Time passed a little bit, and three months later, the meteorite rain disaster that descended from the sky finally came to an end.

Obviously, the one-month official estimate was still too optimistic.

In the past three months, at least tens of thousands of distortion effects have sprung up all over the world, far exceeding the frequency of distortion effects on the earth itself, and most of them are first-order, not the most frequent zero-order.

The three-month period is neither long nor short, but it has also brought irreparable damage to the entire human civilization.

More than half of the 200 countries in the world have entered anarchy, and the global population has suffered heavy losses. It is impossible to calculate how many people died in this catastrophe.

There are not many countries that have been preserved intact. Among the four major countries, east, west, north and south, only the east and the north have persevered, while the west has been completely wiped out because 80% of the deformed masters are completely powerless to resist the increasingly frequent aberration effects.

But fortunately, the two fourth-order distortion effects that occurred in the world all occurred in Dongguo and were successfully resolved.

Although Dongguo also paid a very heavy price, but this first civilization came to an end, and mankind survived.

Although there are still a lot of distortion effects left in the world, and there are a large number of forbidden areas for strangers, it has also prompted a new batch of untouchables and deformed masters.

In these countries, the old forces were completely shuffled, and a new order was born.

Until this time, Dongguo and Beiguo suddenly became healthy again, sending helium stones to all parts of the world free of charge to help these new abnormal masters through the most difficult time.

Of course, it is limited to the first batch of aid. If countries want to get more helium stones, they will use various technologies and resources in exchange for it.

For a time, science and technology in the East and North countries have skyrocketed, countless top scientific research talents have poured into the two countries, and all kinds of precious resources from the world have also begun to flow into the markets of the two countries.

After all, Dongguo and Beiguo have become the only two countries in the world that have the ability to land on the moon. For a long period of time in the future, helium stone resources can only be exploited by the two countries.

"Some small countries have gradually restored order."

At this time, Zhao Sha, who has been promoted to the third-level abnormal master, stood in front of the podium and explained the current international situation to the audience.

"For example, the East China Sea Kingdom and the Rainbow Kingdom have suffered heavy losses in the disasters. Their original regimes have already disappeared, and at the same time, they have lost more than 50% of their population. However, because of this, the old order has been broken. Instead, As a result, a new order is constantly being established."

Under the stage, there were a total of 18 deformed masters, and all of them were third-level. The deformed power of this scale has surpassed the Dongguo, and any one person in the world is enough to control the situation, but at this time, everyone But they all sat obediently in the chairs, looking at the front with obedient expressions.

Because, behind everyone, there is still a person sitting.

It was a handsome young man with peach blossom eyes, about twenty years old. Although he was not young, when everyone looked back at this young man, a deep awe appeared in their eyes.

"Most of the new orders are headed by abnormal masters. For example, Donghai Kingdom, headed by a second-level peak abnormal master named Onizuka Ryuzaki. Although he has not reached the third level, he has already dealt with it this month. Four distortion effects, and he was only a first-level aberration master at first, it is these four distortion effects that have been dealt with and rose to the second-level peak..."

On the screen behind Zhao Sha, a stern man with yellow hair appeared, and Zhao Sha pointed to the other party's photo and said, "I have to say, no one knows whether the reconstruction of this order is good or bad for mankind, because this The new order has lost the orderliness of modern civilization. Instead, it is more similar to the system of the feudal period. This Onizuka Ryuzaki called himself a great name. At the same time, he also named his abnormal masters as retainers and called them Onizuka. Seven Samurai."

"Another example is the Rainbow Country, where a third-level monarch took control of the country and established a regime, and he also issued a decree as president, ordering the country to restore slavery, demoting all white people to slaves, all day long Gather and grow in cotton fields and watermelon fields…”


Zhao Sha stated the status quo of several countries in a row, but then shook her head and said helplessly, "The system in the whole world seems to be going backwards for hundreds of years. This is still a good situation, but more countries have completely collapsed. Now, there's not much left in the population..."

"So what does this have to do with us?"

In the audience, someone couldn't help asking, "Now all countries in the world are sweeping the snow in front of their own doors. Although the distortion effect in our jurisdiction has been resolved, there are still many distortion effects in the East Country, not to mention Said there were two third-level meteorites that fell into the ocean..."

"Today's meeting is to hope that you can brainstorm and come up with a new development path for our Weird Association."

Zhao Sha explained, and then she looked at Chen You, who was sitting at the back, "This is also what Chairman Chen meant."

Everyone immediately turned their heads to look at Chen You, and then fell into contemplation.

"I think it's fine..."

After a while, Chen Jiuyi suddenly raised his hand and said thoughtfully, "Everyone should know Darwin's "Theory of Evolution", in fact this translation is wrong, the real name of this argument should be "The Theory of Evolution" , which means that the evolution of organisms is not orderly, and it does not mean that the higher the evolution, the victory, the reason why we creatures exist is because we are the most adaptable to the environment."

"In other words, the evolution of organisms is changing according to changes in the environment, rather than blindly evolving to become stronger and smarter, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the current situation in the world that the history is reversing. Well, because the world is changing, the regime of the past is no longer adequate to adapt to today's environment, that's all."

At the end, Chen Jiuyi spread his hands, saying that the problem is not big.

"I object!"

However, Sun Yu who was on the side suddenly opened his mouth and said, he frowned and looked at Chen Jiuyi, "Jiuyi, I think your words are too cruel, the reason humans are humans is that we are constantly defeating nature, From the past to the present, our outlook on life, morality and values ​​are all manifestations of our transcendence from nature. Therefore, I think we should not completely follow the changes in the world. If we just follow blindly, our human civilization will be completely Falling, sooner or later one will usher in death."

No one thought that Sun Yu, who has always been honest, would give such a sharp answer at this time. For a time, everyone looked at Sun Yu.

"I don't feel right either..."

"I think it's great, we are obviously beyond the mortals, why should we be bound by those mortals?"

"It's okay, I think we can take over the power, but we don't need to centralize it..."

"If you don't do centralization, how can you concentrate your efforts to fight the distortion effect?"

For a time, countless people were noisy, and they kept talking about their views on the changes in the world today.

Chen You sat at the back, silently listening to the noise of the crowd, and clapped his hands slightly after a while.

Immediately, the sound of the audience gradually decreased, and then disappeared completely.

"I think Sun Yu is right."

Chen You stood up and walked to the front step by step, "The reason why human beings are human is that they are beyond nature. The development of human civilization has not reached the present by blindly obeying nature. Therefore, some things of modern human civilization are absolutely Impossible to abandon, such as human rights and laws, rules and constraints..."

"Of course, I won't be so pedantic as to engage in an equal system between monstrous masters and civilians. After all, as the backbone of resisting distorted effects and maintaining civilians, we also have corresponding privileges. After all, we have paid for danger and longevity in exchange for the safety of civilians.”

At this time, Chen You had already stepped onto the podium, and he glanced at everyone present, "So, please rest assured, your privileges will certainly have, but they will not be too much above the civilians, I believe you are Understandable."

Everyone heard the words, no matter whether they were willing or not, they could only nod their heads in agreement.

Soon, the conference dispersed, and everyone left the venue. Only Zhao Sha, Sun Yu, Chen Jiuyi, and Li Xu remained at the venue.

"Boss, there is a message from the headquarters that there are still a lot of distortion effects left around the world. I hope we can send the distortion master to help them."

Zhao Sha whispered, "What do you think about this matter?"


Chen You refused without hesitation, "Tell them that at best I can help Dongguo deal with some residual distortion effects after the disaster, but help other countries? This is because we have too many people, do you want to reduce our staff? "


Zhao Sha replied, "I will reject them."


Chen You stretched out a finger, "Our primary duty is to maintain the safety of City X and City H. If we are capable enough, I will allow me to reach out to the headquarters without affecting myself, but if the headquarters wants to act as a bad guy, let me Our people go to help other countries? That's a dream! I don't care what the headquarters has a big layout, or any far-sighted international plans, in short, don't come to us. "

"But the headquarters said they are willing to use helium stone as a reward?"

Zhao Sha asked.

"I'm not short of helium stones. With my current strength, if I want, I can fly to the moon to mine helium stones by myself, but it's not necessary."

Chen You waved his hand, "Okay, this matter is settled like this."

Following his words, the rest of the people also dispersed, but before leaving, Li Xu seemed to have something to say, but he never had the courage to say it.

"By the way, Li Xu, wait a moment."

When the others left, Chen You suddenly spoke again, and he said to Li Xu with a serious face, "Get ready, three months have come, and in the next few days, the notes may be released at any time for the next time. Strange story copy."


Li Xuzheng nodded, but there was still a lot of doubt in his eyes.

The reason is very simple. In the past three months, although he has quickly reached the third-level abnormal master with the help of Chen You, he has not spent almost any strange talk factor, but the more this is, the more he feels a little uneasy. .

After all, he has seen the power of the third-level abnormal master, and he understands how much the fourth-level abnormal master Chen You has, but even so, in the ghost story copy, Chen You is still not the first powerhouse!

And in the following conversations, he also heard from Chen You that the strength of the bride in the wedding dress is actually far superior to Chen You, and it may even be the fifth level in the legend. Sleepy, because Chen You and the mysterious bride in the wedding dress are completely hostile.

"Do not worry!"

Seemingly seeing Li Xu's doubts, Chen You showed a pale smile, "Although I may not be able to beat the opponent, even if I die, I won't let that bride in wedding dress hurt you..."


Li Xu looked worried, "Have you not improved during this time?"

"Not much improvement."

Chen You's face suddenly darkened when he heard this, "It's still the fourth-level limit, you know, because of the sudden catastrophe around the world, it has had a big impact on us contractors creating weird stories, after all, there are distortion effects everywhere, How many people are willing to talk about the weird talk we created?"

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Speaking of this, Chen You suddenly had a serious expression, "Did you have the strange talk factor saved during this period of time, and there is no random flower?"

"Don't worry, boss."

Li Xu nodded, "In the past three months, I have created weird stories according to your teachings, and with your Eye of Fear website to help me promote, I have accumulated millions of weird stories, this is still a disaster. The reason for the influence, otherwise, my various strange talk factors may be enough to exceed five million."

"The five strange talk factors are each one million, which means that you already have 10,000 thoughts, not bad..."

Chen You nodded gratified, "Okay, you can go back, remember not to spend any of these strange talk factors, you are already the third-level abnormal master, and it may be difficult to control the third-level abnormality with human consciousness, so the next step is this. The 10,000-point thought is very important, and you need to use it to increase your awareness."

"it is good."

Li Xu nodded, turned and left the conference room with some emotion.

Chen You's treatment of him is somewhat beyond Li Xu's expectations~www.mtlnovel.com~ He never thought that a person would take care of him like this. If it wasn't for Chen You being younger than himself, he would even have the feeling that he was the illegitimate child of the other party. illusion.

"The boss is really mean to me..."

Looking back at Chen You, who was in deep thought in the conference room, Li Xu was moved silently, and at the same time, an idea came up in his heart—perhaps, these strange talk factors of his own can help the other party get through the final bottleneck and reach the level of the fifth-level abnormal master. degree?

Is it possible to reach the fifth level, the boss can completely compete with the bride in the wedding dress?

Although I may have a few weird talk factors at the moment, but the boss treats me like this, I can't watch the boss die in front of me...

And he is already a third-level abnormal master. From the third to the fourth level, it can not only be done by enhancing the abnormality, but also related to the problem of human consciousness. Therefore, although there are many thoughts of this ten thousand points, but at present, it is not for oneself. Not much use.

Thinking of this, Li Xu sighed slightly, and then silently walked downstairs.


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