June 1, 2022, evening.


Looking at the unfamiliar face in the mirror, Chen You's expression was slightly bitter.

Although he started trying to adapt to this new identity three days ago, it is still a little difficult to get used to today.

I have to say, this face is very attractive.

Thick but not rough eyebrows, delicate peach eyes, and a high nose bridge are impeccable.

Although the cheeks are slightly longer and the chin is slightly pointed, it gives him a European and American three-dimensional sense and a full sense of youth.

However, this face did not hit Chen You's aesthetic.

What he prefers is the appearance of Peng Yuyan and Wu Yanzu's male hormones, but God gave him a Edison Chen-style appearance.

That's right, this face has six or seven points like Teacher Chen. If you add the signature smile, it will be more like it.

This face is not his, at least in Chen You's memory, this face is not his.

Three days ago, he was an art student who had just graduated from college. Because of his poor homework in his early years, his parents paid a lot of money to make him a member of the flood of art students, focusing on art, and finally relying on the bonus of professional courses. Attended a third-rate university.

After graduating, he originally thought that he would find an ordinary job as a graphic designer, then marry an ordinary woman and have a child, and finally live an ordinary life.

However, God played a huge joke on him.

He crossed.

Three days ago, when he woke up, he found that he had changed from a young man in his early twenties to a student in the third year of high school, and his family environment had also changed, from both parents to a lonely one.

He became an orphan.

Not only that, his appearance has also changed, his name has also changed, and now his name is Chen You, not Chen You.

Even the world has changed. There is no China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and there is only a world with a brand-new structure headed by the four major countries of the East, West, South, and North.

And the country he is in now is the East Country, and the race is not much different from the yellow race in the previous life.

Taking his eyes away from the mirror, Chen You once again observed his residence—this is a cheap rental house, only about ten square meters in size. Although it is not large, there are independent toilets and air conditioners, and the room is not bad. Clean, indicating that the previous owner of this body was not sloppy.

However, after occupying the magpie's nest for three days, a lot of garbage was added to this room, and the room always smelled of sauerkraut and instant noodles.

Looking at everything in front of him, Chen You sighed silently.

Since it's here, let's be safe, no matter what, let's live well...

He slowly opened the door and saw that the door to the door was wide open. Although it was already evening, there were still many strangers coming in and out, and a white couplet was posted on the door next door. Someone died.

Not only that, but across the door, he also saw that the room opposite had been designed to look like a mourning hall. Inside the door was a paper figure in a straight suit, with a weird and stiff smile on the corner of his mouth.

And facing the door is a portrait of a man in black and white. He can even see the corner of the urn behind the portrait, and the sobbing coming from the door.

Chen You still remembered that the tenant was a husband and wife, the man's name was Li Deshun, and the woman's name was Ji Furong. The husband and wife had already reached middle age, but they had no children. Yesterday, the other's wife knocked on his door and asked him. Have not seen her husband.

Unexpectedly, in just one day, the couple will be separated by yin and yang, and even the ashes will be burned.

However, this paper figure is quite unique. It seems to represent the dead. Is it a unique custom in this world?

Chen You guessed silently.

Without stopping too much, Chen You turned around and went downstairs, bought a bag of instant noodles and a bag of mustard from the canteen downstairs, and then quickly returned.

His rental house is located in an urban village called "Minxianli". The house is a self-built house with only three floors, and he rents a standard room on the third floor.

When he returned home at this time, he sat back in front of the old computer and continued to search the Internet for all kinds of information in this world.

This is what he has been preparing for for three days.

Because he found that while inheriting this body, he did not inherit the memory of the other party. Today, he is like an old antique who is out of touch with the times and has no understanding of the world.

Maybe... this world that looks the same as the previous life, there might actually be some hidden inside story?

As a newcomer, he couldn't help but have all kinds of fantasies in the web novels of his previous life—

What about becoming a god, cultivating immortals, magic fighting qi, and even Cthulhu...

It's a pity that after checking the data for three days, Chen You still didn't find any clues about the transcendent, he didn't have the golden finger that the traveler must have, and he didn't get involved in the crisis-ridden world that the traveler must go to.

This world seems to be as ordinary as the previous life. The only thing worth noting is that all countries in the world seem to be very interested in launching lunar probes...

However, what does launching a lunar probe have to do with Chaozhou?

Just when he was a little disappointed and in a daze, the thousand yuan machine in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

Chen You slowly took it out and looked at it, but saw the note on the caller ID that read "Wang Feng's class instructor", and immediately understood that it was the original class teacher who called again.

Unlike the class guides of other classes, the class guide in Chen You's class is a physical education teacher.

"Hey, class director..."

Chen You picked up the phone and tried to appear weaker, "What's the matter with you? My fever is finally gone today, and I can probably go back to school tomorrow, you..."

"It's okay, I just called and asked."

The class director's voice seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, "It's good that the fever is gone. After all, you are also in the third year of high school, and the college entrance examination will be in a few days. It is a major event in your life, so you can't be sloppy!"

"Don't worry, class guide, I have been reviewing at home these days."

Chen You nodded and said politely, "I made you worry."

"no big deal."

The class guide laughed and seemed a little hesitant to say anything, "I know your family's circumstances are special, and because of your illness, I have specially applied for a sickness allowance from the school. Remember to come to my office to fill in the form when you arrive at school tomorrow. an application form."

"no problem."

Chen You's eyes lit up when he heard the words, "I'm really bothering you!"

"It's okay... By the way, you didn't spread the word about what happened that day, right? Remember, don't disclose any information on the Internet. If the school investigates, your student status will become a problem. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

Chen You frowned, but still answered without hesitation.

Seeing Chen You's decisive answer, he also hung up the phone with confidence.

After hearing the busy tone from the opposite side, Chen Youcai slowly put down the phone, showing a thoughtful look.

This is the third time the class guide has called. He came to this world three days ago, and the other party called him three times.

At first, he thought that the class director was a warm-hearted person who cared about his students, but at the end of every phone call, the other party would deliberately exhort him like this.

This is somewhat intriguing.

He opened the call log on his mobile phone. The class guide Wang Feng had spoken to him more than ten times, perhaps because he was an orphan, so he had a lot of care, but it was not as frequent as once a day. But it has been once a day for the past three days.

In addition, there is an unfamiliar landline number in the call log. This number came from four days ago, that is, the day before he passed through. Chen You checked through the Internet, but found that it was the fifth college in H City where he was located. The landline number of the Political and Religious Office.

What on earth was it that allowed the Political and Educational Office to call you personally, and asked the head teacher to instruct you for three days in a row?

And that subsidy also made Chen You smell unusual.

Moreover, Chen You did not apply for this leave. When he woke up from here on the first day, he received a call from the class guide, and only learned from the call that this body had taken a sick leave yesterday.

So, does the original owner of this body seem to have died because of this disease, and then welcomed him?

Chen You guessed silently.

As for other information about this body, such as the life experience of the orphan and the identity of the current third-year high school student, he also found it on the student registration website, UU Kanshu www. uukanshu.com and the student password is placed in a diary next to the computer.

The original owner of this body seems to have a weird little hobby and likes to write a diary, which makes Chen You doubt that the original body is not a serious person. After all, who is a serious person who writes a diary?

This body's diary not only records the password of his student status, but also his own various social software passwords, as well as two bank account passwords, etc. Thanks to these, Chen You can successfully inherit the legacy of the original body, instead of There will be flaws that shouldn't be exposed.

Moreover, it seems that this body has been keeping a diary for quite some time. There are thick stacks of diaries on the desk, and even the drawers are full of them, at least twenty or thirty.

Looking at the stacks of old and new diaries in front of him, it provided Chen You with a lot of convenience, allowing him to understand what kind of person the original body was from the diary.

But looking at it, Chen You felt a little weird. In the latest diary, many pages were missing. These pages were all torn off, leaving shallow stubble marks, but the missing pieces of paper were Couldn't find it.

Under what kind of circumstances would the original body rip off his diary?

Chen You couldn't help but feel a little puzzled, but unfortunately he tried to rummage through the entire rental house, but couldn't find the missing answers.

But now, Chen You has some understanding of the original body information, but when he arrives in class tomorrow, I am afraid it will still be a little tricky.

After all, there are so many people in the class, and there should be friends and acquaintances with this body, so Chen You can't do anything about these people.

Thinking of this, Chen You had to open the diary again and began to rummage through the clues left by the original body. The more you know about the original owner of this body, the less likely it will be a problem at a critical time.