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Let the official media of Sansha City help out!

You are not a current limiter? Control and evaluation?

Dare to limit the flow of official media?

It's really limited. Once the inexhaustible relationship behind the official media is activated, it can attract more attention in minutes!

This is the easiest way to break the game that Cao Xingyu can think of at the moment.

Although it is only the official media in a provincial capital city, it is incomparable with the behemoth of Huatian Daily, but it is undeniable that no matter how small the official background is, it is not just a platform or a company that can be freely handled!

A businessman will always be a businessman!

The premise that capital can cover the sky with one hand is that the government has not put you in the eye!

If you really believe it, think that you have a strong strength, you can go to the official to check your wrists, then you will definitely break your head!

"Mr. Cao, what do you mean?" Liu Ting showed curiosity and guessed: "Let the Sansha City official media report on Xiaoye's video?"

"Yes, this is one of them! Sansha City's official media reports can give Xiaoye's video a latent aura, allowing some people with ulterior motives to dispel those bad ideas." Cao Xingyu nodded and talked slowly. road:

"Secondly, we also have to carry out vigorous publicity, and to make the video of Xiaoye more popular, we cannot completely count on the official media in Sansha City. Their own traffic is actually limited, and the help that can be given to us is not traffic, but One level of identity."

"Third, our apology statement will also be reported by the official media to increase its influence! Let more people see it!"

"In this way, break the situation and break through the capital's blockade of public opinion!"

"Understood!" Liu Ting's eyes lit up and nodded solemnly.

With the official voice, in this way, it may indeed solve the problem of being targeted and restricted!

At least make the sound!

Of course, the premise is that the content of the video is true and not at all false!

Obviously, according to Mr. Cao's description, the video content will be real and effective!

"The problem now lies in negotiating with the official media to see if we can invite them!" Liu Ting said excitedly:

"Mr. Cao, should we ask Mr. Xie to come forward and use the Xie Group's **** to operate it?"

"They have been in business for many years, and they must have abundant resources in this area!"

"With these, it may be more conducive for us to talk!"

"Why do you want to borrow their relationship?" Upon hearing this, Cao Xingyu chuckled lightly and said:

"Hehe, in Sansha City, can their Xie Group's name be better than our Shiwang Group?"

"Huh?" Liu Ting was taken aback.

"Mr. Liu, you still underestimated your company." Cao Xingyu smiled and joked, and said:

"After all, we are also an enterprise with nearly 30,000 employees. With such a size, it is definitely ranked in the forefront of Sansha City."

"Not to mention that we were born and raised in Sansha City."

"Such a large volume has provided Sansha City with so many jobs. Do you think we go to the official media to talk about something, can the other party not give us face?"

"More importantly, how long have we developed? Three months!"

"This development speed is a business miracle in the entire country! Not to mention that this is only in a province!"

"Hehe, take a step back and say, do you think no one above pays attention to us?"

"Actually, the upper echelons of Sansha City must have noticed us a long time ago."

"Didn't you still say that the business license is getting more and more smooth? Do you think that the efficiency of the relevant departments is only improved?"

"If you think so, you can only say that you are too naive."

"It's not that simple!"

"Someone behind has already begun to provide some convenience for our development, but they didn't tell us clearly."


"It is no exaggeration to say that in today’s situation, if we want our Shiwang Group to develop well, some of them are ourselves and our internal employees, as well as those suppliers who are related to our interests, and the other part is the local area of ​​Sansha City. Big boss."

Speaking of this, Cao Xingyu pointed his finger upwards.

This is also the greatest confidence in Cao Xingyu's heart!

Compared with those Internet companies, Real King Group's roots are in the physical industry!

The biggest feature of the physical industry is that it is closely related to people's livelihood!

All aspects involved are not comparable to Internet companies!

"Um..." Liu Ting was suddenly excited after hearing this.

She hadn't thought about this before.

As before, the business license is getting more and more smooth and faster. She thought it was because the company had experience and the mechanism became more and more mature! Therefore, the efficiency is increased!

Now that Mr. Cao said so, she suddenly realized!

She was negligent! No way to think about it!

The mistake is that Shiwang Group has developed so fast that she herself has not yet fully realized what kind of concept an enterprise with nearly 30,000 employees is for Sansha City!

More importantly, this enterprise has only been in development for three months!

This speed is shocking, and I can't help but expect it!

For leaders, what is this? This is their political achievement!

Will they not pay attention?

Wouldn't they give little orders to take care of them behind their backs?

Obviously impossible!

This kind of enterprise, that is the sweet pastry in the eyes of those in power, will definitely be staring at it!

‘My thoughts are still a bit too conservative, I didn’t consider this aspect...’

‘With the strength and momentum of the Shiwang Group, how can the resources of the Xie Group be needed? At least in the boundary of Sansha City, the brand of Real King Group is definitely better than that of Xie Group! ’

Realizing this, Liu Ting was slightly excited.

"This time Huatian Daily's roll call..." After a pause, Liu Ting murmured afterwards: "Maybe it has already alarmed some people!"

"Hehe, that's natural, there are more people who are more nervous than us." Cao Xingyu smiled and nodded:

"Maybe someone will come to find out the situation soon."

This sentence fell off.

Liu Ting's phone rang again.

"Mr. Cao... Xiaoye again." Liu Tinghui reported.

"Take it." Cao Xingyu waved his hand disapprovingly.

The blink of an eye.

"Mr. Cao, as you said... someone from Sansha City asked!" Liu Ting hung up and reported: "Is it a joint team of Department XX and Department XX, or is it led by the Deputy Chief of Sansha City," He said he will be at our company soon!"

"Hehe, right?" Cao Xingyu said with a clear expression on his chest:

"Arrange for someone to receive it."

"No, it's up to you to come to the reception in person! Show that our group takes this matter seriously!"

"It's the same sentence just now. Regarding the matter of choosing one of the two, you should admit that you are wrong. If you do it wrong, you have done it wrong. This is nothing."

"What's more, this little mistake is not a principled error, and it will not do us much harm."

"For this little thing, I don't have to try my best to fix us."

"Also, the point is..."

"Before, we were too lazy to sort out these official resources and didn't really pay attention to it."

"With this opportunity, we can deepen our relationship with the government of Sansha City."

"I read..."

"Take this opportunity to build our Shiwang Group into a star enterprise in Sansha City!"

"Give ourselves a halo!"

"Solve some problems once and for all, lest there are people who use insidious tricks in the future! We are not afraid of head-on confrontation and normal market competition, just those who play insidious tricks!"

"Of course, the premise is that we must also pay attention to our own behavior and not do things that are harmful to the enterprise and society!"

"As long as we have a clear conscience, no company in the future will be able to use such small means to trouble us!"

Cao Xingyu felt that it was an imperative to deal with the government.

There are people on top, so they can definitely do things more efficiently.

There can also be a boost to something like this time, otherwise it will appear passive.

No matter from which aspect, this is the path that an enterprise will definitely go through after it has developed to a certain height.

For the moment, whether it is online or offline, whether it is an Internet company or a physical company, there is more or less a certain relationship network behind it.

This is a very common phenomenon.

The most famous Nanshan Pizza Hut is the most typical example.

This is in fact understandable. After all, a large company provides not only jobs for the local area, but also drives the local GDP.

This aspect is like Hangzhou. In just 20 years, its GDP has doubled by 22 times. This growth rate is among the best in the country.

At least half of the credit for Hangzhou's development in recent years is that of Hangzhou's ability to stand out from the struggle between Nanhang and Hangzhou.

It is no exaggeration to say that Hangzhou with Ari and Hangzhou without Ari are completely two cities.

This is not alarmist.

Leaving aside the economy directly created by Ari itself, just by indirectly creating tens of millions of jobs for Hangzhou and its surroundings, you can know the magnitude of its influence.

And how big is Ari's power and influence in Hangzhou?

To give the simplest example, any service related to the government in the early days of Alipay,

Such as checking social security provident fund, hydropower and coal living payment, taxation, government affairs, subway and bus travel, scanning QR code... etc. These functions have now been popularized throughout the country.

In the early days, tests and experiments were started in Hangzhou, and received the full support and cooperation of all relevant departments.

In other words, if there is no strong support from Hangzhou, these functions will not be so fast and smooth, and the influence of Alipay will not cover such a large range all at once.

In Hangzhou, there is an Alipay that can basically travel throughout Hangzhou. Life, tourism, daily consumption, etc., are the fastest and most popular.

It is conceivable from this that when an enterprise reaches a certain height, a win-win cooperation between government and enterprise is an inevitable event.

"Okay, I understand!" Liu Ting understood Mr. Cao's deep meaning, and said seriously.

"About star companies..." Cao Xingyu pursed his lips.

"Let's ask Jiang Province Satellite TV to do an interview! Or be a special column!"

"The theme is our "Real King Group"! Introduce our Real King Group!"

"Show the truest side of our Shiwang Group to everyone!"

"Be responsible for our company's society and sense of responsibility, and inform the world through the program!"

"Let them go to the front line and get in touch with our management, store employees, or our delivery staff, it's fine!"

"Let them really get in touch with the employees at the bottom of our company and ask them how they feel about working in the Real King Group!"

"There is also our food safety plan, which is also the focus!"

"Finally, let them get in touch with our members and see what those members say about us!"

"Also, open all our stores to them, and you can interview or visit anywhere you want!"

"All in all, open the door to the state media for everything that our Realking Group has, and let them see what kind of company our Realking Group is!"

"Facts speak louder than words!"

Jiang Province Satellite TV is the most famous radio and television channel in the whole country.

Its influence is so great that it ranks first in the country!

While all satellite TVs were still studying programs, Jiangsheng Satellite TV had been the leader for many years. Whether it was variety shows or serials, etc., it was always the champion of ratings!

When various satellite TVs began to study the Internet and online media, the Mango TV of Jiang Province Satellite TV had a market value of hundreds of billions and became one of the leading players in Internet online video!

If Jiang Sheng TV can produce a series of videos about Real King Group, it will be a qualitative improvement for Real King Group’s reputation and dissemination!

"Good." Liu Ting also faintly expressed a sense of pride after hearing this.

The pride of being in the Real King Group!

All aspects of Shiwang Group are excellent!

"This matter, no matter how much money is spent, you have to do it! You can spend tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars! The show must be released!" Cao Xingyu said firmly in a tone:

"Of course, funding is one aspect, and you have to ask the leaders of Sansha City to help you talk. In this regard, you can take this opportunity to get in touch and open up the relationship. As far as our current scale is concerned, the problem is not big!"

"Good!" Liu Ting replied.

"Star companies are a long-term thing, this can be done slowly." Cao Xingyu finally concluded:

"This time I will mainly ask the official media of Sansha City from all walks of life to help us speak up to resolve this crisis of public opinion first."

"Okay President Cao, I understand this!" Liu Ting nodded solemnly.

"Okay, you go and arrange the apology first, and Xiaoye will do it as soon as possible!" Cao Xingyu waved:

"At the same time, prepare for the reception work waiting for the meeting!"

"By the You can also call Xie Qing!"

"She is the chairman of our company after all!"

"Okay." Liu Ting replied and quickly turned and left.

When Liu Ting left, Cao Xingyu knocked on the table and thought about it.

This incident is actually not a big deal after all.

Even in Cao Xingyu's mind, this is a trivial matter.

It will not cause any substantial harm to Shiwang Group.

Not to mention his confidence that he has a steady stream of funds.

How can a company with tens of thousands of employees be overwhelmed by such small means?

After all, Shiwang Group did not make any principled mistakes!

Therefore, Cao Xingyu can't stand this anger!

Warn him?

Suppress him?

No matter what the purpose is, since it was shot at him, there is no reason to swallow it!

If you want to use your wrist, you must pull it hard!

This kind of domineering method may be useful against others.

But, to him Cao Xingyu...

Ha ha!

‘At this stage, although I don’t have the power of capital in the Internet, it’s not that I don’t have any power at all! ’

Later, he took out his cell phone and dialed a call.

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