It also made Ye Yang wonder why Mo had always emphasized not to use skill items, but to use their own strength.

"This Mo also actually knows me in reality."

"That's for sure. He actually looks the same in the game and in reality. He hasn't changed his appearance at all. I recognized it at a glance."

"Don't talk nonsense, if you wait for him to hear that you are angry, you will die."

"Mo is also in reality, but he is a gangster, and he has a lot of people. You think he is really just good at playing games.

"I heard that he was at the dock before, and he had already hit a dozen or so on the ground alone."

"If you really offend him..."

"Don't dare to say, this kind of person should not be offended easily."

The voice of this person was very loud, and the voice was a bit sharp, Ye Yang could easily recognize which sentence these people said.

Unexpectedly, this person broke the news and it was quite exciting.

At least Ye Yang knew Mo Ye's identity. A dozen people fell on the ground alone, and in reality, the strength is indeed very good.

So now I want to use my abilities in reality to fight him?

This is the first time Ye Yang has dealt with this kind of mixed society, especially now that it is equivalent to half reality.

To be honest, Ye Yang was still quite interested.

I also want to know how good such a person is.

When Mo Ye was gearing up, Ye Yang was already eager to try.

The person next to him opened his eyes wide, and didn't want to miss this wonderful moment.

This time, Ye Yang actively approached Mo Ye.

Since Mo Ye wanted to prove himself, of course he wouldn't make a surprise attack at this time.

So when the flames climbed up, Mo didn't do it either.

Instead, he stopped there and waited for the beacon to come up before fighting with the beacon.

After Feng Huo arrived on the same street, Mo also smiled.

This laugh made people feel like there was some conspiracy.

After all, Mo Ye's appearance was originally biased towards the dark type.

It always makes people feel that Mo is also unkind.

Obviously Mo also feels that way now.

"Today I will prove that I am definitely not worse than Fiberhome, and even I am stronger than Fiberhome."

Mo Ye said loudly after this laugh.

Although it is in the game, everyone can hear what Mo Ye said.

In other words, Mo also said this sentence to everyone, and he wanted to prove it to everyone.

It turned out that I wanted to prove to others that he was great, but I still had to prove to him that he was great.

Ye Yang nodded after hearing it, and finally understood why Mo Ye was so hostile to him.

Probably because he wanted to surpass him, but there was no way to get the approval of others.

It is indeed a good idea to use this method to prove when so many people are watching.

But just don’t know, now Mo is also proving like this, is he proving that he is better or worse than him?

It is impossible to steal the chicken without losing the rice in the end.

He also let others know about his lack of ability.