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I Have Been In the Demon Slayer Division For 30 Years

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Novel Summary

When he woke up, Zhou Yi became the execution officer of Da Gan Slayer Demon Division.

It coincides with the chaos of demons, ghosts and monsters, and the world has changed drastically.

Zhou Yi hid in the Demon Slayer Division, and executed the demon every day to obtain various rewards.

Huang Ting Tao Scripture, Ziying Immortal Sword, Pan Peach Spirit Root, Five-Colored God Ox, Tiangang Spell, Earth Evil Magical Power…

Nine heavens and ten earths, endless fairy roads, I shall be the master!

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Alternate Title:我在斩妖司除魔三十年
Author:Two more
Weekly Rank:#955
Monthly Rank:#2206
All Time Rank:#3873
Tags:Alchemy, Cheats, Dao Companion, Daoism, Demons, Evil Gods, Gods, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Monsters, Pill Concocting, Reincarnated in Another World, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sword Wielder, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wuxia, Xianxia,
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24 Comments on “I Have Been In the Demon Slayer Division For 30 Years
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  1. Boring, mc is an agressive person but sometimes became a timid person. A bully, but scared of more big fist. Weird, he want to kill all demon but get a pet demon cat. And wtf with this novel? Does every chinesse novel must have northen barbarian aka mongol to be their enemy? Do demons already every human biggest headache? Why must the so called northen barbarian exist when later author says dagan is the only country human rule? And most importanly gun, yes gun exist but forbidden! Dang! Even military is forbiden to used them. Wtf dude

  2. not a fan-fiction of the trending demon slayer anime but still better because the concept is quite different from the sign-in novel. Tells the story of an MC being both an executor and a torturer in a government department is mysterious and very similar to the anbu in Naruto but this smells of demons and ghosts, basically he can also age but that's just just a camouflage from his original youthful appearance, he is also a low-key type so sometimes this also has to make us patient as readers if you are the type of reader who likes showing off protagonists.

  3. I basically dislike these cause and effect types of novels including the ones filled with future prediction, they completely ruin the emotions set by a novel... Same here, whats the point of becoming stronger if your every action is entangled with cause and effect and not to mention the sheer irony of the above statement - basically the stronger you are, the more freedom you should have but here its more restrained you become

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