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I Have a Trillion Merits

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Novel Summary

When you first enter the prehistoric land, you become a red cloud, and you will send hundreds of billions of merits at the beginning.

Understand the cause and effect, become the big disciple of Hongjun seat, proving the saint, open the dojo, collect the dragon clan, and return the ten thousand immortals.

“Sanhua Juding? Huakai Nine-Rank? Ten thousand merits! Give it to me!”

“Kong Xuan, you want to behead the corpse and become a holy? Ten million merits won’t be appreciated!”

“Sister Nuwa, your merits are not enough? I have!”

“Little Daji, the master gave you five million merits, will you warm the bed for the master?”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHTM
Alternate Title:我有百万亿功德
Author:Yi Tianxing
Weekly Rank:#1133
Monthly Rank:#1187
All Time Rank:#1665
Tags:Absent Parents, Ancient China, Cheats, God Protagonist, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Multiple Realms, Mythology, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator,
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3 Comments on “I Have a Trillion Merits
  1. This novel has the same premise and exection than "The spiritual Attainement of Minghe", but is of lower quality. Overall I liked the novel, but I kept comparing the two and after a few chapters just wet back to re-read "The spiritual Attainement of Minghe".

  2. i dont like this type of novel for one reason... mc was like a 'Eunuch' with only cultivating on his mind. mc of this type of novel stays a virgin througout the whole novel, they are literally a 'Sage' in men culture. overall this novel is good for readers that dont like romance and harem.

  3. but doesn't it say little raji warm my bed or something in synopsis this is so misleading I thought it's a Harem Thanks for the info

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