Sansha City.

   Shunjie Building.

   12th floor, a conference room.

   "We understand your situation, I will communicate with our technical staff and leaders, today's interview, come here first, you go back and wait for our news." Xuanhua company's HR said with a smile.

   "Okay." A young man sitting across from HR stood up and nodded. Although there was a smile on his face, he looked a bit bitter.

   After that, the young man walked out of the meeting room without stopping.


   The young man who just came out of Xuanhua Company is named Cao Xingyu.

   Cao Xingyu is 22 years old this year, just two months after graduating from university.

   178, well-proportioned figure, melon-seeded face, very delicate facial features.

   "There's no more play." When standing in the elevator with no one left or right, Cao Xingyu couldn't help but shook his head helplessly and sighed.

   He can't count this is his first interview, and he naturally knows the result of such kind words that let him go home and wait for the news.

It stands to reason that in this era when the Internet is becoming more and more developed in 2020, it should not be difficult to find a job in the computer major of Cao Xingyu University. No matter how bad, you can find a small Internet company. Eat.

   But in the end, he hits a wall everywhere.

   Blame it on him for patronizing games at school, not studying hard, and his professional skills too poor. Coupled with the fact that college students have long been rotten on the street, many of the stepping stones for recruitment by slightly larger companies have changed from undergraduates several years ago to 985/211.

   And Cao Xingyu is just a three-book college student, and his professional skills are not outstanding. How can there be any advantages?

   I saw Cao Xingyu rubbing his temples first, then took out his mobile phone and opened the Alipay app to take a look at the balance on it:

   44 yuan.

   This is all his current net worth.

  It's so difficult...Cao Xingyu curled his lips.

   I hope the interview in the afternoon will go smoothly, otherwise, I will be a little bit embarrassed to open my mouth and ask for money at home.


   In a flash, the time came to night.

   Xinlian Dream City.

   19 Building 1801.

   This house is only 137 square meters, but it has five bedrooms and two halls.

It stands to reason that this area does not have such a large space, but this community is a bit special, or that the developer is very conscientious. After removing the pool area, the house has two additional small rooms with more than ten flats without windows. In the end, this house not only became a zero share, but also allowed the actual usable area of ​​the house to reach 141 square meters.

  The high room rate has also become the biggest selling point of Xinlian Dream City. Every time a new building is opened, it can be very popular and sold out at once!

   Looking back, now 1801 has been rented by a second landlord and built into 6 small hardcover single rooms.

   And Cao Xingyu rented one of the second bedrooms with a 10-square-foot and no separate bathroom. The monthly rent is 800.

   "Hiccup..." Cao Xingyu sat at the only table in the room and hiccuped.

   A bowl of Master Kong instant noodles (spicy beef flavor) was placed in front of him. At this moment, the soup of the instant noodles was completely drunk by him.

   Uncountable. This is the first time he has eaten instant noodles. It is not because he likes to eat instant noodles, but the money on hand leaves him no better choice.

   Cao Xingyu, who originally had 44 yuan in the morning, deducted the subway bus fare and a bowl of instant noodles for the interview and going home in the afternoon, and now only 28 yuan is left.

   As for the interview result in the afternoon...

   Don't mention it.

   "Ring Ling Ling..."

   At this time, the phone on the table rang.

   After Cao Xingyu wiped his mouth, he reached out and picked up the phone. When he saw the word'landlord' displayed on the phone screen, the expression on his face suddenly froze.

  Calculate the time...this is to pay the rent for the next month...

   I forgot about this...

   Cao Xingyu's mood grew deeper and deeper.

   "Hey, the landlord's aunt." After pressing answer, Cao Xingyu tried his best to make his tone polite.

   "Little Cao, two days have passed since the rent payment date. Why hasn't your rent for the next month been transferred?" There was a questioning voice without much emotion on the phone.

   "Well, Auntie, please tolerate me for two more days. You also know that I have just graduated and I am a little nervous on hand now." Cao Xingyu explained.

"Didn’t I urge you two days ago? Also, the house you rented was originally rented out for 1,000. I just knew that you were a fresh graduate, so I made you a little bit cheaper! And an exception was made. Let you pay one by one! Whatever it is, are you still in arrears with the aunt's rent?"

   "I will turn it over for you in these two days." Cao Xingyu said after a moment of silence.

   "Well, you as soon as possible. If the rent is not transferred for these two days, you can move out as soon as possible! Don't even think about the deposit!" After that, the landlord directly hung up the phone.

   "Toot toot..." Cao Xingyu sighed as he listened to the blind tone from the mobile phone.

  Life is really not easy...

   No, this is no longer life, but to consider how to live...

   At this moment, Cao Xingyu regretted that he hadn't learned a little bit of knowledge to enrich his professional thoughts.

   a quarter of an hour later.

   Cao Xingyu dialed his father's phone.

   "Dad." Cao Xingyu shouted.

   "Hmm." A deep and magnetic voice came from the other end of the phone: "Have you found a job?"

   "Not yet." As soon as he talked about work, Cao Xingyu's mood became more and more depressed, and he replied.

   "Oh." After a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, he said, "Then you have no money, right?"

   Cao Xingyu gave an embarrassed "um", and then said: "And I have to pay another month's rent here."

After being silent for a while on the other end of the phone, he said: "Son, you are 22 years old now, and you have been an adult for four years. Your mother and I took you from childhood to adulthood, so that you can eat well and wear well. Okay, until you pay you to graduate from university, you have fulfilled your obligation to be a parent. And you are now a man. It is necessary to learn to face and solve difficulties by yourself. You can’t just think about it. If your parents can help you solve the problem, we are not young anymore, how many times can we help you? I didn’t want to give you the cost of living for the first two months, but it’s really hard to beat your mother, but now I’m still doing it. After a difficult decision, I decided that your mother and I will not give you any more money in the future. As for the rent and living expenses, you can think of a solution by yourself. You can borrow money from a friend. Remember to borrow money as soon as you find a job. Pay it off, don’t owe other people’s favors."

   "Um." Cao Xingyu was stunned, and at the same time, the call had been hung up by the other party.


   At this moment, a community in Lingcheng.

   Cao Xingyu’s hometown, in the living room.

   "Old Cao, would you be a bit cruel to our son like this? He is a freshly graduated college student who is still in a big strange city. Where can he go to borrow money on his own?" Deng Na said with a worried expression.

"Ruthless? Back then, I went out without a penny, and lived well if I didn't!" Cao Yong curled his lips indifferently: "You don't understand at all. Boys have to be poor, so you have to force him appropriately. , Give him a little pressure, how can he be motivated without pressure? Can't even hold this pressure, how to carry a family in the future? Can we rely on us for a lifetime? Wife, we have to let go now. Let your son face some difficulties independently, you just spoil him too much. If you listened to me earlier, his son would not become so ignorant, and now he can't even find a job!"

   "Okay, you blame me, right?" Deng Na stared.

   Cao Yong snorted coldly, stopped answering, and walked straight to the room.

   Deng Na, who stayed in the living room, took out her mobile phone from her pocket, and quickly found a number in the address book while staring at the screen of the mobile phone, with a trace of entanglement on her face.

   A few minutes later, Deng Na stomped her foot, as if she had made some determination, and finally put her phone back in her pocket.


   Xinlian Dream City.

   Cao Xingyu was lying halfway on the bed, staring blankly at the phone he was holding on to his hand.

   Obviously, this result was unexpected.

   Although he prefers to eat instant noodles to save money, he is not embarrassed to ask his family for money again and again, but when he is desperate, asking for money from home is his only way out.

   And perhaps because of this retreat, although the job search is not smooth, the pressure in Cao Xingyu's heart is not great.

   But now, there is no way out.

   Cao Xingyu's inner emotions became tense for the first time.

   After all, if the rent cannot be paid in these two days, then he will face a situation of being swept away by the landlord...

   There are also daily food and bus expenses for interviews, all of which cost money...

   As for the parents? Cao Xingyu saw it very openly, or he didn't think it was unreasonable for what the old man said just now.

   I really want to grow up, and I can’t blindly count on the help of my family, otherwise, how will I survive in society in the future?

   Cao Xingyu clenched his fists unconsciously.

   "Borrow money..." Cao Xingyu pursed his lips. This seemed to be the only feasible way for him to solve the rent and living expenses as soon as possible.

   Thinking of this, he quickly filtered in his mind friends who had money and were willing to lend him money.

   Finally, I chose Liu Yanan, my roommate and best friend in college,

   "This kid has been working for more than two months, he should have some money left."

   After thinking about it, Cao Xingyu dialed Liu Yanan's number.

   As soon as the phone was connected, an unusually loud voice came from the other end: "If the day does not give birth to me, Liu Yanan, China is like a long night!"

   Hearing the words, Cao Xingyu rolled his eyes suddenly, the original tense emotions inevitably had a slight ups and downs, and said: "Pumpkin, can you not be in the second grade? Can't you read less online novels?"

   "Oh, you don't understand." Liu Yanan said disdainfully.

   "Stop making trouble, I'm looking for you on business." Cao Xingyu sighed.

   "What's the matter?" Liu Yanan said calmly, "In this world, nothing can stump me, Liu Yanan."

   "You..." Forget it, Cao Xingyu is a bit powerless to complain, and can only complain that online novels are really harmful. Then he went straight to the subject: "Lend me some money."

   "Oh, money is just a number for me, Liu Yanan." Liu Yanan said in a flat tone: "Let's talk about it, how much to borrow."

   "Let's 1500, I will pay the rent at 800, and the remaining 700 will be used for living expenses and transportation expenses." Cao Xingyu replied after calculating in his heart.

   "1500?" Liu Yanan's tone was calm: "It's just that, you are ashamed to speak to me Liu Yanan?"

   "You are all right." Cao Xingyu raised his hand to cover his forehead, and said, "Is there anyway, I will pay you back as soon as I find a job here."

   "Heh, Xiaoqian, what's not going to be repaid, Xiao Cao, you are a bit out of my relationship with Liu Yanan." Liu Yanan replied faintly: "I'll transfer your payment treasure later."

   After that, the two briefly inquired about each other's current situation, and then hung up the phone.


  Sansha City.

   Xinyuan Community.

   "Fuck, borrow 1500, borrow so much," Liu Yanan opened the payment treasure and looked at his only remaining balance of more than 2,000, and he looked sad while sitting in front of the computer.

   It was sad, but he still clicked to transfer, chose Cao Xingyu's account, and transferred 1500 to it.

   "A good brother has encountered a difficult task, and he can't even pay the rent. I have no reason to sit idly by."

   "Anyway, the salary will be paid in more than 20 days. There are a few hundred left to save a little bit. Can you make it? It's not a big problem."

   "Well, continue to read the novel, the cup-preserving routine in it is really a must-learn for my generation..."


   the other end.

   After receiving Liu Yanan's transfer, Cao Xingyu finally took a sigh of relief. Sure enough, the buddies are still reliable. There is no need to say anything, and the money is transferred to him in one sentence.

   Of course, he has to write down this favor, no matter how good the relationship is.

   After getting the money, Cao Xingyu immediately contacted the landlord and transferred the rent.

   Then, after re-posting his resume on the Internet, Cao Xingyu got up to wash up and was ready to go to bed.

   Cao Xingyu, who was lying on the bed, turned over and over and couldn’t fall asleep, seriously thinking about his future path.

   "Without income, I still have to face rent, living expenses... and now I still owe foreign debts and other pressures."

   "It's really not good, so I won't do this major, just find a job and get an income first, let's talk about it!"

   "Anyway, the sky is infinite, and the big deal is that I will go to the construction site to move bricks!"

   After a long time, Cao Xingyu fell asleep.


   Just as Cao Xingyu was falling asleep, what he didn't know was that cold words sounded in his mind:

   System binding successfully...

   The system starts to load...

  Progress 1%...2%...


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