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In the Devil's office, Chu He was lying on the sofa and watching TV.


At this time, the big devil came out with a smile on his face with the freshly baked egg tarts: "Chuhe tastes, this is the first time I made egg tarts!"


The first egg tart? Chu He glanced at the hot egg tarts on the table, feeling that they could sell, hesitated, took one, and took a careful bite.


Seeing this, the big devil looked at Chu River with an expression of anticipation, and said, "What about Chu River?"


Chuhe chewed a few mouthfuls, and her brows suddenly frowned, and she said, "It's okay, it's a little sweet, and you may get tired of eating a few, but the first time you make it, it's pretty good."


Hehe, a proud smile appeared on the face of the Devil, and said, "Chuhe, since you are all right, should you give me a reward?"


Chu He heard that, playing with his face, "Teacher, what reward do you want?"


"What do you say?" The Devil blinked.


Alas, Chu He wanted to reach out and tease the Devil, as if something was felt, his frown frowned.


"Chu River, what's wrong?" The demon king noticed that Chu River's expression was wrong.


"It's okay," Chu He shook his head and smiled indifferently. "It's just that there are a few dead guys, just wait for me to solve them, then come back and reward you!"


The Devil heard his words, his eyes lit up: "Come back soon, I'll wait for you!"


Well, Chu He nodded, took out a superb spirit stone, and said, "Teacher, let's break through the foundation period first!"


Alas, the devil looked at Chu He suddenly appeared a superb spirit stone, and his beautiful face was shocked: "Chu, how did you do that? Are you a magician? And where are you from so many Spirit stone? "


"Don't ask so much," Chu He shoved the spirit stone in his hand into the hand of the Devil: "When it's time to know, I'll let you know."


Talking, Chu He walked out of the office.


The big devil looked at Chu He's back, shook his head, didn't think about it, holding the spirit stone in his hand, Meizizi began to cultivate.


Just absorbing some of the aura in the best spirit stone, the devil has a feeling of breakthrough, knowing that this one of the best spirit stone in front of him is more special than before.


Thinking of this, the Devil could not help but swallowed the saliva, whoever encountered it would be shocked.


At this moment, three huge vortexes appeared in the sky facing the heavens. Countless colorful energies were scattered in the vortexes, which were very gorgeous.


Seeing this scene, the strong man who is in the heavenly realm knows that the second strongest man is sending him down again, and the domineering figure of Chu River automatically appears in his mind. I thought that this big brother terror would appear again!


Although the second-strength powerhouses are terrifying, the powerhouses in the heaven world have a hunch, these powerhouses can't go back when they come down.


Alas, at this time, some strong men in Lintianjie found that there were two strong men who were not afraid of death to absorb those colorful energies. I thought, really big.


At this moment, in the extremely large hall of the second heaven and the Taiyi Xianmeng League, many strong men saw the situation in the heaven through the pool in the center of the hall, all frowning, and asked in unison: "League, please The man who shot the sky penalty? "


Tian Xuan Lou, a well-known killer organization in Xuan Tian Nine Realms, has Tian Xuan Dao Jun standing behind him. As long as the starting price is out, anyone can kill, but the price is extremely expensive. I am afraid that this time I used the Taiyi League. With few precious resources, many powerful people say that they are not distressed is false.


Hum, the leader of the Tai Alliance snorted coldly and said, "You guys who are bullying and afraid of hardship, usually suppress whoever suppresses others, and look like an invincible world. Now I meet the real strong, like a turtle with a head, I do n’t ask the strong man in the Heavenly Penalty Tower to take a shot, do you still expect you to take a shot? ”


By the cold and ridicule of Tai Yixianmeng, the faces of many powerful men became extremely ugly.


The Taiyi Alliance Lord ignored them. As long as they were still in the Taiyixian Temple, they couldn't help themselves.


The strongest man in the second sky was originally unhappy with Chu River, and was going to send someone down to swell Chu River's face. Now I saw that a strong man had asked the strong man in Tianpenlou to take a shot, and he did not continue his action. Sit down and watch the play, they have to see, Chu River can not be arrogant anymore, we must know that the strong man in the sky penalty building, it is difficult to deal with.


When these strong men thought like this, Chu He came to Lintianjie and appeared in the sight of many strong men.


At this moment, the strong man in Tiantianjie could not help holding his breath, staring at the figure of Chu River, afraid of missing some wonderful pictures.


Chu He glanced at the three strong men who were coming. Without rushing, he put his hands in his pockets and looked at the theater.


"Fuck it," the Taiyi Alliance Lord was still a little worried that Chu He would act directly, and the strong man who affected Tianpenlou was coming. Now he knows that he wants more. Chu He is completely a lunatic. No wonder he dares to offend all the powers of the second heaviest. By.


To this kind of lunatic, the leader of Taiyi League has seen countless times, but almost all of them are finished. He believes that Chuhe will not be an exception.


At this time, the two powerful men who ventured to absorb the energy scattered from the upper world took a deep look at the Chu River and hurriedly left here. They knew that they had enough harvest and could not take any more risks.


"Boom boom!"


I don't know how long after that, the three strong men who punished the building in the sky have successfully arrived.


It can be seen that the three strong men in the Heavenly Penalty House all wore the same black coats, with two dragon flying and phoenix dancing characters embroidered on them: "Heavenly Penalty!"


Seeing this, Chu He yawned: "You have finally come down, waiting for the emperor to be a little sleepy!"


The three strong men in Tianpenlou did not speak, but just looked at the Chu River coldly. Unconsciously, a triangle had formed and surrounded the Chu River.


Seeing this, Chu He was still expressionless, and said lightly, "Is there any means to use it!"


"It's really a death," the smirk in the heart of the Taiyi League, knowing that Chu River has fallen into the famous battle of Tianpenlou, and the death penalty is basically undoubted.


It can be seen that the three strong men who began to punish the building began to seal their hands constantly, saying something in their mouths.


Chu River found at this time that countless thunderbolt runes suddenly appeared around him, wrapping himself up, knowing that it was a large array, and he was standing in the center of this large array.


Glancing at the hexagonal light appearing at the feet, Chu He's mouth slightly tilted, and said lightly, "Is this the degree? It's not enough for the emperor to itch it!"


Huh, when the strong man in Tianpenlou heard the arrogant words of Chu River, he couldn't help humming involuntarily. He looked at Chu River like a dead man, and then hurriedly injected his energy into those thunder runes, completely activating the sky Penalty.


"Boom boom!"


As the Heavenly Penalty Louqiang injected his own energy, those thunder runes flashed wildly, emitting countless thick thunder and lightning.


The strong men in the celestial realm couldn't help taking a breath of air when they saw the thunder and lightning from the Thunder Rune. They knew that even with their strength, it was impossible to resist these thunder and lightning. It can be said that these thunder and lightning were casually together. You can kill them all in seconds.


Now Chuhe is surrounded by such terrible thunder and lightning. They really want to see how he responds!


At this time, Chuhe yawned again and said lightly, "Can you speed faster?"


Huh, the strong man in Tianpenlou said for the first time: "Since you are in a hurry to find death, we have to fulfill you and fall here completely!"


"Boom boom!"


Countless thick and horrible thunderbolts emerged from the runes of thunder, slicing across the Chu River in the middle of the large array.


In this scene, even the top masters of the second heavy sky can see the scalp tingling. These strong men know that even if they are better than them, they must be careful to deal with these thunder and lightning, or they may fall.


It can be seen that these thick thunderbolts are like thunder dragons, making a howling sound, hitting the Chu River heavily, submerging the Chu River.


And this is not over yet. The hexagonal rays in the center of the large array burst out a large number of thunder and lightning, and these thunder and lightning formed a huge thunder column, soaring into the sky.


With so many attacks on Chu River, nothing happened. The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted, and he roared, "Swallow the sky and eat the earth!"


Alas, everyone heard the sound of Chu He, and thought, this guy is still alive?


At this time, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in the center of the large array.


"Boom boom!"


The thunder and lightning in the large array was devoured by the black hole's engulfing force, and within a few seconds, the entire large array and the runes were swallowed up completely, leaving only the three strong men who punished the building. The man, standing with aggression on his face, thought to himself, what is the situation?


At this moment, the figure of Chu River appeared in the black hole, and sneered at the second-strength powerful man: "See clearly, ignore the words of this emperor, this is the end."


As Chu He's voice fell, a force of horrible devour acted on the strong man in Tianpenlou.


"No," the strong man in Tianpenlou felt the threat of life, finally returned from the state of persecution, shouted, and fled desperately.


It's a pity that the means of the Chu River is what they can resist, and they are swallowed into the black hole all at once.




Screams came from the black hole.


At this time, the leader of the Taiyi Alliance stood up, and he didn't dare to believe each other: "How can this guy, our Taixian League ’s supreme fairy, swallow the sky?"


This move is too familiar to the main leader of the Alliance, it is impossible to be another move, it is definitely the Supreme Immortal of their Alliance.


The power of the Taiyi Xianmeng League was also shocked at this moment. They didn't understand how Chuhe learned it, and the power it made made them all feel scalp.


Those who are strong, are they dead? Seeing this scene, the strong man who was in the celestial realm immediately stopped.


The second strongest man was also stunned, which was too different from their expected results, making them simply unacceptable.


It's like seeing a baby overthrow an adult, it's incredible and hard to accept.


After Chu He killed the three strong men who punished the tower, he said lightly to the sky, "Next time, this emperor will kill the second sky directly, you can try!"


Mad, the Chu River at this moment has the feeling that it is crazy to the limit, and out of the sky.


At this time, the second-day strong man was extremely angry, and some even yelled, "What a madman!"


As for the strongest man on the first day, they are full of blood. Originally, they were full of awe for the strongest man on the second day. Now seeing Chu River killing the strongest man on the second day at will, giving them a strange It feels as if they are the Chu River at this moment, they can despise the heavens and the earth, and despise the strongest in the second sky.


After Chu He released his ruthless words, he immediately disappeared into the heavenly realm, and also disappeared among the strongest in the second heaven.


Seeing this, the Taiyi League leader shouted in disregard of the image and said, "What the **** is going on?"


Inside the hall, many strong men looked at each other, their hearts were full of doubts, and a trace of unknown fear. The strength demonstrated by Chu He made them a group of peerless masters.


At this time, a burly man wrapped in a golden iron chain stood up and said Shen: "Leader, this matter must be investigated first, and you can't take the risk anymore, or the guy might kill him!"


At this time, everyone also spoke in unison: "That guy is not simple. He is definitely not the character of the first day. We can't take risks. Otherwise, if he is killed, the whole second day will become a joke."


Well, the Confederate nodded his head, and Shen Sheng said, "I will report to you on this matter, and there is one more thing for you to do, and that is to find the peerless Tianjiao born during this time."


Oh, there is a hint of light in the eyes of many powerful people, they know that there must be some major secrets among them, but also those of the world above.


Hmm, the leader of Taiyi knows that these guys are all human spirits, and he snorted coldly, saying, "I urge you not to pay attention to this matter. This is passed down by the strongest in the world in the third layer above command."




Many powerful people could not help taking a sip of air when they heard the words. This was far beyond their expectations. What they thought was just the third strongest man was looking for something, now it seems far from simple.


And at this time, Chu He had already returned to the office of Sky Actress, the Devil King.


At this moment, the big devil is still practicing, and he has no idea that Chuhe is back.


Seeing this, Chu He didn't bother her, picked up an egg **** and ate it.


Just then, Chuhe's cell phone ringing suddenly.


Chu He took out his mobile phone and found out that it was the language teacher's phone. While eating egg tarts, he answered the phone.


As the call was connected, a low voice came from the other end of the phone: "Chuhe, where are you?"


Chu He could hear that the Chinese teacher was a little angry.


The big devil didn't know when he had come over and gave Chu He a look and asked him to call himself.


Seeing this, Chu He smiled, gave the mobile phone to the devil, and continued to eat egg tarts.


The big devil saw this scene, smiled, and sat on the thigh of Chuhe, speaking to the phone: "Chuhe is here with me."


On the other side of the phone, the Chinese teacher heard the voice of the devil, and he smiled and said, "This way, it will be fine."


"That's it," the Devil hanged up and smiled. "Chuhe, I've helped you through it again. Honestly tell the teacher, where did you go just now? What happened to this spiritual stone? All of a sudden, I broke through to the foundation period. If I continue to cultivate, I even feel that I can directly cultivate into the legendary Jindan period. "


It can be heard that the voice of the devil is trembling, which is obviously very surprising.


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