Chapter 510 Chapter 510, Dividends

   On December 29th, the weather was getting colder, and there were bursts of chill in the air, but at this time, Anyanfang was full of heat.

   Today's Anyan Workshop is very lively, and the whole workshop is filled with a festive and joyful atmosphere.

  Because everyone not only received the New Year's Day holiday benefits, but also a generous year-end bonus red envelope.

  However, employees who joined the company in October did not receive year-end bonuses, but everyone also received a bonus red envelope, which can be described as a surprise.

   This group of people understands this very well. After all, their working hours are relatively short, not even a quarter. Now they can still get bonuses and red envelopes, which has already surprised them.

  No matter how many red envelopes they got, everyone was very satisfied and happy, and everyone praised the boss for being generous and considerate.

   After all, it is really rare for a boss to treat his employees so well with such good treatment.

  At the moment, Zhang Qingqing, Yan Tingting, Li Hongxia, Li Peng, Yan Mingsong, and Lin Cheng are sitting in An Yan's office.

  The first four are considered to be the veterans of Anyanfang, and all four of them hold very important positions. They can be said to be Anyan's most capable officers.

  As An Yan's uncle, Yan Mingsong is also one of her only close relatives. An Yan will inevitably have to worry about the future of the Yan family. Now that the factory has been built, she plans to let Li Peng take full responsibility in the future.

After all, with his specialty, it is more suitable for him to manage a business model such as a factory, and it can also allow him to have more room to play. However, the management of an agricultural planting model like the Futian Base obviously limits his play, and his expertise Nor is it in farming.

   On the contrary, Yan Mingsong, a native of the countryside, has dealt with the land for decades, and the management model of the base is relatively simpler, which is more suitable for him to develop his strengths.

  Secondly, An Yan plans to focus on training Liang Shi, and let him assist her uncle in managing the base. With the two of them, plus aunt Tian Juan, it shouldn't be a problem.

   What's more, the base has a scientific research team led by Professor Lin Cheng internally, and a factory managed by Li Peng externally. If there is any problem, Yan Mingsong can definitely find foreign aid.

  As for the last Professor Lin Cheng, he is the leader of the scientific research team that Yu Xiushi strongly recommended and dug into.

   In the future, if the scientific research team can achieve good results in sustainable development, the key depends on the guidance of the person in charge. Therefore, An Yan hopes that the other party can stay in the scientific research team with peace of mind and stability.

  The reason why they gathered in the office today was also because An Yan planned to pay them dividends, and she also asked a lawyer to draw up the dividend distribution contract, and it was placed on the table in front of several people at this moment.

  Since Lin Cheng is a core member she values ​​very much, she must show some sincerity to let the other party see her attitude, otherwise it would be completely meaningless to just verbalize her.

  She planned to give dividends to Zhang Qingqing and others before, but she was too busy later on, so she didn't take care of it. Now that Lin Cheng is joining, she will definitely give him dividends sooner or later.

  Since this is the case, why not do it together today.

   "This is a dividend contract for you, take a look and sign it if there is nothing wrong with it."

   "." The six of them were a little too late to react, and even if they did, they still couldn't believe it.

  Zhang Qingqing has been with An Yan for the longest time, and her temper is relatively clear and straightforward. She will not be shy or embarrassed if she has any doubts or unclear points.

   "Boss, what do you mean?"

   Literally, she understood it, and even heard her heart beating non-stop, but she still wanted to hear from An Yan to confirm it herself, otherwise she would definitely think that her ears were hallucinating.

  The rest of the people also looked at An Yan nervously and excitedly.

  An Yan smiled lightly, "It's just what you think, this is the dividend contract I gave you, you are all my most valued core management personnel, and the future of An Yanfang is inseparable from you.

  However, the dividends distributed to you are not much, only 2/10,000 of the annual profit. This is the dividend benefit you enjoy in the first year, but as you work longer, I will change the dividend to share in the future. "

   "." Everyone was pleasantly surprised. They never expected that the boss would give them bonuses for such a short working time limit. This is absolutely impossible in those big companies.

  Especially the last words of the boss, they were full of excitement and fighting spirit.

   Two out of ten thousand dividends!

   Maybe just looking at this data, you will feel that it is very small, but the two ten thousandths depends on how many two ten thousandths it is.

  Can two ten-thousandths of one thousand yuan be the same as two ten-thousandths of ten million yuan?

   But don't underestimate the 1 in 10,000 dividends. As An Yan's closest subordinates, they know how booming An Yan Fang's business is in their hearts.

   Judging from the current total income of Anyanfang, even if it is only 2/10,000, it is an extremely considerable income.

  Taking the sales volume of Anyanfang in the past two months as an example, the daily income alone is as high as 20 million.

   Try to estimate, if the daily income is 20 million, then there will be 600 million in a month, and at least 7.2 billion in a year.

Even if half of the cost is deducted, if the remaining profit is divided into 2/10,000, it will be at least 600,000 to 700,000 in a year. If the benefits are better, a dividend of one million in a year is completely enough. not a problem.

   This is still an extra income from their salary. With this dividend, even if they don’t need salary in the future, they can live a prosperous life just relying on the dividend.

  In general, An Yan is willing to give everyone a dividend of 2/10,000, which is really very generous.

  An Yan had a panoramic view of everyone's expressions, paused slightly, and said to Zhang Qingqing and the three women, "In the workshop, Sister Qingqing is in the management position, Tingting is in the technical position, and Aunt Hong is in the logistics category.

  The three of you are also the first to work in the workshop, and now you are the most clear about all aspects of the business. In the future, you will have to worry about the workshop, so I will share the workshop's share with the three of you. "

   "Thank you boss!" The three of them responded in unison, and solemnly accepted the contract agreement.

  At this moment, there is no relationship between relatives and friends, only the relationship between superiors and subordinates, and even Li Hongxia and Yan Tingting called the boss formally.

   This title represents their respect and respect for An Yan.

  (end of this chapter)