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You are a recent graduate with a monthly income of more than -2000, facing the landlord’s monthly rent. You can only eat instant noodles every day (the kind that you can’t bear to add root ham).

When you run into trouble finding a job, your family has cut off your financial resources, and you feel frustrated…

One day you wake up and find that you have turned on the plug-in…

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for opening the novice package and getting a shop!]

So you start to manage your first store ‘intently’…

Immediately afterwards, the second and third…to…the billionth!

In the end you have discovered the truth, what rumors of the decline of the traditional physical industry…doesn’t exist!

The entity (system) is the real kingly way!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IH100MS
Alternate Title:我有亿家店
Author:Fill the cup
Weekly Rank:#2220
Monthly Rank:#4067
All Time Rank:#2643
Tags:Business Management, Economics, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Naive Protagonist, Netorare, Poor to Rich, Sudden Wealth, System,
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60 Comments on “I Have 100 Million Stores
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  1. These dumb motherfcker talking about shares and ownership. Let's admit it, the MC is dumb to do that, 100% shares to give to his best friend? That's fcking dumb. The reason? He wants to be carefree and less work, but this dumb motherfcker still works as the assistant of this whole bullshitry. What is the point really? It'a more work. The MC is dumb and author is braindead, that is that.

  2. Hng.. MC ngasih 100% sahamnya ke temennya? Terus dia cm jd asisten? Aneh g si? Berarti 2 toko itu bukan punya dia dong? Apa itu cmn di luar tp scr hukum ttp punya dia.. Apa sistemnya g error.. Secara tu toko2 udah ganti nama..

  3. Ch.65 :: manager get 2% overall daily income, reg manager get 2% overall daily income, is general manager too? 2% of daily revenue?? Mirip mlm ga sih? Wekekeke..

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