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I Have a God-level Company In the Invasion of the Heavens

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Novel Summary

Su Ze traveled through the parallel world and opened a company called [Ark] in accordance with the system requirements.

And the more mysterious the company, the more powerful it is?

The moment when the counterfeit anchor Wang Da Hammer put on the [Ark] brand Iron Man toy that he bought for 100 million yuan.

People are not calm anymore.

At that time, the alien beasts invaded and the disaster started.

When the 【Ark】brand Wanderer mech smashed the five-star king-level monster Abyss Titan back into the space culvert.

People are crazy.

When the strange men and strangers who slashed the mountains and seas one by one and shattered the galaxy with one sword claimed to be an employee of [Ark].

People are numb.

“Hi! Is this still the normal world we know?”

“This company is too abnormal!”

To this.

Su Ze, the real mastermind behind the scenes, said:

“Don’t get excited, my company is still normal, it’s just a bit mysterious!”

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Short Title:IHGCIIH
Alternate Title:诸天入侵之我有神级公司
Weekly Rank:#781
Monthly Rank:#755
All Time Rank:#1556
Tags:Aliens, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Racism, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong,
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37 Comments on “I Have a God-level Company In the Invasion of the Heavens
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  1. In this novel there isn't that much of nationalism .The protagonist helps all countries to save people not just china. He even shared body strengthening method to all the world. there is some lines where they insult other countries but it is in an acceptable range as compared to other novels of this genre where the protagonist lets all other countries like US "Sakura" country etc be destroyed.All in all it was a good read (till I have read the novel) I recommend it

  2. The author has made china as some sort of Saint and the best country which is very noble . As of chapter 230 , they did not annex USA but gave resources to the affected countries. It has beautified china tooo much for my taste

  3. A great story. If developed might create good novel, but unfortunately it died in the craddles. But even so, enjoyed reading.

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