Chapter 513 Extra Story 1

  2022, October 10th, the weather is clear and sunny, it is an excellent weather.

  Today, the Great Hall of the Government Affairs Center in Rongcheng was very lively. It was packed with people at a glance, and everyone looked at the rostrum with excitement and curiosity.

  At this time, the screen on the stage was displaying the words in the background: 2022 Rongcheng Ten Outstanding Persons Commendation Conference.

  A lot of media reporters gathered in the audience, and everyone was taking snaps of the stage.

   "The next award to be presented is the most outstanding female representative of Rongcheng in 2022. She is Ms. An Yan, the founder of Anyanfang. Applause and congratulations!"

  Amid the applause of the crowd, An Yan slowly stepped onto the rostrum. She first bowed to the leaders on the stage, and then bowed and nodded to the audience.

  "Since 2015, Ms. An Yan has been committed to charity and public welfare, and during this period, she has helped countless women regain hope."

  The host on the stage briefly described the achievements of the winners, and everyone in the audience listened very carefully. The whole atmosphere was unprecedentedly focused and peaceful.

   It is true that everyone is so familiar with the name 'An Yan' that many people even came here for her at today's commendation meeting.

   This is also the largest and most appealing commendation conference in the past ten years.

  Because everyone wants to witness the charm and demeanor of Goddess Xia'an with their own eyes, it would be even better if they could take a photo with their own idol, sign their autograph or something.

   Over the years, An Yan's every move has influenced countless young people, especially female compatriots, who all set an example to become someone like An Yan, not only for career, but also for the fairy love that everyone envies.


   After the commendation meeting was over, An Yan greeted several leaders, and then quickly sneaked away from the side door of the hall while the others were not paying attention.

   She really can't stand this kind of occasion. If she doesn't slip away before everyone reacts, then she probably won't be able to leave in the future.

   Not only have to deal with questions and interviews from countless media reporters and friends, but also other people of various identities who have heard of or are completely unfamiliar.

  In short, the scene was not only exhausting, but also very tiring. An Yan was too lazy to deal with it.

  So the best way is to retreat as soon as the event is over, without giving anyone a chance to stumble.

   Walking out of the side door, An Yan instantly saw a large and a small group standing not far away.

   "Ma Ma~"


  Looking at the twin sisters running towards her, An Yan's heart softened suddenly, she smiled and opened her hands, and stepped forward to hug the twin daughters.

  Sister Song Wanning smiled and handed the small bouquet full of stars in her hand to her mother, "Ma Ma ~ Here, these are the flowers that Li Ning bought for you ~"

   "Really? This is specially bought by Ningning for mom? Mom is so happy, thank you baby~"

  Listening to the three-year-old daughter's words, An Yan suddenly smiled, and took the small bouquet very pleased.

   Seeing that her sister was praised by her mother, the twin sister An Yunduo no longer kept silent, and hurriedly handed the small sunflower bouquet in her hand to her mother.

   "Mommy~ This is the flower bought by Duoduo, for Mommy, Mommy is the most beautiful~"

  Seeing that the little girl who talked less in the past spoke up, An Yan quickly squatted down and kissed the little girl, "Yo~ Our Duo Duo's little mouth is so sweet today, thank you baby, this little bouquet is very beautiful~"

The personalities of the sisters in her family are completely different. The eldest daughter is very lively and cheerful. According to today's hot words on the Internet, she is simply socially obsessed. She can pull other people to chat.

  However, the eldest daughter has a particularly flexible mind, is very sensitive to numbers, is extremely quick in arithmetic, and has a particularly strong logical thinking ability.

  The younger daughter's temperament is the opposite. She fully adheres to the principle of 'silence is golden', and she can count the amount of words she adds up every day with ten fingers.

   It's not that she has any flaws in her personality, she's just too lazy to bother to talk too much, in her opinion, meaningless conversations are nonsense and a waste of time.

  In front of very familiar relatives, she can still say a few more words, but in front of unfamiliar outsiders, then she really fully exerts the characteristics of Buddhist salted fish.

  Although she usually doesn't like to talk, she spends almost all the time she can use reading books.

  When the eldest daughter was excited to learn to speak, she had already started to sit quietly and read various books. Even though she still couldn't understand, it didn't affect her interest in reading at all.

  When she was about two years old, she knew how to find someone to learn by herself. Now at the age of three, she can already understand a lot of words.

   "I want to hug too~"

  Song Wanning saw her mother and younger sister hugging each other, and immediately threw herself into her mother's arms, and the mother and daughter immediately hugged each other.

  At this moment, Yu Xiushi walked over with his six-year-old son, and the eldest son Yu Yuanmo beside him also hurriedly handed over the small bouquet of roses he had prepared.

   "Congratulations, Mom."

  An Yan let go of her sister's bouquet, smiled and took the eldest son's bouquet, and gave him a big hug at the same time, "Thank you Momo~"

   "You're welcome." Mo Mo replied solemnly.

Not to mention, her eldest son's appearance as a little adult really looks cuter the more he looks at it, but he doesn't think so, he always looks like a little adult, and often puts things like 'I'm a little man, I'm a big kid' The words are on the lips.

  However, her family Momo not only has the demeanor of a big brother, but also behaves very gentlemanly and polite at a young age, and is very organized in doing things.

   This is completely inherited from his father's good qualities, calm and steady.

  An Yan often sighs that she should be the happiest and proudest mother to have three such lovely babies.

  That's right, she and Yu Xiushi had three children together, and she became pregnant within a month or so after their marriage, and gave birth to their eldest son, Mo Mo, in November of the same year.

  When Mo Mo was three years old, the couple planned to have another child, no matter male or female, they just wanted Mo Mo to have a companion, so that he could have a sibling who could talk to each other and support each other in case of anything in the future.

   I just didn't expect the second child to be a pair of twins, which can be described as a pleasant surprise.

  The three of them are brothers and sisters of the same father and mother, so don't think that they are not blood brothers and sisters just because the three children have different surnames.

  As for them being brothers and sisters, why do they each have the same surname? In fact, the reason is also very simple.

  Yu Xiushi is the sole heir of the Yu family, but he is keen on medical research and is not very interested in the Yu family's industry.

   In this regard, Mr. Yu has nothing to do with it. After all, when the eldest grandson filled out the application, he expressed his support, and naturally he will not force him now.

  (end of this chapter)