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I Have a Three-Realm Auction System

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Novel Summary

Zhou Fan obtained a [Three-Realm Auction System].

“Chocolate auction, the starting price is only 10 stars.”

“100 stars” Marshal Canopy said.

“Damn, don’t grab anyone with me, I will give out fifty thousand stars!”

“Brother Fan, do you still have Coke there? Can you stop using it for auction, my grandson can give you a satisfactory price.”

“The 16th-order Rubik’s Cube, only the last one is left, don’t miss the fairy friends you need!”

“Brother Fan, do you need Eight-Nine Profound Art?” Erlang Shen said immediately.

The three realms auction system, anything, is not worth mentioning in your eyes, but in a different environment, it is a sky-high price.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHTRAS
Alternate Title:我有一个三界拍卖系统
Author:LY La Yue
Weekly Rank:#655
Monthly Rank:#502
All Time Rank:#526
Tags:Early Romance, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Modern Day, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Store Owner, System Administrator,
44 vote(s)

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35 Comments on “I Have a Three-Realm Auction System
  1. So Cultivators that Go's against the Heaven(and those with Spirit sense) Can't even make chocolate and other mortal beverages??? xD Lol

  2. This fucking harem, i really like the story but who in the fucking hell would want to share ur man to others?? Are they on drugs or something, i like the story relly but i dont like a harem like its really i dont know ..

  3. I like the story but then i read that he save a woman in a car accident then i check the tag, damn it why its a harem?? I dont really like harem, can anyone recommend me a novel like this but not a harem..

  4. Try I'm The King Of Technology you will love it. it's the only novel in which I didn't find anything disturbing but auther in not updating on this site so check fast novel website for latest chapter's

  5. The story was good at first until a fucking harem ruined it, the story was supposed to be focus on auction not flirting with girls. The story mostly focus on it.

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