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I, Golden Superman, Join the Chat Group

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Tang Zichuan accidentally traveled through the Marvel world, and also got the famous scene punch card system, and the novice gift package directly gave out the golden super template!

Isn’t this invincible?

A breath blows out the sun, a sneeze destroys the solar system, ignoring the time refutation kills a grandmother, kryptonite for food…

This is a description of the superhuman abilities of the Silver Age. However, on top of the Silver Superman, there is also a superhuman Xeon form, the Golden Superman!

Jin Chao can subvert the law, create something out of nothing, play with time, space, matter, and modify reality…

This is the start of the fairy, and there is still chat qun to find yourself?

Call Me Congressman: Fight for a Better Tomorrow!

Escape from Peach Blossom Island: “Who is Guo Jing? I only know Brother Zichuan!”

Daozong little princess: “I don’t want to be the ice master, I just want to be the good sister of brother Zichuan.”

The legendary big fat sheep: “I don’t want to lose every gamble @Golden God.”…

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Short Title:IGSJCG
Alternate Title:我,金色超人,加入聊天群
Author:Ren Fenglai
Weekly Rank:#878
Monthly Rank:#299
All Time Rank:#2264
Tags:Chat Rooms, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Overpowered Protagonist, System, World Travel,
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  1. athor is high asf... before MC goes to the world of Wu Dong Qian Kun he takes out the eye of civilisation to hack the other AI, yet when he's in the world he still has it on him...

  2. Read a bit after and you will see that although it doesn't mention taking it back from the knee ai, it mentions putting it back

  3. I read this novel and my review was only average... The story at first was getting okay and nice to read after all its an OP mc but continue to level his power, dont forget that marvel was full of powerhouse and more powerful than him, this is why i felt good about him however there is a problem on this novel thats it. What he get was full of shit, although it can enhance his power but not much and the author seems like it begun to discrimate, why always tsunade?, And until pass 100 chapter it seems like only tsunade was from anime and more on donghua... Its only my feelings.. or its like it was going to start being nationalism and racism... Im not exacrly sure of it, maybe i am just being sensitive.. the idea of this author was quiet good it just i felt more boring because the author make the mc slower to level up his strength..

  4. People are all from famous novels and manga such as dou qi, wu zu world etc. These are quite popular novels which have been converted in manga. The characters in the are from excellent novels such as the eternal world, supreme God, cover the sky etc. And on the topic of Chinese racism I quite agree with you but the part of racism occured only once so you can't just talk nonsense that whole novel is racism. Please read the novel only then coment

  5. Ch 108.......[ on the dwarf planet. Tang Zichuan raised his head and looked at the wandering earth. Those 10,000 planetary engines can be called a miracle in the entire human history! "Since the entire human federal government will split sooner or later, I will try my best to collect those planetary engines outside China. In this way, it is possible to leave a rich wealth to Huaxia.]

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