I hope everyone can gather in front of this Mr. Chen You. He is the world's number one freak, Chen You. With him here, I believe everyone can be well protected."

With that said, Li Xu couldn't help but looked at the crowd slightly, but it was disappointing that the eight new contractors were all ordinary people, and none of them had become untouchables, let alone abnormal masters.

In other words, before this group of people grew up, they were all just dragging their feet.

But even so, he still wants to draw these people to Chen You's side. Although he can't help Chen You, he can work hard to draw these abnormal masters over, so that when everyone grows up, they can also bring them to marriage. Clothes brides with some restrictions.


However, before he could finish explaining the rules of the copy of the strange talk, suddenly, Chen Jiuyi, who was on the side, opened his mouth. He first looked into the sky, but saw a line of comments appearing again in the dim sky—

[In the room full of curses, there are a pair of mother and son figures all year round. Every passerby who breaks in out of curiosity will be targeted by them. A boy who likes to hide and seek, he may be hidden in your closet, in your quilt, in the corner of your sight. And his mother will come to your bed in the middle of the night and stare silently]

"Quietly stare..."

Li Xu's face changed slightly. He narrowed his eyes and looked at this line of comments solemnly. Unlike the comments in the previous copy, the comments this time were obviously more obscure, and it was difficult to figure out the real clues.

What does it mean to like to hide and seek? Is it because after entering the dungeon, everyone has to hide and not let the other party find it?

But what does the latter paragraph "his mother" mean? What is the inevitable connection with that boy?

For some reason, Li Xu felt a chill in his heart when he saw this comment. He couldn't tell why. He clearly became a third-level abnormal master. What makes you feel threatened?

"Then, what is that?"

In the crowd, some people could not help but exclaimed.

"This is the copy mission of our trip."

Li Xu still remembered Chen You's order, so he immediately replied, "This copy was written by one of the fourteen of us, and it was valued by the notes for some reason, so we will all experience this copy together. copy."

"As for the task difficulty of the dungeon, it usually depends on the strongest person. That is to say, what we need to face is at least a fourth-level distortion effect, and it may even be a fifth-level..."

Li Xu continued to explain, "And our current position is a scene before the opening of the dungeon. After about five minutes, the dungeon will officially start, and then we will be truly teleported into the dungeon world."

"Is that so?"

In the crowd, some people thought, "Then you must be the abnormal master who controlled the abnormal things?"

"Although it's not wrong to say that we are abnormal masters, but I still like to be called 'contractor' by others."

Li Xu nodded, "After all, we got everything from the strange talk notes, so we are a contractor first, and then an abnormal master."

At this moment, following his words, he suddenly had a feeling that the ground was shaking, like a precursor to an earthquake, and the whole ground began to rumble!

"The copy is about to start!"

Li Xu quickly reminded him, and then he quickly gathered with Chen You, Chen Jiuyi, and Zhao Sha. The four of them became a small group in the contractor organization.

Immediately, Li Xu only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and everyone including him suddenly disappeared between this world!

When Li Xu came back to his senses, he had already appeared in a room with a somewhat familiar style. Li Xu was no stranger to this style. It was a building that was publicized when Donghai Kingdom spread its local culture. He is in such a Donghaiguo style house...

This time, unlike the last copy, all the contractors came here. At this time, Chen Jiuyi was squatting down, constantly checking something on the ground.

And Zhao Sha was not idle, but kept cruising around, seemingly looking for clues left in the room.

And Chen You was still facing the bride in the wedding dress, and the two seemed to be completely nailed to each other, and there was no change from the beginning to the end.

Seeing this, Li Xu finally dared to step forward slightly. He glanced at the bride in the wedding dress opposite, and couldn't help but whispered, "Boss, are we leaving now?"

"Leave, I feel something is wrong with this house."

Chen You nodded, turned around and walked out of the house, but before he could completely walk out of the house, a gloomy wind suddenly emanated from behind him. behind!

In the next second, a pair of sharp claws pierced through Chen You's entire body in an instant!


Li Xu's complexion changed, and the situation he was most worried about still occurred. For some reason, the bride in the wedding dress suddenly attacked and took out Chen You directly. If the other party is really level five, then as a fourth Isn't Chen You, who is at the top of the class, more fortunate and less fortunate?

Once Chen You, who sheltered him, Chen Jiuyi and Zhao Sha, died, wouldn't it be a huge disaster whether it was a copy of the story or reality?

Thinking of this, a firm color appeared in Li Xu's eyes. He looked at Chen You, who was quickly suppressed, and suddenly shouted, "Boss, I'll give you this strange story factor!"

As he said that, he suddenly took out the strange talk notes, converted all the strange talk factors above into thoughts, and at the same time, without saying a word, he rushed directly into Chen You's body!

"Ah ah ah..."

Chen You couldn't help but let out a scream, and his breath began to rapidly intensify at a speed visible to the naked eye. After reaching a certain extreme, although it paused for a moment, in the next second, it seemed that some bottleneck was broken!


An indescribable coercion surged out of Chen You's body, but in an instant, the bride in the wedding dress suddenly retreated a step and stood there dumbfounded!


A trace of puzzlement, a trace of surprise, and a trace of helplessness appeared in Chen You's eyes.

"Boss, you are dead, and Zhao Sha and I can't survive in this kind of copy!"

Li Xu suddenly laughed, and he said triumphantly, "So, even for us, you have to defeat the bride in the wedding dress, our wealth and life are all on you! Boss!"

"I understand…"

After hearing this sentence, Chen You finally fell silent, he raised his hands and whispered, "I have already reached the peak of the fourth level, and it will take a long time to upgrade to the fifth level. I have a long way to go, but I didn't expect that you would be able to do this for me..."

"My deformity itself is all given by you, and now these ten thousand thoughts are the return of your investment!"

Li Xu said firmly, and even looked at the bride in the wedding dress provocatively, but before she could finish speaking, the bride in the wedding dress launched an attack again, Li Xu only saw the black hair surging in the sky, and almost wanted to join him. Everyone inside is completely blocked!

However, this blockade was not successful. Chen You just waved his hand slightly, and the endless strands of hair began to shatter, then quickly fell to the ground, and then completely dissipated.

"Sure enough, you finally succeeded!"

Seeing this scene, Li Xu finally exhaled a breath. It seems that after having his own ten thousand points of thought, the boss still took the last step and came to the threshold of the fifth level.

From now on, the title of the World's No. 1 Abnormal Lord will truly live up to its name!


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