Chapter 511 Chapter 511, Rich List

   Then, An Yan pushed one of the contracts to Li Peng, expressing her heartfelt heart.

   "This is a factory dividend contract for you. The new factory is different from the workshop. In the future, the output will be several times that of the workshop, so you can enjoy one ten thousandth of the factory's dividend.

  I know that with your professionalism and talent, the factory is more suitable for you than the base, and you will be the person in charge of the new factory in the future.”

  Originally, An Yan wanted to directly give shares to Li Peng, but considering the feelings of other people, she planned to treat everyone equally this time, and wait for a year or so before distributing shares to everyone.

  Actually, among the few people, Li Peng is the hardest one. In the past few months, he is like a brick, and he is pushed wherever he is needed.

  From Mingyan processing factory to Futian base, and now to the current Anyanfang factory, he has almost undertaken the most critical and hardest early stage of these projects by himself.

   Now that the Futian base has finally entered a stable stage, and he was assigned to the construction site of the new factory, An Yan herself felt very sorry for this.

  However, Li Peng himself has no complaints, and does everything well with dedication and duty. An Yan feels that her plan can go so smoothly, thanks to Li Peng.

  At the beginning, she just gave him a scented bubble ball, and she didn't do anything for him. Every time she thinks about it, she feels a little owed.

  Now, she is very relieved to hand over the full power of the Anyanfang factory to him. She believes in him and is willing to give him full power. His dedication can fully bear her trust.

   "Thank you Mr. An, I will definitely manage the new factory well." Li Peng said solemnly.

In fact, without this dividend, he would have followed An Yan unswervingly, because if she hadn't helped him in his most desperate and lowest period, even in an unfamiliar situation, he still trusted him so much and gave him If he hadn't had the chance to try, he wouldn't be what he is now.

  In his heart, An Yan is not only his boss, but also his bole, and the benefactor who changed his destiny.

  An Yan smiled, and pushed another dividend contract to Lincheng.

   "Professor Lin, this contract is for you. In the future, the research and development results of your laboratory, whether it is planting plants for the base or making beauty products for the factory, both parties will pay the corresponding fees and commissions of your laboratory.

   In addition, every time you successfully develop a result, there will be a separate bonus. As the leader of the scientific research team, you can enjoy 1% of the laboratory's dividend. "

  The situation of the scientific research team is different from that of workshops and new factories. All they can enjoy is the value of scientific research and technology achievements, and this type of work is not like sales, which can continuously produce and sell unlimited quantities of one thing.

  So in terms of dividends in this area, there is no way to distribute them in a ten-thousandth way.

   "Okay, I understand, thank you Mr. An for your trust." Lin Cheng accepted the contract agreement with a serious face, and his attitude was very solemn.

   And the last dividend contract, needless to say, naturally belongs to Uncle Yan Mingsong, "Uncle, this is your contract, and Futian Base will need you to take care of it in the future.

  The nature of the Futian base is quite special, and the time span for harvesting is longer, unlike factories and workshops that can make a large amount of income every day, so the dividend for you is 3%. "

  Seeing that his uncle was eager to refuse, An Yan interrupted quickly, "Don't worry, listen to me, the reason why I gave you a 3% dividend contract.

  Except for the one percent you are in charge of, the other two percent is my filial piety to you three elders as the granddaughter of the Yan family.

  I am the daughter of the An family, but also the granddaughter of the Yan family. My mother has no chance to be filial. As a daughter, I naturally have to count her share.

  I believe that if my parents find out, they will be happy, so don't say anything that you can't have, just make it so. "

  Yan Mingsong's mouth trembled several times, but he finally swallowed the words in his mouth, "Okay, uncle understands."

   Then, facing the six people, An Yan spoke very seriously.

   "Although these are all properties under my name, the financial sector is independent. Even if it is an internal transaction between us, we must follow the normal procurement process. The amount should be as much as it should be, and it should not be confused.

  In this way, when making accounts, we can distinguish everyone's interests. In short, here, the contribution and the harvest are absolutely proportional. How far Anyanfang can go in the future depends on everyone's efforts. "

   "Yes, boss."

   Everyone sat upright in an instant and responded with an exceptionally passionate tone. They were full of hope and expectation for the future like they are now.

  Anyan Square is their light!


   December 31st, the last day of 2015.

  The New Year is coming soon, and the dazzling five-star red flags are hung on both sides of the street, instantly filling the whole city with a strong festive atmosphere.

  However, in a small single apartment somewhere in Rongcheng, Xu Man looked at the phone screen in shock, still muttering.

   "How is it possible, how is it possible. Impossible. Heh. Absolutely impossible"

   It's ridiculous, she actually saw An Yan's name on the annual wealth list in Rongcheng!

   Isn’t it ridiculous?

   That vixen-like An Yan actually made it onto the Rongcheng Fortune List, and the ranking is still within the top 50. This list is probably fake!

  Is she a good match?

  Xu Man didn't want to believe it, but the information related to An Yan was clearly written on it, and many of them were correct.

   This made her have to believe that the An Yan listed on the 100 Rich List was the An Yan she knew.

   But she, An Yan, just opened a workshop. No matter how hot the business is, how much money can she make? It's impossible to be listed on Rongcheng's 100 Rich List.

   You must know that people who can be on the Rongcheng 100 rich list, even if they are at the bottom, need to start with 500 million, and An Yan can be ranked 48th, so how much is her net worth? ?

   How long has it been? She has started her business for less than a year, right? Been on the rich list in just a few months?

  When did it become so easy to become a billionaire?

   It's also ironic to say that the person Xu Man once looked down on has soared into the sky, not only becoming a wealthy woman whom everyone fawns over, but also a rich and noble lady who is envied by countless women.

  How could she, An Yan, have such a good life!

  Thinking of this, Xu Man's eyes turned red, and she held the phone tightly with both hands, as if she wanted to crush the phone.

  God is really playing tricks on people.

  The person she once looked down upon has now become a rich woman worth billions, and she, who was once a rich lady, has now become the little lover of an Israeli sexist.

   Oh, it's really ridiculous.

   Good night~



  (end of this chapter)

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