Looking at him, at this moment, for Shen Xuan, such a thing has reached a critical moment.

"Very well, I didn't expect your side to have tossed a lot."

"However, between us, then, there can only be one left!"

When Shen Xuan spoke to Hong Dingkun in front of him, Hong Dingkun looked at this side, gritted his teeth, and looked very angry.

"Hmph, if this is the case, then it must be me who survives now."

"However, it seems that you don't believe it, so you can't blame me for being rude!"

When Shen Xuan said to him, even in front of him, Shen Xuan's speed began to accelerate.

Slowly, looking at him.

As far as Shen Xuan is concerned, the current Shen Xuan, the more you look at it, the more you understand it.

Next, how should we deal with such a thing?

But when he looked at him, Shen Xuan himself was very calm about these things.

"It's interesting, but now, since I have made up my mind to do this."

"Then the next thing, I think, in fact, all of us can continue anytime, anywhere."

When Shen Xuan looked in front of him, Shen Xuan had already decided on the current point.

And around, the guards of the Hong family don't care about that many.

Since Shen Xuan is clamoring so much now, then they just want to take this opportunity to get rid of Shen Xuan.

"Hmph, this guy is too embarrassed."

"Yeah, that's right, in short, we must all seize this good opportunity to directly kill them is the kingly way."

"In short, the top priority now should be to solve Shen Xuan is the key!"

Following the present, these people did not forget to say.

There is no doubt that such a thing, what is going to happen next.

In fact, it should be absolutely necessary to start from now, this is the key.

Otherwise, even if you continue to toss here now, it's not enough in itself.

And following these people, they did not forget to speak to their eyes.

At this moment, Shen Xuan looked indifferent.

After all, for Shen Xuan such a thing, Shen Xuan felt that he could hurry up.

"Now, I think you all should already know what to do."

"As for now, you guys don't think about it so much, just take advantage of it now, just take advantage of it."

As Shen Xuan looked at these things in front of him, Shen Xuan waved his hand to this side at this time.

After all, now, how do you plan to deal with all this?

In fact, from the perspective of itself, how should such a matter be resolved?

These problems alone, in fact, if you think about it carefully, in itself, it is absolutely necessary to intensify the effort and get it done quickly. That's the problem.

At this moment, as Shen Xuan said to his eyes, in fact, Shen Xuan had already settled for such a thing long ago.

As for Shen Xuan himself, he waved his hand.

"In this case, you all watch it for yourself and don't need to look at me at all."

Shen Xuan said to his eyes, this made the people around them more excited as they watched.

It's great, such a good opportunity, in fact, for them, now, it is completely possible to start around this point.

So next, all of them, naturally, know how to arrange the next thing, and that's it.

Slowly, see these.

At this time, Shen Xuan didn't even feel what he was like now.

But it's just that, in fact, here, Shen Xuan is more and more aware of it.

Under the current situation, it is actually necessary to do so.

By Shen Xuan's side, the people in the Temple of War had already begun to eagerly try.

"All in all, since we want to play now, we all think it's pretty good."

"This is natural. In short, if they are coming now, then we will fulfill them."

"So, in fact, if you look at it by yourself, it's still necessary."

Following the present, these people did not forget to say.

Obviously, in fact, what is the plan to do to deal with the current situation.

How can these people not know this deep down in their hearts?

Not only do they know it, but it seems to these people that, in fact, it is the key to their victory.

At the beginning, Hong Dingkun still had this confidence.

But as all this continued, Hong Dingkun still saw some problems.

"No, it's absolutely impossible."

When Hong Dingkun looked in front of him, at this moment, Hong Dingkun gritted his teeth and was even more angry.

After all, for now, in fact, how do you plan to deal with such a thing?

In his heart, it is still very clear.

So next, how should we deal with all this?

In fact, for them, where should they start with such a thing?

I won't talk about anything else for now, but here, such a thing can actually be arranged.

As for Shen Xuan, he looked at Hong Dingkun.

"It seems that you are still lucky now."

"But thinking about it this way, it doesn't really matter."

When Shen Xuan looked at Hong Dingkun in front of him, Shen Xuan's speed began to accelerate.

As Shen Xuan quickly arrived in front of him, even here.

In fact, for the current situation, what kind of method is planned to be used to solve it.

In fact, this alone will give people a feeling no matter what.

That's all of this at present, in fact, it's not simple at all.

And with Hong Dingkun doing this, Shen Xuan at this time watched and kept talking.

"Although I have indeed made up my mind to do this now, for me, in fact, I think."

"From now on, all of us, we have all done our best."

When Shen Xuan said to him, this made the people around him look excited.

After all, for now, in fact, for them, it should be necessary to understand such a thing.

With these people doing this, Shen Xuan was watching, with a faint smile on his face.

Despite this, Hong Dingkun was still furious.

"Damn it, what's the matter with you like this."

"However, since you insist on doing this, then I can only fight with you!"

When Hong Dingkun spoke to this side, the speed began to accelerate, and he swiftly came to his eyes.

However, Shen Xuan appeared to be very indifferent.

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