When he heard that he would no longer have to go through the copy of the ghost story, Li Xu was immediately extremely happy, and after confirming with Chen You again, he turned and left excitedly.

Looking at the back of the other party's departure, Chen Youtong's hole was slightly pale, and suddenly, Li Xu, who was walking away, swayed slightly, and then he turned his head to look at Chen You strangely, smiled at Chen You, and immediately left.

Just now, Chen You had erased some of the other party's memories, such as the memory of the ghost story copy, such as the memory of the bride in the wedding dress, and so on.

And, this time, it's permanently erased.

From now on, whenever Li Xu recalled this period, he would only remember that Chen You took him in so that he would no longer be hunted down by the authorities.

The power of the fifth-level is like this. For the third-level abnormal master, it is a complete dimensionality reduction blow. With just one thought, everyone below the fourth level will have no resistance.

At this time, Chen You once again took out his strange talk notes. At this time, in Chen You's eyes, this notebook has completely uncovered the veil of mystery. Just at a glance, Chen You can feel the contents stored in this notebook. Planetary will, it is this will that makes it so unique.

And now, this will has become something in Chen You's pocket...

Chen You's expression flashed, and he could think that the reason why the planetary will created this notebook is to make him his spokesperson after training the fifth-level abnormal master. Only in this way can he have the power to resist the great terror outside the sky. .

Thinking of this, Chen You suddenly opened his mouth. As his mouth opened wider and wider, his chin became longer and longer, revealing the bottomless darkness inside.

It's as if Chen You's mouth is not the mouth, but is connected to an alternative world!

Immediately, Chen You swallowed the strange talk notes!

Chen You's body began to rapidly merge with this notebook!

This kind of fusion is not a matter of course, but there is strong resistance. After all, Chen You is not recognized by the consciousness of the planet. From the perspective of the planet's will, Chen You has deviated from his preset path, is no longer human, and does not meet his own goals. .

It's just that at this time, Chen You and the note are both at level 5, just like a whale swallowing the sea water, forcibly integrating the planet's will into his own consciousness!

This is a kind of devouring, not a cooperative relationship as expected by the will of the planet. The power of the note tried to resist, but could not get rid of it no matter what. At the same time, with the devouring, Chen You gradually closed his eyes, and his power also Starting to steadily increase...

One day, two days, three days...

Chen You digested it for three days, and finally swallowed the strange talk notes completely. It was not until three days later that Chen You opened his eyes with satisfaction. Although there was only a trace of the power of the planet's will in the notes, it was like a seed, buried deep in it. In Chen You's consciousness, let his consciousness become increasingly stable and firm.

This seed is the basis for Chen You to advance to the sixth level.

Not only that, but after devouring the strange talk notes, Chen You finally gained the power of notes again, able to create new strange stories, and at the same time collect the joys, anger, sorrows and fears of human beings and turn them into the most basic unit of mind power, thereby improving himself.

Of course, this ability is only limited to this planet and Chen You's dreamland. At this time, Chen You already understood that the strange talk notes can only be used on earth. Once you leave the earth and leave the will of the planet, the notes will also be changed. Be a waste paper.

Still, that's enough...

Chen You closed his eyes slightly, and then a thick gray fog began to spread around him. The scope of this gray fog began to expand rapidly from his side, and it only filled the entire building and then the entire city in an instant. It began to expand in all directions at an incomprehensible speed!

At the end, most of the Eastern Kingdom was completely shrouded in this gray fog!

Three thousand kilometers in diameter!

Chen You silently calculated that the area of ​​this circle has covered more than nine million square kilometers, and everything within this area is covered by his own consciousness. Or at the third level, at this moment, all the distortion effects in the gray fog range were suppressed under Chen You's will, and those distortions were all taken into the world of fantasy.

Not only that, the remaining fourth-level distortion effect "Deep Sea Sky" in Dongguo was also completely suppressed. As Chen You waved his hand slightly, one side was half a meter in diameter, and some old fish tanks appeared in Chen You's place. before.

This fish tank was originally located in an abandoned villa. There was no water in it. The dead fish and aquatic plants had turned into black corruption, but the whole exuded a chilling feeling.

This fish tank is the culprit of the fourth-level distortion effect in the deep sea sky.

In a single thought, all the distortion effects of Dongguo were erased, and Chen You did not stop there. With him as the center, the gray fog began to move slowly across the entire planet! Every time it passes, the distortion effect there will be completely dragged into the dreamland, and in just half an hour, this gray fog will plow the entire planet again!

"All distortion effects are resolved..."

Chen You murmured in a low voice, but he knew that although these distortion effects disappeared, it did not mean that the source also disappeared. Since the first distorted particle entered the solar wind defense circle due to the signal transmission of the Voyager, the entire planet was destroyed. Completely infected, this aberration is an irreversible trend.

Therefore, if you want to solve it once and for all, there is only one way...

Fifty years later.

In the early morning, Ye Zhiqiu woke up from the warm bed and slowly opened his eyes.

She glanced at the sky outside, but saw a circular mirror slowly rising from the east, and at the same time in the west, a slowly rotating gold coin was slowly falling.

She had long been surprised by this sight.

It's just that sometimes, she also feels puzzled, because in her memory, the world doesn't seem to be like this at first. There is no reason for this feeling, but it always haunts her heart, making it difficult for her to let go.

"Grandma Grandma!"

Just when Ye Zhiqiu was a little confused, there was a light knock on the door of the bedroom, a smile appeared on her face, she got out of bed with kindness, and opened the door.

Outside the door, Douding, her youngest son's daughter, was standing outside the door. Seeing Ye Zhiqiu walking out the door, she jumped on her with excitement, "Grandma, I had a dream last night!"

"Oh, what did you dream about?"

Ye Zhiqiu asked pretending to be interested.

"I dreamed that there was a big round fireball in the sky. The fireball was big and round, but when it rose, it became bright red and very beautiful!"

Following the words, Douding even opened his hands and made a huge shape.

However, Douding's words made Ye Zhiqiu stunned for a moment, and her eyes suddenly went blank. Following her granddaughter's description, the vision of the gods flashed in her mind.

It's just, shouldn't the sun in the sky look like a mirror? Why do I seem to remember seeing the sun in the shape of a fireball?

Ye Zhiqiu rubbed his brows with a headache, and then forced a smile, "In this way, your dream is really amazing! But you have to remember that our sun is in the shape of a mirror!"

Saying that, she took Douding's hand and pointed out the window slightly, "Look, that's our real sun!"

At the top of a huge high-rise building in X City, a group of people with a cold temperament are sitting at the round table, talking to each other.

There are old people and young people among these people, but the strange thing is that although the two sides are very different in age, all of them are equal to each other.

"Zhao Sha, it's time to submit our opinions to him."

An old man with silver hair looked at the hot girl across from him, and said solemnly, "Our group has not many days to live. I hope to see him again before I die."

"Director Li, you are still the same."

The girl called Zhao Sha smiled and said, "But I'm sorry, I have to say, unless the boss takes the initiative to find us, we don't have the ability to meet the boss. After all, so many years have passed, and we haven't seen the boss for a long time. ."

"Yeah, except for the administrator, we have no way to contact the boss."

Chen Jiuyi on the side also said, "I heard that you people have been making a lot of trouble during this time. Don't you just want to make yourself untouchable to prolong your life when you see the boss? Don't put this little abacus on the table. Go, my opinion is impossible."


Another old man on the side couldn't help but ask, "We have managed this planet for them for decades, and now we can't even meet this request?"

"Old Xiang, what you said is wrong."

Sun Yu sat next to the old man, frowning and said, "After the civilization of decades ago came to an end, in order to save human civilization, the leader stuffed the entire planet into a dreamland, which isolated all the distorted particles and changed the Most people's memories make them think that they have been living in the fantasy world, and at that time he also gave you a choice to become untouchable, or to manage the entire planet, and you chose the latter, but the boss is looking at peace. For the sake of your acquaintance, you still retain your memories. Now that your lifespan is coming to an end, and you want to go back on it, how is this possible? Didn’t you see that we abnormal masters can’t intervene in the management of the planet no matter what?”

"But can't we choose one more time now?"

Another elderly official said unwillingly, "Let's choose again, we can hand over our authority and never interfere in political affairs..."

Hearing this sentence, Zhao Sha, Sun Yu, Chen Jiuyi, Shen Yaoguang, and Li Xu couldn't help frowning.

But at this moment, in the conference room where everyone was, a red figure suddenly appeared.

This is the figure of a woman, wearing a red wedding dress and a red hijab, showing only a small half of her pale face, but as soon as they appeared, everyone's expressions changed suddenly, and they all bowed and greeted at the same time, "Management Sir!"

"Five Dynasties Rivers, Mountains, Wind and Moon"

"No gift, I'm here to convey the master's meaning..."

The woman in the wedding dress opened her mouth slightly and said with an expressionless face, "Li Lian, Xiang Yuanhe, the master of your opinion already knows, but he wants me to tell you that since the choice has already been made, there is no need to say more, it makes no sense. You want to enjoy both authority and a life that transcends mortals, so you should go on the road with peace of mind..."

As she said that, she ignored the ugly faces of Li Lian, Xiang Yuanhe and the others, and disappeared again...

"No, no! It's not true!"

Until the woman in red disappeared, the old officials suddenly showed a collapsed look, "Why, for him, turning us into untouchables is obviously a simple effort, why!"

It's just that no matter how they collapse, the ending will never change, the fate of this group of people is doomed.

Seeing the excitement of the crowd, Zhao Sha had to ask the security guard to take these people away, but seeing several officials with monstrous power in the outside world being pulled out of the conference room, Zhao Sha couldn't help feeling a little sad, "After so many years, we are familiar with People are getting old one by one, maybe in a few decades, there will be only a few familiar people left in the whole world..."

"No way, if you don't become a freak, you will eventually grow old and die."

Chen Jiuyi sighed, "But this is also temporary, and I don't know what happened to the boss outside. There are distorted particles everywhere in the starry sky, and there are things more powerful than the boss everywhere. If you are not careful, we humans will meet again. Come to the end of civilization."

"No, the boss is very strong, far stronger than you and I imagined."

Zhao Sha shook her head, "Otherwise, the bride in the wedding dress would not have reached the level it is today. You and I just watched it evolve from a marionette to what it is today."


Hearing Zhao Sha's words, Chen Jiuyi sighed and turned to look out the window.

Chen You opened his eyes slightly and looked at the dark void outside the gray fog with a diameter of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

"Am I dreaming again?"

Chen You murmured in a low voice, he looked at the bright stars countless light years away, and there was a touch of nostalgia in his eyes, a touch of daze.

Last night, he had not had a dream for a long time, but he had another dream, dreaming that he was back in the past, back to the time when he was weak, and even back to the real self, the self named "Chen You"...

It's just that when I think about it now, it's all just a flash in the pan, like meteors piercing the darkness one by one, bright and short-lived.

But now, after reaching the sixth level, he has brought the entire planet inhabited by human beings into a fantasy world, and has been drifting in the stars for decades.

After leaving Ke Yinbo's belt and losing the protection of the solar wind, he also thoroughly saw the cruelty of outer space.

The endless distortion particles are even more violent than the Gama ray burst. Every meteorite may contain a fatal distortion effect. In this dark and dark starry sky, Chen You is like a lonely boat, just moving in one direction. Forward…

With gray fog acting as a domain~www.mtlnovel.com~ He can travel in interstellar space at a speed close to light, passing through Proxima Centauri and Sirius. These stars have been infiltrated by distortion effects a long time ago and cannot become Earth at all. the next host.

Therefore, Chen You still needs to fly farther, until one day, he can find another star that can resist the distortion effect, and there may be a temporary new home for mankind.

So, Chen You continued to fly towards the depths of the starry sky. Distorted particles passed through his gray fog, but they were all blocked. Whenever Chen You felt tired, he would He lowered his head slightly and looked at the aqua blue planet in the dreamland.

On the planet, countless people are busy working and living in it, and will continue to live like this.


The day to find a new home.

(End of the book)


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