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In a world where the power is respected and the monsters are in all directions, Andy came here as a traverser!

“Summoning materials are found, do you want to summon?” Andy looked at the fly corpse in his hand with a dazed expression.

While others are still working hard to improve their cultivation base and magic, Andy has quickly improved his cultivation base with the help of his friends, and has instantly mastered their entire series of magic.

The Thousand Images Method stands up to a hundred meters figure, the magic of the tree enchanting three rooms and two halls!

In spirit, physique, and exercises, Andy turns into a dragon!

In the field of one hand, sword intent of the other hand, Andy has me invincible!

Until a certain day…

Everyone looked at Andy: “Is this TM a human?”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IHPS
Alternate Title:我有一个宠物空间
Author:Mighty little tiger
Weekly Rank:#5313
Monthly Rank:#1553
All Time Rank:#2192
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Cheat, Cultivation, eastern fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Naive Protagonist, Pets, Sword And Magic, System, Transmigration, Transmigrations,
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33 Comments on “I Have a Pet Space
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  1. To be honest, I read 30 chp and I kinda disappointed, mc have pet space ( like mini hidden world, he can put living creature inside l, like tree, animal fish etc, and he can also configure the mini world itself to his liking) c'mon if it were me, I'll wondering around and get resources as much as possible, make my pet space into unlimited resources paradise source, and hide my power from outside world as much as I can, ( note I have pet, why bother show my own face) keep hiding in the dark, if I want to destroy some power/family just send some pet over and take their belongings, sigh, this mc is super stupid. And also the moment auction mention I knew that 99% of auction will arouse conflict, I'll rather just watching a play, after someone buy the item I want, I send my pet to kill him and Rob him, isn't it better?

  2. As a reader of around few hundred novels i advice u not to waste time on this shit.....the author has the intellect of a 10 years old child(which reflects on the character of mc).....

  3. I don't fucking understand. The mc lacks the resources to strengthen and first thing he thought and to kill someone to rob them. Why not go hunting so that you gather experience(fighting) at the same time get stronger and make money?? All he does is show off and kill people. The author is trying hard to create an illusion that mc is not just mindlessly killing by sparing people here and there, but the whole purpose of him slaughtering is just get possession of something. I don't see mc working hard or anything and that is fucking lame as fuck. I can understand that the mc don't work hard because he is op, but he is not even op op, he's just normal dude with an pet space. Not even godlike pets yet he goes around showing off.

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