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I Got Rich By Relying on the Beauty System

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Novel Summary

An Yan was forced to resign due to rebelling against the company’s unspoken rules.

In an accident, she not only awakened her female supporting consciousness, but also bound a super powerful beauty system.

Miserable female supporting group? Ah! Why?

She doesn’t believe it anymore, holding the beauty system in her hand, she still can’t walk a bright road!

【Ding! Task 1: Ask the host to sell 100 copies of ancient rose balm. 】

[Ding, the mission is completed! Reward the secret recipe of ‘Lifting Fragrance Bubble Ball’, ask the host to sell 1,000 copies. 】

[Ding, congratulations to the host for achieving the reputation achievement of “emerging”, rewarding the host with a permanent “beautiful figure” waist. 】

[Ding, task 5…]

Netizen 1: My God! What kind of magical product is this? After using rose balm, the skin of the whole body is smooth and tender, it is simply rejuvenating the skin!

Netizen 2: Damn it! Anjia’s beauty products are truly unique, and every beauty product is worth investing in, so Amway!

Netizen 3: What? Anjia’s beauty products are out of stock again? Let’s be individuals, if you can’t buy it again, your girlfriend will become someone else’s.

The sunspots looked contemptuous: A product from a small workshop can whiten skin in a week? Half a month can lose weight? Hair growth in a month? Liar ghosts, only fools are fooled!

Later sunspots: I beg the boss to order more goods!


An Yan did not expect that after opening the beauty workshop, not only changed the tragic fate of the control group, but also became famous and rich all over the world!

As the man behind the rich woman, a certain professor rolled up his sleeves: What should I cook today?

[Grassroots School Mingyan Internet Celebrity Master vs Academic School Wen Run TCM Professor]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IGRBRBS
Alternate Title:我靠美颜系统暴富了
Author:Qingqing Muyan
Weekly Rank:#3124
Monthly Rank:#799
All Time Rank:#1642
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Cute Story, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Magical Technology, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Romantic Subplot, System Administrator,
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19 Comments on “I Got Rich By Relying on the Beauty System
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  1. This novel has potential but the way the author wrote, it looks like it was done by a 10 yrs old child. There's no maturity and interest reading this. Its so bland. Not worth my time.

  2. Good, got bored in middle, dropped it. It nothing personal just images her first lifetime if male lead know she got abused by her coworkers but he just watched she go back with them. He think“when she go back with them she is also human like them” he doesn’t help and judge her. You should at least ask if she need help. He only started liking her after her success and changed. I don’t like ml at all. When you see sexual abuse you should help not judge anyone if a person is beautiful or not. Such a bummed feeling. What kind of high education person is it.

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