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Chances? Experience? Resources?
They’re all in the virtual universe.
So, I just need to silently develop, and sooner or later I will stand on top of the world.
——Su Li
Uh, I’m already at the top of the world?
Then I’ll set me sights on the whole universe!

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Short Title:IHVU
Alternate Title:我有一个虚拟宇宙
Author:Black Cat Owl
Weekly Rank:#275
Monthly Rank:#266
All Time Rank:#528
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Cautious Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Doting Love Interests, Early Romance, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Futuristic Setting, Gods, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Overpowered Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Racism, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slaves, Special Abilitie, System, Virtual Reality, Weak to Strong,
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60 Comments on “I Have A Virtual Universe
  1. Muy buena al principio, luego fuerza el autor una novia para el protagonista y todo se hizo idiota y SIMP, para la novia apostar su seguridad intereses y tiempo para mejorarla arriesgarse a exponer los secretos. despues su inteligencia fue denigrando haciendo que haga muchos errores de bajo nivel adpotando una forma de novela cosas de la vida con algo de accion. cada 5 capitulos 2 a 3 son de algo relacionado con su novia.

  2. A very good novel the mc is cautious enough and there is no arrogant pricks jumping around . the pocket dimension/virtual universe is somewhat refreshing can anyone recommend me novels where mc has pocket dimension?

  3. there's this similar novel if you're looking for a pocket dimension, i really don't remember the name of the novel clearly but it has “pocket dimension” in its title. the MC is named Lu Ze or something. try to look for “I Have A Pocket Dimension”

  4. Hunting with a pocket Dimension, it's got a couple hundred chapters translated by hand and its semi good (basically when mc sleeps he enters a primitive world/dimension and that's how he gets stronger)

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