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The storm of the public opinion war has passed.

With the end of this public opinion storm, Real King Group quickly adjusted its strategy, relying on a 1% commission, even without an exclusive settlement agreement, it still became a platform for most third-party shops to fully develop.

The dominance of the Shiwang brand in the food delivery field in Sansha City has truly gained a firm foothold.

And more importantly, after this time, Real King Group demonstrated its own tenacity and strength, as well as some special assistance, allowing other capitals to find that Real King Group has grown to a certain height, and it is not something that can be arbitrarily handled. .


In the next few days, the development of Real King Group went smoothly.

The first is the recharge point. The progress is exceptionally smooth, and even caused a rush of merchants.

This recharge point that can get offline traffic has become a sweet pastry in the eyes of many smart people.

Some big shops are willing to pay some price for this.

On this basis, the Real King brand took advantage of the trend to launch a recharge point agency system. There is at most one recharge point on a street, and a monthly floating fee is charged according to the number of people who come to the store to recharge.

The charge is not high, it is charged at 1 yuan per person.

This is actually equivalent to selling traffic.

It's just that the form of Internet sales traffic is used offline.

And the price of only 1 yuan per person, in the eyes of many people, this is a very cheap price.

It costs hundreds to thousands of dollars to die in a month.

Using such a cheap price to obtain potential customers who can make a transaction is a completely acceptable thing for many shops.

Therefore, the recharge point plan of Real King Group spread to the whole city in an instant.

This measure has also become a support for Real King Group, which has no online payment function, to stabilize the online food delivery field.

At the same time, this aspect has also brought a lot of benefits to the Real King Group. For the Real King brand, which has a total of 2 million members and the number is still increasing, let alone, everyone recharges once a month. After deducting the top-up value in Real King's brand stores, there are millions of dollars in income, to say nothing.

Of course, this income is not worth mentioning in the eyes of Cao Xingyu, but it makes Xie Qingle fart, as if to see the future direction.

In addition to takeaways and recharge points, the popularity of Real King Everbright City is also extremely hot.

Its novel model made it a new landmark in Sansha City in just a few days after its launch.

Especially in the evening and early morning, it has become a must-go place for many night owls to gather and play.

It has even faintly become a new way of entertainment for local residents in Sansha City.

Many people, even those who don't stay up late, are willing to feel the atmosphere of the city that never sleeps in the middle of the night.

When residents of surrounding cities come to Sansha City to visit, this place becomes a must-see attraction.

As for the Real King Hotel, the popularity is overwhelming, and rooms are booked out every day.

The occupancy rate has reached an astonishing 100%!

Created a miracle in the high-end hotel industry!

In addition, after a few days of warm-up activities, the opening of thousands of stores has officially opened under the expectations.

Thousands of stores opened at the same time, stunning the city!

Unparalleled grand occasion!

In one fell swoop, the reputation of the Shiwang brand has been pushed to a higher peak!

And this, the opening of thousands of stores is not the end, it's just the beginning!


After half a month.

Real King Food City is officially launched!

The country's first super-large centralized mid-to-high-end food and beverage city has attracted countless people!

This food city has assembled a variety of meals at home and abroad, satisfying all kinds of people with different tastes, and it has attracted the attention of people from all over the country for a while!

Under the preconditions of the early publicity and the support of the excellent reputation of the Real King brand, Real King Food City can be said to be the pinnacle of debut!

Detonated the whole city on the same day!

Not only Sansha City, but tourists from all over the country come to see this food city!

Popularity is bursting!

While the Food City has attracted the attention of the whole country, the 520 stores of Runhe Real Estate have officially opened for business, but compared to the Food City, it is a bit low-key.

The combination of the two allowed the Real King brand to add thousands of stores in an instant. Not only that, the Real King Group is developing faster and faster, setting off a wave of acquisitions in the entire Sansha City!

One restaurant after another has been quietly received by the Real King brand, and the total number of Real King brand stores continues to grow rapidly at an alarming rate!

The opening of a large number of new stores has covered more demand, along with it, the total number of members of the Real King brand is constantly setting new highs!

Already rushing away with the number of three million!

At the same time, with the passage of time and the increase in the number of total members, a large number of members have become more and more accustomed to ordering takeaways with Shiwang APP, making the market for Shiwang brand takeaways more stable.

At the same time, the living habits of the locals in Sansha City have been subtly changed by the Shiwang brand.

While the Shiwang brand continues to promote food safety, many people's dining habits are not only for fullness, but also have higher requirements for food hygiene.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. People used to have no choice. Now that there are more sanitary and more reassuring choices, the result is naturally self-evident.

In this process, the Real King Food Safety Alliance is also constantly growing. More and more businesses choose to join in and implement it in accordance with the standards set by the Real King brand.

The overall food safety and sanitation of Sansha City has been directly improved several standards by the Shiwang brand.

This momentum is very good, and it has also become a golden sign of the real king brand and a benchmark in the catering industry.

In the takeaway market, due to the loss of a large number of merchants and the fact that the delivery riders left one by one, Mei Tuan and Are You Hungry finally quit the Sansha takeaway market together.

The Real King brand has become the king of food delivery in Sansha City in the true sense.

During this time, the Realking brand APP has been updated many times.

In addition to routine upgrades such as function optimization and algorithms to improve delivery efficiency, the points system and related lists of spiritual shareholders are officially open to members. The top 100 members each month will be upgraded to spiritual shareholders.

This incident immediately set off a wave of enthusiasm. Becoming a spiritual shareholder is something that countless members are looking forward to. There are 20% discounts and a series of privileges!

It's hard not to think about it!

Therefore, in order to obtain support points from spiritual shareholders, many members have worked hard to earn points.

The Real King brand has also gained a lot of benefits.

Because you want to get support points, each task in it is closely related to the real king brand, and it can be directly profitable.

For example, there are daily tasks, like how to recharge a membership card of 50 yuan, like how to recruit a new member, like how to spend every day in a real king brand store... etc.

There are dozens of ways.

Each task is not difficult, but Cao Xingyu and the executives of the Real King Group have worked hard.

This is to find ways to cultivate the consumption habits of the members of the Real King brand, and increase the stickiness of the members!

In addition, during this period of time, the shops on Daxing Road Pedestrian Street have also been renovated and renovated, and officially opened for business.

Once opened, it became the most beautiful boy on Daxing Road Pedestrian Street.

There are long queues of people who line up from morning to night every day.

Among them, the emergence of the Shiwang brand flagship store has made people's eyes bright, and at the same time, more people can learn about the development history and corporate culture of the Shiwang brand through the flagship store.

This imperceptibly promoted the Shiwang brand from another dimension, and at the same time made it more recognized and loved by people.

Finally, Real King Media’s anchor activity officially started.

Thousands of live broadcasters from Real King Media participated, and the low-key brother fulfilled his promise and came forward to swipe the entire network!

A single participation prize has 100,000!

There are tens of millions of rewards for the first place on each platform!

The total bonus has exceeded 500 million!

Such an astonishing total amount of money made the activity of this event soar into the sky for a while, and the reputation of Real King Media was completely established in one fell swoop!

Of course, after this incident, the total consumption of the low-key brother has rushed to one billion, making him a mythical figure in the live broadcast circle!

No one can compare with it anymore!

With such a superbly-owned Real King Media, its development is beginning to break like a bamboo, and its income continues to flow.

After that, the development of Shiwang Culture Media will not only be in the field of online live broadcast and delivery of goods!

Liu Yanan has begun to set foot in the offline entertainment circle in a planned way!

With such strong support from Cao Xingyu, Liu Yanan felt that if he didn't make his career bigger and only developed in the live broadcast circle, he would be a little too sorry for Cao!


One month later.

At the time when the new stores of the Real King brand continue to open.

The three softwares previously arranged by Cao Xingyu, Shiwang Wanwu Supply Chain, Shiwang Traveltong, and Shiwang Logistics are also officially launched!

If the Internet properties of Realking Group were not strong enough before, then this move officially opened the signal for Realking Group to enter the Internet!

Tell the world that Real King Group is not a traditional entity industry, but an entity + Internet enterprise!

With the launch of the three APPs, one is to accelerate the progress of standardization in logistics and supply chain, and the other is to launch business in the travel industry.

It also indicates that Shiwang Group will officially enter the three major industries of logistics, supply chain and travel!

At the same time, after nearly two months, Cao Xingyu's catering shops have successfully exceeded 8,000!

All over Sansha City!

This is an amazing number!

You know, this is just a city!

At this time, Cao Xingyu is not just a catering tycoon, it can be said that he is a giant crocodile in the catering industry in Sansha City! ceiling! No one can match the kind!

In addition to the increase in the number of stores, there is also a continuously accumulated subsidy base for the catering industry, so that the daily subsidy Cao Xingyu receives has increased, directly reaching an astonishing number, breaking through 1.5 billion!

But even with so many stores and nearly 4 million members, the system map is still not upgraded.

This made Cao Xingyu more aware that some of the previous speculations may be correct, and the restaurant store alone does not meet the upgrade conditions.

As a result, Cao Xingyu started a bold step into new industries.

He first became a shareholder of Shiwang Decoration and occupied the position of controlling shareholder.

Increasing the industry is only one of them. Another reason is that a complete decoration company with rich experience and foundation is essential to the development of the Shiwang brand. In the future, any industry of the Shiwang brand will basically be inseparable from the decoration. .

Therefore, the sooner you control a decoration company, the better.

In the matter of the acquisition, Chen Shexing and Yuan Chaohui can be said to be desperate, and even their life-saving straw.

The hard support of smashing the pot and selling iron in the past two months is really something that people can withstand!

Faced with the rapid expansion of the Shiwang brand, they have used various ways to make money, and even the villas in Crystal County have been sold, but the result is not enough!

Ghosts know what they have gone through!

Cao Xingyu is not a shareholder, and they both want to call for help!

After taking control of Shiwang Decoration, dozens of decoration stores under Shiwang Decoration have lightened Cao Xingyu a [decoration industry].

Afterwards, Cao Xingyu quickly bought a number of stores, lighting up the [retail industry], [daily necessities industry], [clothing and apparel industry], [toy industry], [office stationery industry], and [household appliances industry] one after another. 】、【Business Service Industry】...

In one fell swoop, the number of industries in the personal panel exceeded ten!

However, more than a dozen industries still have not upgraded the system map.

Upon seeing this, Cao Xingyu knew that it was not a matter of quantity, but quality.

He finally calmed down his mentality and slowly developed.

The funds on hand are still abundant, and I don't panic at all.

He picked [Clothing and Apparel Industry] and [Toy Industry] to try the water first, and he smashed 5 billion into them in one breath.

It is worth mentioning that the continuous follow-up investment has made the cash flow of the Xie Group have begun to tense, and it is a bit unable to keep up...

After all, hundreds of millions of dollars are made every three to five, and the amount is getting bigger and bigger. Who can bear this trend?

Xie Jianlin wanted to give up, but Xie Qing didn't know what was going on, so he wanted to continue to vote.

For this reason, Xie Qing did not hesitate to pay the price of being willing to take over.

This made Xie Jianlin very happy.

But happy to be happy, the Xie Group's funds can't flow through this way!

The main business side not only has to maintain the normal progress of the project, but also has a lot of debts that are about to expire!

Cash flow must be maintained at a healthy level!

This is the bottom line of real estate developers!

Xie Jianlin explained these truths to Xie Qing. He wanted to talk to the other party, but who knew Xie Qing made a remark, that he can use assets to inject and follow up the investment!

Put all the inferior assets into it, and you can still make money!

These words really awakened the dreamer!

Xie Jianlin patted his thigh fiercely at the time. Why didn't he think of this?

Does the Xie Group have inferior assets? Naturally there are.

For example, hotels, some Qinda Plaza with poor performance, and some empty cultural tourism projects, and so on.

There are still quite a few.

I just don't know if Shiwang Group will agree to it?

After all, these assets and businesses are not in Sansha City!

And to be honest, Xie Jianlin wanted to follow along in his heart! After all, after so long, the momentum of the Real King Group is getting better and better. Coupled with a gambling agreement that makes a profit without losing money, who would be uninterested?

With the mentality of giving it a try, Xie Jianlin asked Xie Qing to submit a batch of projects to Cao Xingyu for the other party to choose.

When Cao Xingyu knew about this, he was happy at the time. Is there such a good thing?

Although they are not available now, these assets will definitely be useful after the system is upgraded later!

He immediately picked several equivalent assets, and even took into account the subsequent follow-up investments.

Following this, wouldn't the assets of the Xie Group gradually be transformed into the assets of the Real King Group?

Cao Xingyu said with joy, he felt that it would not take long for this to happen.

In addition, in this month, Shiwang Charity officially finalized the project and started to implement it.

This is just the beginning of Shiwang Charity. Under Cao Xingyu's decision, a company was established specifically for charity purposes.

In the future, Real King Group will deduct 0.5 yuan from each member's consumption for public welfare funds.

Not for anything else, just to bring a little bit of positive energy to this society.

And Cao Xingyu's move did not publicize it, and when it was discovered later, it instantly caused an explosive sensation!

A lump sum consumption of 0.5 yuan...

This is a lot of money!

The social responsibility of Shiwang Group has been praised by people!

Word of mouth has reached a peak!


After three months.

Supported by a steady stream of funds, the clothing industry and toy industry stores of the Real King brand are growing at a terrifying rate.

Soon all over Sansha City!

Among the 258 business districts open in the system map, all shops related to these two industries have been acquired by Cao Xingyu!

At the same time, the subsidies are rising every day, making Cao Xingyu unable to spend his cash at all, and even spending more and more.

In desperation, he started the expansion of more industries.

Enter the rhythm of buying one store as long as it is in the open business circle of the system!

The number of stores under more than ten industries in the system panel continues to grow...

Multiple industries go hand in hand and develop rapidly!

During the thunderstorm of Hengda Real Estate, out of some sense of social responsibility, Cao Xingyu took all the real estate projects in Hengda within Jiang Province and did not let them go into a state of unfinished end.

Guangjiang Province, Hengda has more than 30 projects.

This is also the upper limit that Cao Xingyu can bear within his current capacity.

Can help some is some.

As for so many crossings across the country...

Forget it, trillions of debts, even if there is a system, he can't afford it.

It may not be a problem in the future, but it is clearly impossible now.

This move of Real King Group has also received numerous praises.

With continuous development, more and more industries are involved, and the number of stores continues to increase, so that the influence of Real King Group in Sansha City is growing.

The daily lives of the residents of Sansha City have been deeply bound with the Real King Group.

Whether it's shopping, eating, buying clothes, entertainment or playing... Real King membership card can be solved with one card.

This also allowed most people in Sansha City, except for the children and the elderly, to have a real king brand membership card.

One of the most intuitive aspects is that the number of members of the Real King brand has exceeded 8 million!

Cao Xingyu saw the increase in stores and the rapid development of each industry, and the system map was still not moving at all. He was a little confused.

How can we upgrade?

Cao Xingyu, who couldn't understand, could only temporarily let go of this idea and honestly continue to develop.

Among the four major scenes, social networking, e-commerce, and payment, he puts on the agenda.

At this stage, the logistics of Shiwang Group is becoming more and more perfect, and the supply chain categories are increasing. There is no difficulty in e-commerce.

And socializing and payment are also things that go smoothly. At least in the boundaries of Sansha City, no one can stop his development.

Based on this, Cao Xingyu decided not to wait and launch it together!

Let's take down the entire Sansha City market first.

After that, Cao Xingyu turned his attention to those neighbors in Crystal Beauty County.

He began to acquire one by one according to the plan he had listed before.

He first focused on backgammon...

Expand the supply chain category of the Shiwang brand and improve the supply chain!

Then Yanjin shop...

These billions, tens of billions of companies, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com was nothing at all in Cao Xingyu's mind at this time.

With the passage of time, more and more neighboring industries have been bought by him, holding holdings or wholly acquired by him.

The strength of Real King Group has risen sharply.

This time, the system is finally upgraded!

Cao Xingyu never thought that this upgrade would be so difficult!

But after seeing the system map upgrade, he understood immediately.


The system map has expanded from the original Sansha City directly to the world!

(End of book)

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