Chapter 514 Extra Story 2

   After An Yan became pregnant, the Yu family split up.

  As for that scumbag father Yu Chengliang and his precious son Yu Wenxi, Mr. Yu gave them a portion of their property, and kicked them out of the Yu family, leaving them to fend for themselves.

  Old Master Yu was extremely disappointed with his son, and he had no hope for Yu Wenxi.

Therefore, he focused his attention on the child born to his eldest grandson and his eldest grandson's wife. It just so happened that the first child of the younger couple was a boy. The property will be handed over to great-grandson Yu Chengmo to inherit.

  In fact, they didn't want to let the children in the family change their surnames at first, but it happened that the second child gave birth to a pair of twins.

  As Song Meijun is the only daughter of the Song family, the Song family also needs an heir. As Song Meijun's only son, Yu Xiushi doesn't even want to inherit the Yu family's property, let alone the Song family.

  When the sister Hua was two years old, her temper and certain talents were revealed. Therefore, Song Meijun set her sights on the twin sister as her heir.

  Since the Yu and Song families both chose a child, An Yan thought about it and decided to let the youngest daughter take her surname.

   Also, the couple have three children, so they can let their brothers and sisters have their own surnames directly.

  Although the three children have different surnames, the bloodline cannot be changed. They are still the babies of their husband and wife, and they love each child very much.

  I have to say that the three children in her family are extremely smart, in terms of IQ, physical fitness, and even their own quality, they are ahead and better than children of the same age in many aspects.

  The three children can be so smart and sensitive at an early age. Apart from some of the genes of their parents, the biggest reason is also due to the ultimate reward given by the fame and achievement of the "beauty system": the three-piece set for beautiful pregnancy.

  After she completed the upgrade task that year, the system rewarded her with a "Beauty Encyclopedia", which recorded thousands of various beauty prescriptions.

  Such as hair growth liquid, slimming tea, warm palace patch, foot beauty soup bag, tooth cleaning powder, acne cream, body benefit pill, rheumatism patch, insomnia sachet.

  In short, the secret recipes recorded in the beauty encyclopedia are all kinds of strange, mixed with various secret recipes that human beings need in all aspects, but each of these secret recipes is very close to daily life and very practical.

   Therefore, after the Anyanfang factory was built in early 2016, Anyan made efforts to let the factory produce many practical beauty products one after another according to these secret recipes.

  As soon as these products were put into the market, they immediately aroused the love and pursuit of consumers. Not only did they sell very well in China, but they were often sold out of stock abroad, and the supply exceeded the demand.

  In almost half a year, the names and brand names of An Yan and An Yan Fang resounded throughout the European countries.

   Even in the middle of her pregnancy, she finally completed the system's side missions as she wished, and completed the last fame achievement: world famous.

   And this ultimate reward is the three-piece beauty pregnancy set: beautiful pregnancy pills, excellent pregnancy pills, and worry-free birth pills.

  In fact, from the name, we can see the function and effect of this so-called three-piece suit.

As a planetary person who loves beauty, he does not accept any possibility of becoming ugly. However, for women, pregnancy and childbirth is a very important stage in life, and this stage has a great impact on women themselves, especially Physical assault.

  Therefore, Amy Planet has specially developed the "Three-piece Pregnancy Set" for the female group, in order to kill all the bad factors that may damage the appearance.

  If a woman does not want to lose her appearance or lose shape after pregnancy, she can take Meixing Yunzi Pills. This pill can allow pregnant women to maintain their best appearance and body shape throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

  After three months of pregnancy, if you take Youyuzi Pills, you can optimize and improve the overall genetic quality of the fetus in the pregnant woman's womb, so that the baby in the womb can become better.

  As for the last Worry-Free Pregnancy Pill, as the name suggests, it can reduce the pain of childbirth for women during childbirth, so that women can give birth without any worries.

Of course, this 'Worriless' does not mean that there is no pain at all, but a slowing down buff. If the pain of childbirth has ten levels, then after taking Wuyou Shengzi Pills, there will only be five levels of pain. At the same time, this worry-free childbirth Pills also have magical effects such as reducing the risk of childbirth and negative sequelae.

  In short, the whole process from pregnancy to raising a baby to childbirth is taken care of in one package. It really helps all female compatriots greatly reduce the burden and fear of childbirth.

   To An Yan, this was a big surprise.

  Although this reward is not some amazing magical product, for a woman, there is no more practical and thoughtful beauty product than this.

   It's a pity that this reward didn't come with the secret recipe of the product, and their workshops and factories couldn't produce it, but fortunately, the system generously rewarded her with two 'three-piece pregnancy sets'.

  So, she took one portion immediately after receiving the reward. After all, she happened to be pregnant with a child, and she handed the other portion directly to the laboratory for the scientific research team to study and analyze the ingredients of the product.

  For her, after giving birth to her first child, she has to cultivate for at least two or three years before considering having a second child, and the rewards are only two, and there will be no more after they are used up.

And at that time, there were still several years before she had her second child, so she directly came up with the idea of ​​a "three-piece set for beautiful pregnancy". Not strong.

  Besides, such a product is simply the gospel of all women, and she also hopes to help all women alleviate the pain they suffer during pregnancy and childbirth.

   This is completely a good thing that benefits the country and the people, so she contributed her second reward without hesitation.

   Fortunately, the scientific research team is very strong. At the end of 2017, they finally successfully researched the ingredients of these three-piece products.

   Immediately following her, she began to prepare for pregnancy. In September of the following year, she gave birth to a pair of twin flowers.

And her personal trial and experience further confirmed the success of the scientific research team's research and development. However, the production process of this product is relatively complicated, and it is impossible to mass-produce it with the help of machines. Therefore, in 2019, Anyan asked Anyanfang to make it. The "beautiful pregnancy three-piece set" was officially put into the domestic and foreign markets.

   Sure enough, the birth of the beauty pregnancy three-piece set caused a great sensation at home and abroad. Suddenly, the name of Anyan became famous all over the world, and the signboard of Anyanfang became a well-known international brand.

  Up to now, An Yan's net worth can no longer be measured by the national rankings. Last year, she had already entered the Forbes 100 richest people in the world.

   Today, the beauty system is still bound to her. Although there are no mandatory tasks, the shopping mall has been upgraded. It provides a lot of raw materials related to beauty recipes, and she can buy them with points.

   It can be said that except for not issuing tasks, other functions and functions of the system can be used normally, which also makes An Yan completely at ease.

   "Okay, stop clinging to your mother, let's get in the car quickly, and the others will come out later."

  Watching Niang and the others kissing each other for a while, Yu Xiushi interrupted them helplessly.

   "Yes yes yes, get in the car quickly, I have a dinner appointment with everyone tonight, don't be late."

  Husband's words brought An Yan back to her senses in an instant, and urged the children to get in the car.

  Today is the seventh wedding anniversary of An Yan and Yu Xiushi, and An Yan received another honorary award today, so everyone clamored for them to treat the couple to dinner.

  In fact, the main reason is that everyone has been very busy at work in recent years, and they have all married and had children one after another, so there is not much time to get together.

   It just so happens that today is a good day, so everyone wants to take this opportunity to get together and have a good time.


  Five ten o'clock, Chengdu Celebrity Hotel.

  The Shenyan couple led their three children into a large luxurious private room. At this time, the private room was already full of people, and everyone was talking enthusiastically, and the atmosphere in the room was joyous.

  After An Yan and Yu Xiushi got married, it was not Ye Wei and Fang Qian who were the first to fall in love, but Li Peng and Liang Min who got married immediately after the couple.

  The two of them held a wedding on National Day in October 2016. The young couple gave birth to a daughter the following year, and in 2020 the couple gave birth to a son.

  Ye Wei and Fang Qian, the lovers, got married in May 2019 and gave birth to a son last year.

What's interesting is that Yan Tingting and Liang Shi got together under the intentional matchmaking of their elders. Of course, they saw each other right, and their personalities got along well. With the support of both parents, it went smoothly. wedding.

The young couple got married in 2018 and gave birth to a cute little girl in 2019. As for Zhang Qingqing, to everyone's surprise, her cheerful and straightforward personality is actually quite close to that of a member of the scientific research team who is rigorous and talkative. Few members have fallen in love and even got married last year.

   I don't know how two people with completely different temperaments get along? Perhaps it was in response to the sentence of complementary characters?

   "Yo~ Our celebrity is finally here!"

   "Mr. An, Professor Yu, you and your wife are the last to arrive, and you will be punished for drinking later."

   "What kind of awards did Mr. An reap today? I'm afraid you've been softened by the awards you've won in the past few years?"

   "Then Professor Yu didn't give in too much. Have we achieved less in the world in the past two years?"

   "Forget it, let's stop talking, it's too sour."

   "Come on, you and your wife are the best role models among us, it's amazing."

   Seeing everyone arresting the couple to wash their hands, An Yan couldn't laugh or cry, "Okay, you can drink tonight's wine as you like, and the couple will pay for it."

   "That's what you said, brothers and sisters, let's open our bellies tonight to drink, we must let our rich man bleed."

   "Okay, if you don't get drunk, you won't return!"


  In an instant, everyone raised their wine glasses one after another, clinking their glasses with each other while chatting and laughing. The entire private room was filled with laughter.

  Yu Xiushi raised his wine glass and touched his wife's wine glass, "Mrs. Yu, happy seventh anniversary!"

  Seeing this, An Yan smiled back and touched her husband's wine glass, "Happy every year~"

   After the words fell, the two looked at each other and smiled, with countless tenderness in their eyes.

  Yes, their days are still very long, as long as they are with each other, they will be happy every month and every year.

   Their future is more than seven years


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