Since Chen You has risen to level 4, he has gradually lost control of the strange story notes, especially after the points in it are used up, no matter whether Chen You creates new strange stories or not, he cannot continue to obtain the strange story factor.

As for the reason, Chen You guessed that there are two possibilities:

First, the strange talk notebook can only make people upgrade to the fourth-level abnormal master, and any contractor who reaches the fourth-level will lose control of the notebook.

2. Chen You did not enter the fourth level in the way approved by the notebook. Compared with humans, he is more like a strange talk with human consciousness, so the notebook no longer recognizes Chen You as a contractor.

Both of these possibilities have a certain probability.

So later, in order to make himself continue to improve, Chen You simply took the road of spreading himself as a strange story. Since then, the strange story of the beautiful boy at the crossroads has been spread all over the world, and Chen You's daily strength will be increase.

Coupled with the fact that Chen You has incorporated a few deformed objects into his body, the power contained in Chen You's body has reached the threshold of infinite level five, and he is only one step away!

But now, this final step was finally made up by Li Xu's 10,000-point thought, and Chen You's avatar in the outside world has completely reached 1,000!

Not only the clone, but Chen You's fantasy world also began to expand, and soon exceeded the diameter of a hundred kilometers!

This also means that at this moment, Chen You has finally reached the level of fifth...

At the moment when he reached the fifth level, Chen You only felt that his spirit was dazed for a while. It seemed that a sharp cone began to pierce his brain. Almost in an instant, Chen You's spirit would be completely wiped out!

However, this body not only has the ability to obliterate his consciousness, but also the consciousness repairing power of Tear Mole after fusion, the consciousness guarding power of the cross, and the power of strengthening self-awareness of the eight-foot Qionggou jade and Void Spirit that he swallowed...

Several abilities to strengthen and repair consciousness began to quickly repair Chen You's consciousness. At this moment, Chen You's consciousness was almost wiped out by strange talk, while being quickly repaired!

In the process of this constant repair, Chen You's eyes have become completely pale, he raised his head and stared at the sky dully, and the world of the fantasy world is also rapidly expanding under his unconsciousness!

One hundred kilometers, two hundred kilometers, three hundred kilometers…

After reaching the fifth level, Chen Youhuan's dreamland has begun to grow at a geometric speed, the entire space has begun to shake, and even the isolated scenes have begun to collapse and disappear one after another!

"What happened?"

At this moment, Li Xu's expression suddenly changed. He looked in shock at the fantasy dreamland that began to collapse, and then looked at Chen You, who was gradually rising, and the bride in wedding dress who was standing in the same place not far away. , a look of confusion appeared in his eyes.

"Could it be that this is the power of the fifth level? Even the copy of the strange story will be broken through?"

Not only that, Li Xu was surprised to find that the rest of the people not far from him didn't know when to disappear. Just when Li Xu started to panic, his eyes darkened again, and when he regained consciousness, He has left the ghost story copy and returned to reality...

Chen You used his last consciousness to throw Li Xu out of the fantasy dreamland, and began to welcome his own promotion completely. His consciousness sometimes disappeared and then regenerated. Under the death of life and death, Chen You's eyes began to become brighter and brighter. There is more and more of a divine taste...

It was an unspeakable transformation!

Not only Chen You in the fantasy world, thousands of Chen You all over the world stopped their activities at this time and looked at the sky blankly. Enter into a larger, time-like world!

"This is…"

The power of backlash gradually faded away, and Hesheng's power formed a certain balance. Only at this time did Chen You gradually come back to his senses and look at this world completely constructed by the spiritual body.

This world is almost the same as the real layout, the only difference is that everything here is colorless, and the whole world is just gray and white, like a reflection of the real world.

No mistake

At the same time, every person, every animal, every plant, and all life is reflected in this world. If gray and white are the essence of this world, then these lives are the flowing streams of this world!

However, as the scene in front of him began to speed up, Chen You looked at the sky of this spiritual world, but saw two spacecraft rising into the sky and gradually moving away...

That is, the Voyager spacecraft?

Chen You moved in his heart and seemed to understand something.

He didn't try to analyze all this, but calmed down and looked again, only to find that after the two spacecraft flew far away, dense black spots gradually appeared in the sky.

These black spots are like black mold when the fruit rots. It was just a small spot at the beginning, but as time went on, these black spots became bigger and denser!

At the end, the entire sky began to rot in large areas, and the black juice dripping from the rot, every drop on the planet, would attract a large black mist!

Is this a distortion effect?

Suddenly, Chen You seemed to realize that what he saw was nothing else, but the perspective and memory of the planet under his feet!

Planet will? Gaia?

Chen You's heart was pounding, he didn't expect that he had only been upgraded to the fifth level, and he was completely connected to the will of this planet? It's just that in Chen You's perception, this will has no human thinking, nor any consciousness of life. Some are just an instinct, like a newborn baby.

At this time, the will of the planet has released the shackles of Chen You, allowing Chen You to observe everything about himself, only to see that the will of the planet is gradually rotten, so in order to protect itself, it begins to condense these rotten departments and gradually condense into one This bizarre book!

Although there is only a shadow, but Chen You can recognize it when it is turned into ashes. This book is the notebook of strange stories!

Could it be that the will of the planet is explaining the origin of the strange talk notes?

Chen You only felt that his mind was shocked and unclear. He only saw that the book was divided into two parts, two parts into four parts, four parts into eight parts, and sixteen parts all the way, before these books began to become one. Dao Liuguang, falling towards all parts of the world!

"It's really weird notes!"

Chen You looked shocked. No wonder the explanation of the statement on the note was: "When the physical rules need to be communicated, a placeholder command issued to the origin of the world." It turns out that the notebook itself is the product of the planet's will!

No, strictly speaking, the strange talk notes are a fusion of the distortion effect and the will of the planet!

"So, Planet Will intends to use these notebooks for self-help? But there are sixteen notebooks in total, so why have I only seen three?"

Chen You murmured in a low voice, and had to continue to look down, only to see that the sixteen notebooks seemed to be unstable because half of the notebooks began to disintegrate before they even fell to the ground, and turned into distortions again. Particles, only the remaining eight completely fell in front of someone.

It's just that these eight people who got the strange talk notes hardly made any strong countermeasures, and they began to die one by one, some died of accidents, some died of not being able to adapt to the rules, and some died of Among the weird stories that I created, in short, after batches, most of these notes disappeared.

The reason for the disappearance is still unknown, and in the end, only two notebooks were successfully preserved!

"It turns out that there are only two strange talk notes in this world now..."

Chen You murmured in a low voice, this answer did not exceed Chen You's expectations, because any contractor wants to rise, he needs to do something, and it is a special draft, just like the fear created by Chen You Eyes, created "Truth", "Virtual Lover" and so on.

But he has never found any traces left by the notes, which means that the number of notes is indeed not many, at least it will never be in double digits.

Otherwise, the world is definitely worse than it is now.

"Just, why did Planet Will do this? What's the use of creating strange talk notes, is it really to fight against the great terror outside the solar system? Moreover, why did those notes disappear one by one, and only two remained. ?"

Chen You kept thinking, but at this time the planetary will has completely ended the communication, Chen You only felt that his eyes were dark, and he was directly rejected from the interior of the planetary will and returned to reality.

The next second, Chen You woke up on the chair at his desk.


After seeing himself returning to reality, Chen You couldn't help exhaling, suppressing the shock in his heart.

His shock was not because of the will of the planet. In his perception, although the will of the planet was powerful, it was not invincible. What really shocked Chen You was the truth.

"Unexpectedly, the source of the strange talk notes turned out to be like this, that is to say, the will of the planet is selecting candidates who can resist the distortion particles in outer space? No wonder I am no longer recognized by the strange talk notes after I became level 4. It turned out to be because of me It has exceeded the expectations of the planet's will, and is no longer human..."

"Because of the incarnation of strange talk, the strange talk note no longer recognizes Chen You's identity as a human, so naturally it is impossible to continue to control the strange talk note."

Thinking of this, a flash of surprise flashed in Chen You's eyes.

"But then again, the fifth level, it really is the planet level..."

Thinking of this, Chen You closed his eyes slightly and felt the chill in his body again. He had an illusion, as if he could spread his power to a radius of 3 million ordinary kilometers with just a single thought. Inside, everything is under your control!

With just one thought, he can kill all creatures within this range, or move everything here into his own fantasy world.

Or, perceive everything that happened in this area in three days!

At this level, any means are pale, and the power of various attacks and defenses in the past has become tasteless. If Chen You wants to do anything, he only needs to "think".

As long as you think about it, you can predict the future!

If you think about it, you can change the world!

As long as you think, you can move mountains and seas!

"That is to say, from the fourth level to the fifth level, the scope of my illusion has expanded tenfold. This span is really terrifying. If I want, I can completely wipe out everything on the surface of the entire planet within an hour..."

Feeling the power in the body, Chen You showed a look of happiness. Fortunately, he finally improved to the fifth level, and his consciousness was not reversely eroded by the deformity. From today, he is facing those big horrors in the starry sky. At last, he had the courage to face him.

"I just don't know, will there be a sixth-level or higher distortion effect in the distortion effect outside the sky?"

After feeling his own power, Chen You was a little worried. After all, this universe is so vast that even the earth is just a grain of sand. No, or even a grain of sand is not as good as a grain of sand A cell, a virus.

Thinking of this, Chen You couldn't help but take out his strange talk notes again. At this time, the power in this note was no longer chaotic. Chen You could clearly sense that this note was just a distortion. The effect is nothing more than an existence created by the will of the planet, combining the distortion effect and its own power.

"Is it true that I can directly control this notebook?"

A bold idea suddenly appeared in Chen You's mind.

Just when Chen You was reminiscing about the power contained in his body and started to talk about the idea of ​​taking notes, Li Xu suddenly knocked on the door in a hurry.

"come in."

Chen You frowned slightly, but when he thought that if it wasn't for the other party's ten thousand points, I'm afraid it would be difficult for him to advance to the fifth level so quickly, and then he showed a bright smile.

Hearing Chen You's words, Li Xu also walked in quickly.

"Boss, you just..."

He looked at Chen You, it was still only late at night, and the sky was dark, but for the abnormal master, it was not difficult to see in the dark. After seeing that Chen You was safe and sound, Li Xucai breathed a sigh of relief, "Boss, Have you really advanced to level five?"

"Thanks to you, I have successfully been promoted to the fifth-level abnormal master."

Chen You nodded and said with a smile, "And all of this is thanks to you. If you didn't help me with your precious ten thousand thoughts before I was about to be killed by the bride in the wedding dress, I'm afraid I wouldn't live at all. Not until now, and can't kill each other."

"What, you killed the bride in wedding dress?"

Li Xu's face was overjoyed, "That's great! But just now I saw that the copy of the strange story began to collapse. Is this also related to you?"


Chen You did not deny, but said generously, "Because I have been promoted to level five, and the copy of Wei Tan can't bear my power, so it collapsed on its own."

"So, are we..."

Li Xu's expression was even more surprising.

"That's right, from now on, there will be no ghost stories!"

Chen You nodded and affirmed, "All of us are free!"

Hearing Chen You's affirmative reply, Li Xu only felt that a big stone pressing on his heart fell instantly, and he couldn't help crying with joy, "Sure enough, it is true, has the copy of the strange story finally collapsed? Then can we get rid of it? What about the constraints of the notes?"

"Sorry, the constraints of the note are still there."

Chen You spread his hands and said with a pity, "But it's already very good. From today, we only need to create weird stories to supplement our lifespan, and we don't have to go through the so-called copy of weird stories..."


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