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I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart

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It’s the same crossing, others add some points, I plant trees?

What’s the use of planting trees? I don’t want to be a gardener!

Wait, this world seems to have the enlightened Bodhi tree, the big locust tree that communicates with life and death, the mandala flower that induces death, the Nine Worlds tree that supports Norse mythology, and the Kabbalah from man to god. tree……

The tree is me, and I am the tree. Planting trees is not bad.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IHDTMH
Alternate Title:我在心间种神树
Author:King of Torches
Weekly Rank:#246
Monthly Rank:#246
All Time Rank:#1330
Tags:Alternate World, Angels, Cold Protagonist, Conditional Power, Cultivation, Divination Enlightenment, Evolution, Farming, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Nationalism, Slow Growth at Start, World Tree,
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36 Comments on “I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart
  1. Very nice plot development at the start but it quickly got boring at around ch 160, It doesn't have anything remarkable around it. I haven't seen any racism as of yet, but in conclusion, Great start and bad development afterwards and mediocre character development. I would rate it a 3. It would have been 2 but the start really got me going.

  2. It is a fine novel, not so annoying, mc is good enough,plot is good enough, everything is gpod but it is very slow, like he only level up twice in 200 chapters, it got boring real quick because its so slow, like now it has been 30 chapter since he planned ancient tree of life and moon well but he is nowhere close to upgrading, so its like a hope that he will get a awesome tree and powers next, but its also annoying because he will not get it until 50 or more chapters.

  3. Well has you heard ancient tree can grow super fast? NOOOO almost all ancient tree in chinese myhtology need more than millions of years before can grow into mature state

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