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I Have a Seaside Five-star Hotel

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Blue sky, coconut groves, clear water, white sand.

Sunny and handsome diving instructor, enthusiastic speedboat driver, room girl with obsessive-compulsive cleaning disorder, professional talents provide professional services!

Great seafood, French restaurant, North African creative mixed dishes… The star chef who kills fish without blinking an eye will take you to enjoy the world cuisine.

This is a five-star luxury hotel located by the sea.

This is the top hotel in the Dark Net hotel review list!

“Boss Chen, how did you bring a closed hotel back to life?”

In the face of the financial reporter’s question, Chen Jianhai swept the system in front of him, and then smiled honestly:

“Customer satisfaction is the secret of my success.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IHSFH
Alternate Title:我有一座海滨五星大酒店
Author:put less salt on kidneys
Weekly Rank:#2777
Monthly Rank:#565
All Time Rank:#1631
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Childhood Friends, Easy Going Life, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Multiple POV, Naive Protagonist, Poor Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Shameless Protagonist, Store Owner, System, Urban, Wealthy Characters,
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52 Comments on “I Have a Seaside Five-star Hotel
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  1. Read chapters 17. The mc wanted to grind some skills to max level and was a bit annoyed that he couldn't due to having used all the resources, but when there were more resources he recruited some workers and started "fishing", completely forgetting about maximg those skills, which highly irks me. (Almsot finished reading chapter 18 but had to comment to vent my frustration and continue reading) The routine of the mc needing something and it coincidentally being delivered to him is quite strong.

  2. Read chapters 20. Highly irritated by the fact that the mc is "fishing" all day long and not grinding the skills to max level. Does not help that everything is spoon fed to the mc.

  3. Isn't it because he doesn't have enough room to clean? cmiiw, he only have 140 rooms, it needs 200 rooms to upgrade his cleaning skill to master level.

  4. Bos harus selalu merapikan seprei kamar tidur..? Serius.? Hey. Ini bukan novel fantasi aksi. Yang butuh skill pertarungan. ayolah.

  5. The main problem I had was that the mc didn't seem to need to work hard as the plot conveniently delivers everything he needs, so, he should at least do something for those "rewards". Also I get mildly irked if something isn't maxed out. Everything needs balance and from the very few chapters that I read, the work and reward balance was too out of tune (meaning, the mc can sleep all day and the plot would still make the hotel better/story progress).

  6. If I remember correctly, every time a costumer leaves (might be a refresh everyday) the mc can go and grind some xp for skills, so it doesn't really matter how many rooms the hotel has, as the chance to grind xp refreshes after a period of time.

  7. Fantasy novel with some slice of life genre so you can expect this novel to has easygoing vibe and it's kinda refreshing, but MC's brain is somewhat worrying, yes he's stupid or rather the author made him stupid intentionally so he looks funny... u know the market in china love this kind of MC

  8. You might not find things like face slap or smth like that, but i feel like MC is kinda government's dog and i don't think this novel deserve 4.5 star tho

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