Chapter 512 Chapter 512, Weddings

   January 1, 2016, New Year's Day.

   Before dawn, the entire Anjia courtyard became lively, and the inside and outside of the house were filled with festive bright red.

   Today is the big day for An Yan and Yu Xiushi. According to the wedding customs, Yu Xiushi went back to the Yu family's old house yesterday. After all, he is still the eldest son and grandson of the Yu family. For such a big event as marriage, it is natural to enter and exit through the gate of the Yu family.

  However, the young couple had discussed it long ago. If there were no special circumstances, the couple would live in the Anjia Courtyard.

Although Yu Xiushi had several residences under his name, and Yu Song and his family had countless properties, but for the convenience of An Yan, and the small courtyard of the An family was decorated according to their wishes, the young couple didn't want to bother. It is also very close to where Yu Xiushi works.

  Occasionally, they can live in both sides of Yu Song for a few days, but their home is still in the Anjia courtyard.

  However, there is a wedding ceremony today, which still follows the traditional customs. The groom starts from the man’s house to the woman’s house to meet the bride, and then the wedding car team goes around to Yu’s old house, and finally arrives at the wedding banquet location.


  At nine o'clock in the morning, a row of decorated wedding cars parked in an orderly manner at the entrance of Furong Lane. At a glance, there were a total of sixteen wedding cars.

   Except for the red sports car in the front, there are all black cars in the back.

  Yu Xiu was wearing a golden dragon embroidered silk wedding dress, that is, a Chinese-style crimson dragon robe, and the broken hair on his forehead was also combed behind his head, revealing his full forehead.

  His handsome face is set off by the happy wedding dress, and the whole person looks even more heroic.

  When Yu Xiu got out of the car, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but raised, his brows and eyes were full of spring breeze, he held a bouquet of red roses in his hand, and walked to An's small courtyard first.

  Behind him, there are six handsome best men with different styles, cousin Song Yunyang, cousin Su Mingchen, good brother Ye Wei, the other three are looking for Assistant Li from the laboratory, and two male teachers from the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  In order to match today's Chinese wedding, the six of them also wore uniform dark red robes and mandarin jackets. Compared with the groom's golden dragon robe, the best man's robe style is much simpler. After all, today's protagonist is the groom's official.

   And behind them there was a group of relatives and friends formed by the husband's family, mainly to make today's wedding party more lively.

  So, a group of people walked into Furong alley in a mighty manner.

  Today is the big day for An Yan's marriage. People in the old streets and alleys were waiting at the gate of the small courtyard early.

  Yu Xiushi was in a particularly good mood today, and he was extremely patient. Even though he was repeatedly made things difficult by everyone, his good mood was not affected in any way.

   Fortunately, the best man team was very strong. With the help of his brothers, Yu Xiushi was able to escape smoothly and successfully broke into the bride's room.

   At this time, An Yan was sitting dignifiedly and gracefully on the wedding bed. She was wearing a light-colored bronzing skirt and gown, and her hair was neatly coiled behind her head, which made her bright face a little more gentle.

The golden embroidered patterns may seem tacky to some people, and they can't hold this tone at all, but when worn by Yu Xiushi and An Yan today, it highlights a kind of elegance that cannot be concealed breath.

  Looking at An Yan who was sitting on the happy bed, Yu Xiushi's eyes instantly stuck to her body.

   This is his bride!

   A wife who wants to be with him for life.

  Yu Xiushi's heart felt weak for a while, at this moment he felt that countless words could hardly express his feelings.

  But there is no doubt that at this time, he is happy, satisfied, and even more extremely joyful.

   "I've come to fetch you, my beautiful bride."

  Yu Xiushi looked at the person in front of him tenderly, and sincerely offered the bouquet in his hand.

  An Yan took the bouquet of flowers with eyes full of smiles, and the eyes of the two met in an instant, and each other's figure was reflected in the eyes.

   Seeing the couple so sticky, everyone booed instantly, and the whole room burst into laughter.

   "Okay, okay, don't delay the auspicious time, the bride and groom bid farewell to the elders, let's go out quickly." Tian Juan couldn't help reminding the couple.

Since it is done according to the traditional wedding customs, it is natural that the time has been counted, such as the time to welcome the bride, the time when the bride goes out, and the time when the new couple enters the house. These are all particular, and every link must be followed. In order to ask for a good omen of auspiciousness.

"it is good."

  The young couple came to the sofa in the living room. At this time, there were two cushions in front of the sofa, and Grandma Yan was sitting on the sofa with a smile on her face.

  On a day like today, marrying a daughter and going out means saying goodbye to Gaotang, but An’s parents have passed away for many years, and now Gaotang only has Yang Dahua as his grandmother.

  An Yan and Yu Xiushi both knelt down on the soft cushion and made a big salute like Yang Dahua.

   "They are both good children! A husband and wife must have the ability and beauty to live in harmony. Grandma hopes that you can be united forever and raise your eyebrows together."

  Yang Dahua supported the young couple with one hand, and at the same time did not forget to send her earnest reminders.

   "We got it, thank you grandma." The two responded in unison.

  After some customs, Yu Xiushi carried An Yan out of the small courtyard of the An family. The bride's feet were not allowed to touch the ground on the way from the house door to the car.

  The bridesmaids and groomsmen followed closely behind the two, keeping an eye on the couple all the time, helping to do what they could.

  The relatives and friends of the woman's side got into the car immediately after, but they ran directly to the wedding banquet location. In order to accommodate the neighbors on Furong Street, Yu Xiushi had already arranged several buses to pick them up and back.

  Thus, the mighty convoys drove out of Furong Street one after another. The convoys of more than 20 vehicles in front and back immediately attracted the attention of pedestrians and car owners around them.

  The wedding party drove towards the old house of the Yu family. In the old house, the old man Yu and the father and daughter Yu Rulan were waiting at home to welcome the new daughter-in-law, while the rest were arranged to greet the guests at the wedding banquet location.

  Marriage is undoubtedly busy and tiring. As today's newcomers, even if some links are omitted as much as possible, An Yan and Yu Xiushi still have nothing to do.

  After going through all the etiquette at Yu's old house, the wedding team immediately rushed to the wedding banquet location.

  Yu Xiushi led his best man to receive guests at the gate of the courtyard, while An Yan, accompanied by a bridesmaid, went to the dressing room to change into the main wedding dress.

   There are a total of three dresses for today's wedding, all of which were custom-made by Song Meijun, each of which is extremely gorgeous and exquisite.

  When welcoming relatives, they wear Xiuhe clothes, during the ceremony they wear phoenix coronets, and after the ceremony, they wear Chinese-style cheongsam.

  Each set is matched with exquisite accessories, and you don’t even need to worry about An Yan, just sit and let the makeup artist dress up.


   Twelve noon, auspicious time.

  The festive red courtyard was filled with countless guests watching the ceremony. At this time, the wedding master of ceremonies on the stage had already warmed up the scene and spoke pleasant words.

Hosted by the master of ceremonies and witnessed by the guests, Yu Xiushi held a piece of red silk and led An Yan, who was wearing a phoenix crown and xia drape, and the two walked slowly on the red carpet, pacing forward, as if running to their newborns.

  The eyes of the two met unexpectedly, with happy smiles in their eyes, and there were all kinds of cheers and celebrations from everyone around.

  Eight thousand guests laughed and laughed, both sides were happy,

  The gift of acacia is far away, and the sound of the harp is infinite.

  Sansheng stone is marked with a good relationship, a loving couple is drawn by a colored thread,

  The spring is boundless, the flowers are rich and noble, and the lover and concubine are lingering.



   Dear friends, even if this article is over, I will write a side story to make some supplements.

   Frankly speaking, the writing of this book is physically and mentally exhausted, and the state is not good.

   Although the grades were far from ideal, I still tried my best to finish writing according to the outline, which was my last effort.

   I also know that there are many shortcomings in this book, and the ending may not be perfect. I hope everyone will understand.

   The new book is being sorted out, and it is expected to be published in mid-November next month. It is a sweet and refreshing story of a modern heroine traveling back and forth to the ancient times to help the exiled hero make a comeback.

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  (end of this chapter)

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