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I Have a Dimension Street In Marvel

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“I have a dimension street in Marvel, this street, what I say!”

Travel through the Suyue bound dimensional street system in the Marvel world, summon full-dimensional characters, and extract full-dimensional abilities. The legend of Dimension Street started from the moment when Captain Marvel fell from the sky in 1995…

PS0: The world background of this book – in addition to the Marvel movie series, the TV series Agents of SHIELD, The Defenders series, Cloak and Dagger, and the Leftovers are also in the same world background, because there are plots or characters or The linkage on the easter eggs, so they are all in one universe.

PS1: Mainly the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

PS2: Veteran author, works with ten million words are guaranteed, without any eunuch records!

PS3: Other works “Marvel: The King’s Arrival”, “Marvel: Immortal Throne”, “Zero Covenant: The Strongest Death”, “Marvel: The Fruit of the Door”, “Meiman: The Strongest Villain”, “The Strongest God of War of the Ultimate Class” “”People are in American dramas: spending money makes you stronger! “!

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Short Title:IHDSIM
Alternate Title:我在漫威有条次元街
Author:Marvel King
Weekly Rank:#1675
Monthly Rank:#1125
All Time Rank:#4998
Tags:Alternate World, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, System,
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  1. Cant pass 30 chap i start dislike the mc he start dont give a f*** about everithing he start to treat his summon as a object i was goin downhill from there so i drop

  2. [Poison Detected…] [The Skill ‘Poison Resistance (Sss)’ resisted…] [Failed.] [Your Health Falls to 5%.] [4%.] [3%.] […] [1%.] [You Have Died.] [Do you want to continue reading?] [Yes / No?] {No}

  3. at ch 44 he going to other worldss but its getting boring 4 me so bout to drop ganna read it again when dont have somethin to read

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