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Cao Xingyu's call was made to Liu Yanan.

Using the anchor to influence their die-hard fans and drive a wave of traffic is a method he thought of at this time.

Although a few anchors cannot have any influence, as long as the number of anchors is large enough, the amount of attention it can arouse is not a small amount.

As far as Cao Xingyu knows, Shiwang Media's current size is not small.

After a few rings, the call was answered.

"Old Cao, I just wanted to call you!" Liu Yanan's slightly hasty voice came out: "Shiwang Group has an accident on the Internet, do you know?"

"Got it." Cao Xingyu smiled.

"You can still laugh? This is a big deal! Huatian Daily has spoken out! Now the whole network has a vague momentum to attack the Shiwang Group!" Liu Yanan worried:

"I think this momentum is a bit wrong, it seems...someone is behind it!"

"It stands to reason that such a small matter should not have attracted the attention of Huatian Daily! It should not have caused such a loud condemnation!"

"Old Cao, have you offended someone recently?"

"Hehe, you kid, you have made progress, so you can still make this kind of judgment." Cao Xingyu said with a look of surprise.

"You are still in the mood to say this, what should we do now?" Liu Yanan said anxiously: "Now the Real King Group has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion! The sound of the daily newspaper will cause a series of chain reactions..."

Liu Yanan's reaction fully illustrates the status of Huatian Daily in people's minds.

Being named by the daily newspaper, and with an obvious critical tone, is of great significance in the eyes of ordinary people.

"It's okay, it has little effect." Cao Xingyu smiled and said:

"You can do me a favor, and let all the anchors under your banner start the live broadcast."

"Okay." Liu Yanan responded without thinking, and then asked:

"Old Cao, what do they need to start broadcasting? I'll make arrangements right away!"

"Looking back, we will send an apology through the official account, and you will let people support the heat." Cao Xingyu briefly explained:

"And you know the main UP account of our company Ye Xiufei? A new video will also be released today, which also needs to be popular."

"Okay, no problem!" Liu Yanan responded.

"You are mentally prepared, things may not go so smoothly, and there will even be some resistance from the official platform..." Cao Xingyu thought for a while and reminded him.

"What resistance can there be, Lao Cao, don't worry! What's more, we didn't do anything bad, nor did we violate the rules of the platform, just advertise it!" Liu Yanan said nonchalantly:

"Moreover, our current influence of Real King Media is all live broadcast platforms on the entire network!"

"Huya, Douyu, Chopsticks, Douyin, and Waiwai, now all have our anchors!"

"Moreover, now we have also signed some short video bloggers, with millions of fans!"

"Who has the ability to control so many platforms?"

"Although apart from Waiwai and Huya, there are no major anchors on the other platforms, but the influence is definitely there. Don't worry!"

"Oh, the development is so fast." Cao Xingyu raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

He really didn't expect to develop so quickly.

And if he remembers correctly, the platforms Liu Yanan mentioned should be the most popular live broadcast platforms at the moment.

And behind the chopsticks, Huya and Douyu... is the penguin!

Behind the yaw is a thousand degrees.

Tik Tok is okay. Byte Company does not compete with the two giants.

Byte can also be regarded as a clear stream of the Internet, and is determined not to stand in line.

It seems that you want to become a new giant yourself?

Zhang Ming is still quite ambitious.

‘However, the power of penguins is really great! Cao Xingyu couldn't help sighing with emotion.

This is equivalent to controlling half of the live broadcast industry.

In particular, the game-type live broadcast platform is basically controlled by Penguin, which is an exaggerated situation.

But it’s normal to think about it. After all, Penguin’s core profitable business is games. Game live streaming is considered a downstream branch. Penguin controls this piece in its own hands, which is in line with business logic.

"Okay, I will let Cai Qiang on the number to cooperate with you, and you should pay attention to it yourself." Cao Xingyu asked.

"That's good, there is a low-key brother's account to support the scene, and the official doesn't dare to do too much." Liu Yanan smiled: "It's really anxious, the big deal is that we won't play!"

"Haha." Cao Xingyu smiled, and hung up the phone without saying anything.

After hanging up the phone, Cao Xingyu told Cai Qiang about the matter and asked him to cooperate.

Later, Cao Xingyu sent another message to Zhan Wentao.

Let him use the Shiwang APP to push and synchronize the apology statement.

Finally, Cao Xingyu thought for a while, added another insurance, and asked Cai Qiang to contact the navy to spend some money to stir up the heat.

In the battle of public opinion, the navy must be indispensable.


Beijing City.

Meituan headquarters.

While listening to the report, Li Huiwen smiled from ear to ear as he watched the Weibo just sent by the Hua Xia Bao on his mobile phone.

Things went smoothly as he expected, even better than expected.

Because he didn't expect that the daily newspaper would speak so soon.

"Is it hungry? Wang Sanshi didn't watch the show there." Li Huiwen muttered with a smile.

When this situation happened, he naturally thought that Ari had also launched some power.

After the utterance of the daily newspaper, the status of the daily newspaper's weather vane was revealed, and it soon caused a large wave of follow-up reports.

Various media have successively spoken out and commented.

The wind on the Internet was driven, and all pointed the finger at Real King Group.

Among them are some fierce remarks.

After browsing the Internet, Li Huiwen smiled contentedly.

"Just suppress and suppress your arrogant arrogance!"

"Let you be targeted! Take more pressure!"

"There is no profit, and now it is embarrassed on all sides, let me see how long you can last!"


Just as there are constant discussions on the Internet.

The efficiency of Real King Group has once again been amazingly demonstrated.

It took less than ten minutes.

An apology statement was released simultaneously on the entire network and all platforms through the official account of the Real King brand.

The attitude of the statement was very sincere, accepting criticism from the daily humbly, deeply reflecting on this wrong move of "choose one out of two," and immediately rectified it.

He said that he would take this opportunity to draw inferences about others and make business decisions more seriously and rigorously in the follow-up.

At the same time, I am willing to bear all the consequences of this mistake.

After the apology was issued, as expected, the entire network was restricted!

No one can see the voice of Real King Group on any list!

The voice was completely controlled.

If you didn't look for it deliberately, you wouldn't be able to see it at all!

And at this time, a small whirlwind was set off in the field of live broadcast across the network.

The anchors of Real King Media will start broadcasting at the same time!

It was not originally broadcast at this point, but it was also started at this time!

Thousands of anchors across all major live broadcast platforms!

And these anchors, this time there is only one live content, guiding fans to pay attention to and comment on the apology statement of Real King Group!

It stands to reason that this kind of live broadcast content will not attract anyone's attention, but when you enter several live broadcast rooms and find that they are all talking about this matter, people's curiosity can't help but be seduced!

Can't help but want to find out!

And at this time, the low-key brother went online again after many days!

As soon as it is online, start to swipe the entire network!

And this time it's a real hobby of swiping the entire network!

Douyin, Huya, Douyu, Crooked...

Several big platforms, all have a low-key figure!

A Shenhao is activated on multiple platforms at the same time. This scene is unprecedented in the entire live broadcast field!

The low-key brother continues to write his legendary hero!

Every time he enters a live broadcast room, he throws 100,000 gifts. The anchors who receive the gifts one by one, the number increases.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of live broadcast rooms have been swiped!

The big plane notified by the full server is again dominated by the low-key brother!

No, it should be the whole network tyrant screen!

Attracted countless attention in an instant!

Compared with the high popularity in the evening, the live broadcast has not yet reached the golden spot in the afternoon, but as this scene happened, the major platforms began to boil.

People spread word of mouth, one by one quickly went online, and the popularity of each platform rose rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye!

An amazing and incredible scene happened!

This is the amazing attention that low-key brother is now in the field of live broadcast!

And over time, fans discovered that the anchors that the low-key brother brushed were all owned by Real King Media!

At the same time, these anchors have a very obvious feature this time...

All talking about the same thing! ! !

That is the apology of Real King Group!

All of the data in the apology statement of the Real King Group rose sharply.

Take Weibo as an example, the number of views has skyrocketed!

The number of comments, the number of reposts, etc., broke 10,000 in an instant!

All kinds of ‘understanding’, ‘understanding’, ‘666’, ‘support for low-key brother’, and so on, are constantly appearing.

There is quite a look that is not a navy but is better than navy.

And soon, other anchors on the platform also reacted, and quickly made up lessons one by one.

After understanding the cause and effect of the incident, a large number of anchors joined the team to promote the real king group's apology statement!

I want to share a piece of the pie and experience the low-key brother's feeding!

And the result made many people ecstatic, the low-key brother really began to enter some live broadcast rooms to finish the gift!

The whole network is boiling!

Fallen into a carnival!

For all live broadcast platforms, the matter of Real King Group became the most important topic in an instant!


at the same time.

When the field of live broadcast is boiling.

The joint team came to Real King Group.

Xie Qing and Liu Ting jointly attended, received the joint team with the highest standards on the surface, and started a round of cordial talks with the team leader.

Yes, it is kind.

The other person's attitude was unusually polite.

Rather than saying that this joint team is here to investigate, it is better to say that it is here to help solve the problem.

Cao Xingyu's guess and self-knowledge have been confirmed.

The current size of the Real King Group is enough to enter the sight of some people.

Usually they may not show up, but when they encounter troubles similar to this one, these people will stand up for the first time to understand the situation. The core purpose is of course to protect local enterprises.

Things like this being named by the daily newspaper are already quite serious.

And this time the leader of the team came with the order from above.

The purpose is to let Shiwang Group admit its mistakes and punish as soon as possible, and take the initiative to solve problems.

The Shiwang Group's attitude of admitting mistakes was very sincere, which exceeded the expectations of the leader of the team.

Originally, he thought it would take a lot of effort to convince the Real King Group, but he didn't expect people to have a high level of consciousness.

This makes things go more smoothly.

With the attitude of turning big things into small things, the team leader directed the staff under him and made a decision to fine the Shiwang Group more than 300,000 yuan.

This fine was not painful for Shiwang Group, and naturally accepted it with pleasure.

Subsequently, the two sides reached a consensus on some issues (how to resolve the crisis of public opinion).

After half an hour.

XXX forwarded the apology statement of the Real King Group and made the relevant punishments to the Real King Group public.

Immediately afterwards, the official Weibo of the youth forwarded the apology statement of Real King Group and commented on it.

Roughly knowing mistakes can improve the greatness. For this type of new type of enterprise, a certain degree of tolerance must be given and not be beaten to death.

After that, several media in Sansha City spoke out one after another.

Fl is the most special representative among them. It highlighted some measures and treatments of the Real King Group on its treatment of female employees, and highly praised the Real King Group.

At this point, a series of reports by local media in Jiang Province have turned public opinion a bit.

This apology statement, which was originally not on the headlines and popular searches, broke the circle because of this, and frequently appeared on the list.

In the case of various types of data rising, if the blockade is still implemented, in the eyes of discerning people, this is deliberate suppression.

After being unable to suppress it, the platforms simply let go of the blockade.

After that, Ye Xiufei released an article titled "This is the real takeaway platform with a conscience!" 》

It's all about how the food delivery platform stripped off the labor relationship of the delivery staff step by step.

Finally, the measures taken by Shiwang Group towards delivery personnel were put on the table.

Comparing the two, it is easy to see which one is better.

As soon as this video came out, it instantly aroused great enthusiasm.

Coupled with the traffic in the field of navy and live broadcast, this topic about delivery personnel was immediately pushed to the hot spot.

Things started to reverse at this moment.

Originally, the attacks and public opinion on the Real King Group on the Internet began to change.

A large number of praises for Shiwang Group began to emerge.

The number is beyond people's imagination. Simply put, it has reached the point where you can't control it even if you want to control it!

In the evening, the daily newspaper spoke again.

Roughly speaking, ‘some strategic mistakes and mistakes in the development of the enterprise are understandable. As long as they can recognize the mistakes with an humility and actively adjust and correct them, they are worthy of recognition!

At the same time, we cannot completely deny a company because of a mistake. Judging from the past experience of Shiwang Group, it still has a lot of merits, especially from the benefits of its employees. Responsibility and responsibility. ’

The utterance of the daily gave a complete conclusion on this matter!


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Half a year!

After all, it came to this day.


very tired.

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I just passed my thirtieth birthday two days ago,

The biggest feeling is that time is becoming more and more precious to me.

I am old and the baby is growing up.

The whole person is very depressed.

If I don’t make more money at this I don’t know what to do in the future.


I am also sad to make this decision.

1.75 million words, hundreds of thousands of materials were consulted, 10 months of persistence, countless days and nights of plot planning...

In the end, I was declared over by myself, and the sadness, sorrow, and bitterness in it were hard to say clearly.

I want to write this book well and tell this story well than anyone else...the reality has given me a head start.

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