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I Have a Crush I Want to Talk to You

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Hey, let’s have a crush together.

The nervous student Xu Jingjing has a crush on the school grass Gao Zhan, and the academic tyrant Kang Jiawei nicknamed “Instant Noodles” has a crush on the goddess Xu Jingjing.

In order to get close to her favorite male god, Xu Jingjing separated Gao Zhan and Xu Jingjing, and formed a “secret love front alliance” with Kang Jiawei – she urged him to lose weight and inspired him to pursue Xu Jingjing;

And Kang Jiawei helped her review her homework, which made her grades improve by leaps and bounds. The relationship between the two has undergone subtle changes in the process of helping each other, which seems to go beyond friendship…

Until the death of Kang’s father, Kang Jiawei left without saying goodbye to the United States, and this hazy relationship ended without a trace.

At the class reunion eight years later, “Instant Noodles” counterattacked gorgeously and turned into a tall, rich and handsome real estate developer. He decided to make up for the regrets eight years ago and made a belated confession——

Kang Jiawei: “I like you, Jingjing. Be my girlfriend.”

Xu Jingjing: “Why do you think that I will be your girlfriend in eight years? What if I have a boyfriend?”

Kang Jiawei: “It doesn’t matter, if you have a boyfriend, I will find a way to make him an ex.

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Short Title:IHCIWTTY
Alternate Title:我有个暗恋想和你谈谈
Author:Flower Morning
Weekly Rank:#8262
Monthly Rank:#8273
All Time Rank:#9404
Tags:Adapted to Drama, Adapted to Drama CD, Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day,
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