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In the parallel world of “I Have Hundreds of Disciples in Ten Thousand Realms”, Chen Beixuan became the dean of the Super Dimension Academy, connected with Dimension Ten Thousand Realms, and recruited endless disciples.

Thanos: “When I was in full bloom, I could destroy half of the universe with just one snap of my fingers!”

Xiao Yan: “The world is full of different fires, all worship me, I am Emperor Yan!”

Huang Tiandi: “I am arbitrarily determined forever and swept all enemies!”

Xu Fengnian: “The sword is coming!!!”

Chen Beixuan’s eyes were indifferent: “Don’t bb anymore, I will give a lecture today, how to slap the three hundred and thirty styles of the will of the world!!! Whoever can’t learn one day, don’t even want to eat a year!


Xiao Yan:…

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Short Title:IHHMD
Alternate Title:万界登录之我有亿万弟子
Author:The reader is so cool
Weekly Rank:#367
Monthly Rank:#69
All Time Rank:#1339
Tags:Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Teachers,
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14 Comments on “I Have Hundreds of Millions of Disciples
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  1. What happened in chapter 1221? Why did the story changed? The MC was in Against The Gods and then next chapter he was in another world?

  2. It is just a bunch of bullshit. It is literally a fanfic of every goddamn famous CN. MC be like going to their world accelerate their growth and faceslapped people, rinse, wash and repeat, rinse, wash and repeat. This is just using the clout of those famous novels to attract audiences. It is interesting at first but you can't go on because of the repetitive nature of it.

  3. What i dont like in this novel is that thr author seems to have forgotten that the MC has a Library of Heaven's Path. I mean that alone is a broken ability already especially in fighting. Why didnt the MC use it everytime to expose the opponent's flaws? It feels like the Library of Heaven's Path was completely forgetten in the later chapters. And there was this Elixir of Life he found and he said that he will study it with God Liu, why don't you just the Library instead?

  4. The author not this book doesn't seem to know that shrouding the heavens perfect world and Sacred ruins are actually a trilogy and that these main characters are Linked in any case it makes more sense as a writer for the person to send the black paper boat down through time to be the ruthless emperor to warn the her elder brother in any case Kun peng isn't female lol 🤣 where did that idea come from and the boat goes through all of time there is no need for someone from the present to send it it's just redundant

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