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Three years and three years, in three years, the traversers from other people’s homes have long been called emperors and become the big ones among the big ones.

However, after three years, Zhang Qingyuan, with a broken proficiency panel that can be seen and cannot be added, is still only a small transparent among the tens of thousands of outer disciples of the Yunshui Sect.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHAPP
Alternate Title:我有一个熟练度面板
Author:Behavioral Finance
Weekly Rank:#1512
Monthly Rank:#1374
All Time Rank:#983
Tags:Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Clan Building, Cultivation, Demons, Hard-Working Protagonist, Immortals, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Mythical Beasts, Sect Development, Sword Wielder, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong, Xianxia,
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  1. ch 70 so far i will keep updating as i go. so far its pretty decent i like the pace so far and the conflicts while a bit too coincidental not completely out of the realm of possibility, also so far the mc is concentrated on cultivation this is a big plus for me i see so many cultivation novels where i wonder whether its a shoujo manga in disguise. this is minor, the hierarchy of the sect is clearly defined like how the higher ranking they are the more resource they get, basically they are incentivized to preform better. it also goes into how if your shit for a certain time period you basically get relegated to doing expansion duty for the sect, really cut throat culture but makes sense in this context. its really minor but i really appreciate this as i basically never see this in other novels. now some of the things i think need improvement, the foreshadowing i think the author really needs to do more foreshadowing with some stuff so it doesn't feel like something completely random pops up. for example early on the mc basically complains how his cultivation technique is shit but goes on to explain how he doesn't have enough contribution points later on he gets a ton but still doesn't end up upgrading only in recent ch its mentioned that he has 1200 points and is saving up for a technique, from this its implied its basically more than 1200 points. the author could have mentioned this earlier on like how the mc was interested in a blah blah technique which was 2000 points for example, therefore the readers would have a more intuitive idea for how much he would need and what he would need to do with said points. next the fights i do think the fights are actually good, my issue is sometimes the dialogue gets ridiculously long for no reason explaining about things that aren't even directly related to the fight aka prolonging shit. next the breakthroughs, i don't like how every small little breakthrough the mc has requires some mind boggling epiphany. it just doesn't make sense think about it lets take science for example anyone with average intelligence with some effort and time could learn basic scientific concepts and so on. you don't need some epiphany to learn the basics is what im saying. the areas where you do need some sort of epiphany is when you get to the point where your tackling ground breaking discovery's. kinda like how early cultivation is you getting the basics and then later on when you get to the point where it involves laws and daos etc thats when i would say epiphanies make more sense. last but probably the thing that i dislike the most currently the concept of talent the author promotes. frankly i don't like when cultivation novels use the word talent because not only is it vague but its generally misleading because even though they might use the same word but chances are they mean entirely different things. for example when a cultivator has a special constitution he could be talented, whereas there is another cultivator who learns techniques especially fast, that would also fall under talented but those 2 are different things. i picked up the concept years ago when i read "true martial world" where the mc was described as mediocre in terms of physical talent but he was definitely talented when it came to mentally. although the author didn't directly state and differentiate the two he did vaguely and indirectly differentiate the two when at the start he basically says he isn't talented implying the physical sense but later on mentions he is talented in the mental sense but if you just look at the word talent you would think how is he talented and not talented at the same time and when they are speaking about the same thing cultivation. the third talent dao heart, honestly when authors bring this up they always explain this one in a vague and abstract sense. when i reality i think what they are trying to say is motivation or hunger. kind of like how in sports some players are just that much more motivated or hungry for victory compared to others and this drives them to improve faster. the mc falls under this catagory but heres where i have an issue with how the author presents it, the mc is basically mediocre in terms of physical and mental talent, the author also mentions how the mc is average thats his template the issue with this is that it doesn't make sense because the simple fact is he "IS THE MAIN CHARACTHER," thats why when you make him into some background guy it also challenges the basis of the story itself. take sports as a example any of those who became to G.O.A.T where in some form or way special and if anything this guy is going to be the G.O.A.T in this novel, thats the endgame. anyways thats my thoughts so far, as for the plot and world building i won't go into that as theres barely anything thats mentioned for the two.

  2. On 741ch really good don’t listen to the comments but BUT there are some problems, for example how dense the mc is and how he is really dumb but with MAJOR mc level luck, like he doesn’t think about anything else except getting stronger but doesn’t really know how to get resources or techniques, so basically except for a little handful techniques he fused the rest he just fumbled upon with his luck, and he constantly fumbles into a god level skill but he gets chased by the people looking for it then he kills them and bigger stronger guys chase him then repeat that for the rest but he doesn’t care or even know they’re after him he is so outside of everything there is literally a mini world war going on and he doesn’t even know it Next point this world is really like some warhammer 40k type stuff like there are demon gods, demon skills, and demon sects but because there so strong the “good guys” are trying to hide them so they literally erased basically all of any records about the past so no one can secretly cultivate demon skills and release the demon gods

  3. Im on 370 chapters. Its safe to say im allowed to give a trusted comment for this novel. A good novel. Though it has the generic cultivation settings the MC has a likable personality. I like the MC's golden finger its a low key OP . Though its just a exp panel it gives the mc a sense of fulfilment seeing his exp rise little bit each time. A decent read. I never thought i would read another cultivation novel . If your a newbie reader give it a try though its not the same op mc as the other novels its a great read. If your a veteran reader like me. This novel is good enough to get a chill read. Thanks. Hope this comment helps you .

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