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China Summer Daily, that is China’s first official media in China.

Its influence is so great that no one can match it.

The sound it emits often represents a trend, a direction, and has extraordinary meaning.

It is often not a trivial matter that can cause the Huaxia Daily to speak out.

"Hua Xia Xia reported our company name..." Rao Xingyu, who has always been calm, felt a wave of fluctuations in his heart when he heard the news.

He knows that this roll call is definitely not a good thing!

After a pause, Cao Xingyu asked: "What did you say?"

"Xiao Ye said he was in the senior management group!" Liu Ting replied.

Upon hearing this, Cao Xingyu immediately took out his mobile phone and clicked on WeChat to check the group news.

Ye Xiufei sent a screenshot.

Look at the background of the picture, it's Weibo!

It's normal. Weibo is now the Internet platform with the most voice and influence in China Summer Daily.

The content on the picture is:

[Hua Xia Bao: #When will the second choice and a chaos stop? #Recently, the actions of some platforms have aroused heated discussion among netizens. For example, the Real King brand APP, in order to consolidate its competitive advantage, restricts or even forces small and medium businesses on the platform to only conduct transactions with themselves and not to open stores on other platforms. It even forced the signing of related exclusive settlement agreements.

This behavior often causes damage to small and medium businesses on the platform, and is not conducive to establishing a healthy market competition order.

If this practice is allowed to spread arbitrarily, it will damage the "physical health" of China's economy, and it will also be detrimental to the orderly development of employment and entrepreneurship supported by thousands of small and medium-sized businesses! 】

"Choose one..." After reading it, Cao Xingyu pursed his lips thoughtfully.

If the opponents criticized the points this time, the only one that can stand up is actually this ‘choice of two’.

Monopoly and disorderly expansion are all nonsense, and they are simply untenable.

The development of the Shiwang brand is all about investing money as an entity, and if the entity wants to create a monopoly, it is tantamount to a fantasy.

And if it is said that the king brand APP monopolizes, it is even more impossible to talk about it.

The Internet itself is a new type of industry, and the rules and regulations in it are uncertain, and there are no clear legal provisions.

What's more, the 1% commission of the Shiwang brand brings tangible benefits to the majority of businesses. In the final analysis, this is a great thing for small and medium businesses.

But this "choice of two" is indeed involved in unfair industry competition.

Especially this time related contracts with black letters on a white background were posted online.

unambiguous evidence.

Therefore, it is normal for the China Summer Daily to pay attention to this and make a sound for it!

And the remarks made by the China Summer Daily can almost be called criticism by name!

"The previous considerations were improper." Cao Xingyu first reviewed.

Under normal circumstances, with the current size of the Real King Group, even if the method is wrong, it is impossible to cause such a big concern.

But he forgot, his current opponent is extraordinary.

It looks like Mei Tuan, hungry.

What actually confronts them is the big capital on the platform behind them.

Just like this time, the entire network controls reviews, bringing a wave of public opinion and guiding public opinion in the direction they want.

And in a short period of time, it has aroused hot discussion and attention of the whole network.

The force required to use this is absolutely extraordinary, obviously not Mei Tuan and Hungry can do it.

It must have used some of the power of Ali and Penguin behind.

In the entire Internet, those who have this kind of energy and can easily carry out the whole network control and evaluation are these two giants.

The Internet seems to be a lot of power and companies, but in the final analysis, the behind-the-scenes capital that each company ultimately points to is these two.

If you really list these and put the equity behind it on the bright side, people will be able to discover the truth.

The well-known companies on the Internet are either controlled by Ali and Penguin, or invested by these two companies.

For example, Mei Tuan, Are you hungry,, Pin Xixi, Huya, Sina... etc., the leading Internet companies have two giants in their shareholding structure.

Involved in various subdivisions.

Exaggerated, but this is reality.

The strong are always strong, which is vividly reflected in the Internet age.

It is also conceivable from this that the current pattern of the Internet is, in the final analysis, a pattern in which the two powers dominate.

Although these two companies cannot directly let the official media speak out, they can use their power to create public opinion and influence the official media.

When the public opinion on the Internet gains momentum, the official media will naturally pay attention to it, and then the scene in front of you will appear.

"Use public opinion to pressure us, guide the wind, and then let the supervision fall on us, branding our real king brand as a bad capital..."

"On the other hand, people on the Internet often don't have a deep understanding of things, especially since they have not been directly exposed to the Real King brand, so there will be a situation where people agree with others."

"Most people will follow the direction of public opinion..."

"When public opinion has gained momentum, it will be difficult for the official media not to see it!"

"Then there will be the voice of the official media, which will drive the second wave of public opinion. At this time, everyone's spearhead will be directed at the Real King brand."

"The next step is to face more accusations."

Cao Xingyu sorted out the clues.

I kind of understand the whole story.


Sure enough, it was more powerful than he thought!

No good stubble!

One of his small loopholes this time was reasonably seized and used by them!

And sinister intentions.

This can be said to be full of murderous moves.

Who knows what's left behind?

If you change to an ordinary company and face such an offensive, it is likely to be devastated because of this!

Fortunately, Cao Xingyu is not an ordinary person, and Shiwang Group is not an ordinary company!

For the Real King brand, this incident will at most have a certain impact on the goodwill, but it will not hurt the Real King brand.

After all, the model of the Real King brand is quite special, unlike traditional Internet companies that need to rely on a large number of Internet users.

After all, the Shiwang brand is a physical enterprise!

Its real users are those offline members!

Members have had in-depth contact with the Shiwang brand, and will not be affected too much by these public opinions.

In the final analysis, no matter how much noise is made online, it will not affect the foundation of the Real King brand!

However, there will definitely be an impact, and there will also be troubles.

‘It seems that the main purpose of their move this time is to create some trouble for us, and also to warn me in this way? Cao Xingyu thought thoughtfully in his heart.

It is impossible to beat the Real King brand to the ground in this way.

Therefore, Cao Xingyu prefers to think this is a warning.

Show him the power of capital.

‘Very good, I learned it. Cao Xingyu chuckled lightly.

After thinking about it, Cao Xingyu didn't panic at all.

Taking 10,000 steps back, in the worst case, at most, you will be fined by the regulatory authorities.

Maybe this fine will be a lot, but... after all, isn't it something that can be solved with a little money?

The problem is not big.

As for the public opinion on the Internet and the views of thousands of netizens on the Shiwang brand, Cao Xingyu does not particularly care.

After all, those people cannot directly contribute to the formation of the Real King brand.

"Mr. Cao, what shall we do now?" Liu Ting asked nervously.

"Apologize!" Cao Xingyu said decisively without even thinking about it:

"It's wrong to choose one of the two if it's wrong!"

"This is undeniable, and there is no need to find any excuses for it. It is meaningless."

"It's because we didn't consider it well before."

"If we apologize, the public opinion on the Internet will definitely become more overwhelming..." Liu Ting worried:

"Maybe, the opponent has already anticipated our step and is already ready for the next step."

"Not maybe, but for sure." Cao Xingyu smiled:

"Since the move is made, there will definitely be a series of tricks in the follow-up to suppress the reputation we have established before, and let our real king brand bear a bad reputation."

"On the Internet, there are many people who see the wind and make the rudder and fall into trouble. In addition, many people are very disgusted with capital in their hearts. With a little guidance, this kind of people will vent their anger and pressure on us."

"But so what?"

"Those who are our real members, what about our Shiwang brand, they are clear in their hearts."

"Only the members are still there, so let the online discussion go with it."

"Okay." Liu Ting nodded.

"Apologizing is one aspect, and rectification is also another aspect." Cao Xingyu pursed his lips and continued:

"This time is actually a reminder to us, let me realize that some of the previous steps are actually a bit redundant."

"It's totally unnecessary for something like this to enter exclusively."

"Under the 1% permanent commission, even if there is no exclusive entry, will those merchants not try their best to build our platform?"

"The answer is actually pretty obvious."

"So we are a little bit redundant."

"Instead, I touched the red line because of this."

"Well, think about it now, it seems that it is indeed." Liu Ting echoed after hearing this.

"Rectify, sign the contract again, do not restrict or force third-party shops!" Cao Xingyu gave an order, in other words:

"The Huaxia Daily has spoken out, and it is estimated that there will be interviews and investigations by relevant regulatory authorities in the follow-up."

"At that time, we will accept the opinions and punishments and do our best to cooperate with their work."

"Good." Liu Ting nodded again.

"We still need our own hard work to strike iron. As long as we do ourselves well, then we can make our opponents have no gaps to drill!" Cao Xingyu concluded:

"This time, it can be called a lesson for capital to teach us! We must be more cautious in the future!"

"Hmm..." Liu Ting couldn't help feeling in her heart, President Cao has a good mentality!

"Of course, it's not impolite to come and go." Cao Xingyu sneered:

"Since they took the shot and didn't fight back, it would seem that our Real King Group is too bullying?"

"That is to say, we have the strength to deal with it. Otherwise, if we are replaced by another company, how can we develop in the future?"

"What does Mr. Cao mean?" Liu Ting pursed her lips.

"Haha, this time they gave us such a big picture. As long as we use it properly, maybe bad things can turn into good things..." Cao Xingyu smiled meaningfully.

"Uh, I understand." Liu Ting thought thoughtfully:

"Now there is a lot of attention on the Internet, especially after the Hua Xia Daily's voice, the whole network is now hotly discussing this matter."

"If we can conduct proper guidance, then this wave of attention can actually become a wave of propaganda for us!"


"I have been accused and commented on the Internet!"

"Some of the people who helped us speak were either deleted, suppressed, or restricted...we simply won't get much exposure!"

"The momentum just won't rise!"

"I am even worried that the apologies we will wait will be targeted... or have no attention..."

"Well, the power of capital is really great. Internet public opinion is in the hands of a small number of capitals." Upon hearing this, Cao Xingyu couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

This is the first time he has truly seen the power of Internet capital.

Hot search, hot search, control review, navy, a large number of big V voices, control weight...

On the platform side, maybe these are just a bunch of numbers on the server, which can be controlled with your fingers.

What is meant by ‘what you see is what capital wants you to see’?

This is.

Cao Xingyu had speculations in this area before, and it has now been confirmed.

At the same time, he secretly made a decision in his heart.

The follow-up will definitely have to cultivate its own public opinion platform.

No matter how bad it is, we have to invest in those platforms.

Nothing else, just a fairness.

Avoid this kind of unfair treatment again.

After a pause, Cao Xingyu thought about it for a while, then said: "We are going to speak out on this matter unilaterally, and it may indeed have little effect."

"But the sound that should be made has to be made!"

"The first step, you let Xiaoye make a series of videos!"

"What type?" Liu Ting asked.

"Explore the history of the development of the labor relations of the delivery workers!" After thinking about it, Cao Xingyu said every word:

"How did millions of takeaway riders get gradually stripped of their labor relations by big platforms?"

"Why the takeaway platform separates the labor costs and labor risks brought by the rider outwards and separates them at different levels. Through a series of superficial legal arrangements, as well as the distribution business crowdsourcing service company and flexible employment platform, the rider’s labor The relationship is broken step by step?"

"Pushing riders quietly to the edge of protection of rights and interests, why do they do this?"

"This model directly reduces the labor recognition rate to less than 1%."

"Even at the end, there are delivery riders from individual industrial and commercial households? The recognition rate drops to 0!"

"Takeaway platforms are eager to disentangle labor relations. Is this something that people can do?"

"A company, the bigger it is, should it have corresponding social responsibility? It is only profit-seeking, and only considers its own risks, regardless of the interests of the masses. Does this type of enterprise conform to social values?"

"I understand..." Upon hearing this, Liu Ting suddenly said, "Mr. Cao meant to highlight the cold-blooded and ruthless takeaway platform in this regard, and then inform the public that we are the treatment of the delivery staff of the real king brand!"

"Compare the two, it's clear at a glance which is better!"

"Yes, and more importantly, let the public know that our Shiwang brand is a company with social responsibility!" Cao Xingyu smiled and nodded and said:

"We will make mistakes. After all, it hasn't been long since we were established. However, we cannot completely deny our real king brand for this reason!"

"Even in some respects, we are doing better than those big companies!"

"Yeah." Liu Ting nodded solemnly. She has a deep understanding of this aspect.

In her mind, President Cao and Shiwang Group have a strong sense of social responsibility, the strongest she has seen in her life!

Regardless of whether it is to employees or customers, we treat them with the most sincere and attentive attitude!

Such an enterprise is countless times stronger than Mei Tuan and Are You Hungry?

One day, one place!

This is what Liu Ting really thinks in her heart!

At this time, Cao Xingyu continued to speak: "This video, be fast! Even if it is completely dictated, you can send it out using Xiaoye's UP main account as soon as possible!"

"Okay." Liu Ting replied, worrying: "However, I am worried that the flow will be restricted."

"It doesn't matter, this is just the first step." Cao Xingyu said concisely: "If the problem of current limitation is to be eliminated, then the second step is needed..."

"The official media in Sansha City, please help us speak out!"

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