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I Have a Time and Space Garden

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Wang Yan crossed the perilous wilderness and caught his eyes on a barren countryside. He thought he would finish playing on the first day, but he gained a powerful pastoral.

The spirit fruit cultivated with pastoral nutrients not only tastes good, but also improves the cultivation base regardless of bottlenecks, and even gains corresponding special abilities.

Plant the sacred fruit of heavenly fragrance, the fragrance of the whole body is rid of the devil.

Grow the little raccoon, a treasure hunter, and there is nowhere to hide the treasures in the world.

Plant a colorful gourd baby, all seven talents.

Plant a fairy…

Wang Yan: I have a wife!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHTSG
Alternate Title:我有一座时空田园
Author:Chaos Winter Melon
Weekly Rank:#390
Monthly Rank:#36
All Time Rank:#825
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Farming, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator, World Travel,
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20 Comments on “I Have a Time and Space Garden
  1. Holy shit that last arc, it's so bad! How the f*ck the author think it was a good idea!? 4/10 The last arc ruin everything for me

  2. This novel is a little bit better than most novels, but the most disappointing is the ending. Although the ending was quite surprising, what I find annoying the most is he was never the most powerful person. It turns out they are all just hiding somewhere. Rate: 2.5/5

  3. Si les soy sinceros al orincipio yo iba bien con la lectura y todo pero después de los capítulos 300 y algunos números más seba ala mierda todo incluso el final es malo

  4. the novel is good but mc was stupid when it comes to business... he sells his extraordibary fruit for a low price like a fucking idiot and it was fucking frustrating to read because you know that mc was making a money losing business because of his idiocity

  5. The story is all over the place(for me). However, the concepts are interesting and I sure look forward to the development, but I can't seem to find the will to read this novel for some reason. It has to do with the story that makes me hesitate to read... I noticed that some of the details are just there for no reason and no purpose in the story and yet it keeps being there.... welp.. peace out.

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