I don't know when it started, the city suddenly became full of dead silence.

Every day, the number of pedestrians on the streets decreases at a rate visible to the naked eye, and instead, the stench that permeates the city is constantly on the rise.

This stench seems to permeate the city's buildings, underground, and soul. No matter what object it is, the stench is filled with this stench, but the strange thing is that most of the people living in this city do not What to perceive.

Not only that, the residents of the city are like walking dead, walking on the streets with a dazed look every day, with a lot of yellow grease permeating their bodies.

This kind of grease keeps dripping from the passing pedestrians, but other people on the side of the road always turn a blind eye.

Until evening, this group of people wandering in the outside world will turn around and go home, and after returning home, they will take off their clothes, automatically walk to the sewer, and get in a little bit...

The whole city is such a scene.

From the outside, everything in the city is as usual, and at most some people are not prosperous, but only when outsiders come in person will they discover the unusualness of this city.

"This is the power of the fourth-level distortion effect..."

On the helicopter, several abnormal masters looked at everything on the ground in horror, and one of the female abnormal masters couldn't help but said, "If it wasn't for the association in charge of the city reporting the loss of contact with the stationed abnormal masters, we would not It is possible to discover all this, and now the whole city seems to be business as usual, but it has been eroded from the bones..."

"There is no distinction between people and ghosts in the whole city. How can we find the source?"

Another young abnormal master asked sadly, "Even if those third-level abnormal masters come, I'm afraid they will just stare and be helpless?"

"We don't need to deal with this matter."

At this moment, one of the deformed masters in the lead suddenly spoke up, and he looked at all this with a solemn expression, "This is a fourth-level distortion effect, and the scope has spread to the whole city, which is not something we can deal with at all. His task is not to deal with this distortion effect, but to assist that Chen You from the side."

"It's him?"

The female aberration master suddenly understood, "The world's No. 1 powerhouse? If he is really willing to take action, this distortion effect might really be resolved."


The young freak was hesitant, "But I didn't hear that he had a falling out with the headquarters? Why would he still deal with this distortion effect outside his realm?"

"There are no finished eggs under the nest?"

The abnormal master headed shook his head, "The other party does not listen to the dispatch of the headquarters, but the other party definitely does not want the headquarters to end. After all, the death of the headquarters will not do him any good. He and the headquarters should be regarded as a mutually beneficial partnership. …”

A few people chatted without a word, but before they finished, they suddenly saw a large number of black hairs pouring out of the sewers of the whole city, like a black flood, endless hair gushing out of the sewers. Out, even rushed into the sky, swaggering toward the sky arbitrarily!

"This is his strength, he has already shot!"

Several people on the helicopter couldn't help but widen their eyes. Although they knew that the man was a fourth-level aberration master, when the distortion effect was fully activated, everyone still showed expressions of amazement and even incomprehension.

"What kind of power is this hollowing out half of the city's sewer pipes in an instant?"

The young deformed master murmured in a low voice, they only saw endless black hair dancing wildly, turning the whole city into a sea of ​​black hair, and in the process of these black hair swept away, a lot of flesh and blood also followed Drilled out from the ground and turned into an endless long whip, constantly whipping those black hairs!

However, no matter how those long whips lashed, the black hair still did not waver in the slightest, but within a few minutes, the flesh and blood began to wither, dry and crack, and no longer had the power it once had.

"Having the upper hand!"

The leading aberrant master showed excitement, "He can easily handle even the fourth-level distortion effect, and seeing this level of aberration master take action, he can be considered dead without complaint!"

Following his words, those flesh and blood were cleaned out of the sewers one after another, but before those flesh and blood escaped, more hairs rushed up, smashing all the flesh and blood!

At the end, the whole city even began to have a gray fog floating in the sky. These fogs were like living things, and they automatically spread in all directions. After a while, everything in the city was wrapped up!

In the next second, all the flesh and blood in the city disappeared, and before one of the flesh and blood tentacles disappeared, a meteorite the size of a finger fell out of it!

"It's a deformity! A fourth-level deformity!"

Everyone's eyes are shining, but no one dares to **** it. After all, let's not mention the abnormal master who can easily suppress the fourth-level abnormality. They can't control it just by saying that this abnormality was given to them.

Before the meteorite was about to fall to the ground, a figure emerged out of thin air from the gray fog and gently reached out to catch it.


With a light sound, the figure caught the meteorite firmly, and then threw the stone into the hands of a red woman behind her with a slight toss.

And the woman was also unceremonious, opened the cherry lips under the hijab, and swallowed it in one bite!

After doing all this, the figure suddenly raised his head, glanced silently at the helicopter over the city, and then disappeared into the gray fog again.

In the next second, the gray fog completely dissipated.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

Until the gray fog completely dissipated, everyone on the helicopter looked terrified and relieved.

"Is that... him?"

The young freak couldn't help trembling and asked.

"No need to guess, that meteorite must be the source of this distortion effect, and this source has already been obtained by him..."

"The Female President's Almighty King"

The deformed master headed was covered in cold sweat, trembling with a smile that was uglier than crying, "Only he can do all this easily, and the woman in red should be one of his deformities. Clothed puppet, I have seen his methods from the documentation..."

"What a joke!"

The female deformed master was also sweating coldly on her forehead, "That look is too scary, I just saw it with my eyes and felt that the deformed thing was suppressed! Is this kind of person still a human?"

Not to mention a few people, they felt like they had walked around the gate of hell. At this time, Chen You had returned to the fantasy world. The bride in the wedding dress and the meteorite were both level 4. It would take a while to devour each other.

In the past two days, the remaining two meteorites containing the fourth-level distortion effect have also completely fallen to the ground. One of them fell into the Atlantic Ocean, and the other fell into the Pacific Ocean. They are far away from the land and have not erupted for the time being. any impact.

However, this is also a hidden danger. Although there is no loss of personnel, the place where the meteorite falls is a hidden danger after all, and it will erupt at some point.

It's just that in the current earth, there are no more lice and no more debts. No matter how big the threat is, you have to overcome this difficulty before you can care about it.

Because of Chen You's help, Dongguo had already dealt with most of the distortion effects at this time. Although the loss of personnel was heavy, at least they managed to hold on to it successfully, and foreign countries were not so lucky.

Donghai Kingdom, because it has experienced a total destruction of its headquarters, it is impossible to deal with the local distortion effect. At this time, it has given up a large area of ​​territory, gathered tens of millions of people to hide in several military bases, and sent a rescue signal to Dongguo. .

The Western Kingdom, because of its vast area and the loss of a large number of abnormal owners, also gave up a large tract of territory, and tens of millions of refugees fled to all directions, constantly flowing toward the surrounding small countries.

In addition, many small neighboring countries were unable to withstand the disaster, and while seeking international help, they gathered their own populations.

Human civilization has never suffered such a heavy blow, and even the Internet has been completely interrupted. Only the East Kingdom is still intact, and it has directly set up its own country's root server in the country.

For a time, the whole world had a faint plan to follow the Eastern Kingdom.

And at the United Nations General Assembly, the quarrel was raging. Countless countries asked Dongguo to send rescue. However, Dongguo, who was charitable and liked to act as a good man, chose to remain silent for the first time, no matter how generous the other party's conditions were. How high-sounding he said, Dongguo remained unmoved.

Human beings, this highly intelligent race rising from ancient times, chose to make concessions in the face of disaster for the first time.

City X, which is at the center of the political vortex, is the most well-preserved city. Although it has also lost several thousand people due to the distortion effect of the constant falling from the sky, this loss is completely negligible compared to other parts of the world.

Under this general trend, countless people finally accepted the existence of the distortion effect and began to immigrate to City X, but what followed was a ban on the country. After breaking 10 million, no new citizens will be accepted.

For a time, the world was in an uproar.

At this time, in the realm of fantasy, Chen You appeared in front of thirty-three second-level abnormal masters. These abnormal masters looked at Chen You blankly, and then gradually understood everything under Chen You's explanation.

"In other words, this trial was initiated by you?"

At this moment, one of the Caucasian men asked solemnly, "Are you Chen You, the number one person in the world?"

"it's me."

Chen You nodded, and he glanced at the thirty people in front of him, "You can go through several trials without dying, and even become a second-level abnormal master with more and more courage, your potential is considered among countless testers. Top talent, so now it’s time to make a choice.”

"Come to X City, become a member of my grotesque association, and swear allegiance to me? Or get out of the trial and return to your homeland?"

Chen You asked, "Make a choice."

For a while, everyone fell silent.

"Feel sorry."

After a while, the Caucasian man suddenly said, "Although I am very grateful that you gave us the opportunity to become the second-level abnormal master, many more people have already died. In my opinion, this kind of behavior and ** *No difference, I can't agree with your approach, your path..."

"So you choose the second one?"

Chen You asked.

"That's right, because of this disaster, our Western country has been wiped out, and tens of millions of people have been displaced. I want to go back and contribute."

The white man nodded.

"Me too."

At this time, another white man stood up and said with a firm expression, "I am also a Westerner, and at the same time we already know the news that you murdered our Western Headquarters and the president. Strictly speaking, our hatred with you is far more than kindness. Great, not to mention that too many people died in this trial, we can survive not by your grace, but by our own strength.”

Saying that, he turned to look at the people around him, "Everyone, let's go back, don't help this demon..."

For a time, the eyes of many people could not help but hesitate.


Chen You gave the white man a strange look. The next second, the white man's expression suddenly changed. A lot of hair spewed out of his eyes, ears, nose, and nose. Falling to the ground, twisting vigorously.

It's just that this twisting was very violent at the beginning, and soon became weaker and weaker. In the end, the endless strands of hair had completely pierced through his skin, gushing out of his body, and then the whole person was completely torn to pieces. !

"You talk too much."

Chen You shook his head, his face was calm, he raised his head to look at everyone, and said softly, "I will not stop you if you want to leave, but remember not to encourage others, or he will end up like this person."

There was a commotion, but after Chen You swept his gaze, it became quiet again. In the end, twenty of the thirty-three people chose to stay, and the remaining thirteen chose to return to their respective countries.

Among these thirteen people, there is also a deformed master that Chen You is most optimistic about. The other party has obtained a second-level peak, and he is one step away from entering the third-level mobile phone abnormality. This mobile phone can predict the next five minutes. Everything that happens inside can also be based on the activities of the abnormal master to determine the good and bad for the next action.

"very good."

Chen You looked at the group of people who chose to stay, "The people who stayed can take all your immediate family members to X City and be sheltered by the Weird Association, this is the only promise I can give you, and those who choose to leave , you can go."

As he said that, Chen You waved his hand directly, and a large number of black shadows appeared beside him, and those who had experienced several trials naturally understood that such shadows represented the way to leave the dreamland.

So ~www.mtlnovel.com~ the remaining thirteen people walked into the shadows and disappeared quickly.

"The rest, you are welcome."

Chen You smiled at the remaining twenty people, and then they were also sent out of the dream space.

However, when everyone disappeared, Chen You's smile turned cold again. He turned and left this small dream space. When he left completely, the black shadows also dispersed, but after dispersing, but Suddenly there was a series of crackling sounds.

A large number of skeletons fell from the air. These skeletons were scattered in pieces, as if they had been in existence for many years. Among the skeletons, there were still some odd odd items, and even one of them. Weird looking phone.


A skeleton held the phone and dropped it to the ground, rolled slightly twice, and then didn't move at all. It seemed that the original owner of the phone never let go of it until he died...


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