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I Found an Apocalyptic World

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Novel Summary

Liu Mingyu picked up an apocalyptic world, and from this moment, his world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Gold, diamonds, antiques, science and technology resources are here.

Backed by an apocalyptic world, a super technology group turned out.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IFAW
Alternate Title:捡到一个末世世界
Author:The starry sky under fantasy
Weekly Rank:#304
Monthly Rank:#289
All Time Rank:#321
Tags:Apocalypse, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Level System, Modern Day, System, Urban,
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27 Comments on “I Found an Apocalyptic World
  1. Honestly if none of you want to lose brain cells i recomend you to checkout - I HAVE A MANSION IN THE POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD - not this retarded crap.

  2. If you have read "I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World" then you can skip this because it's just a watered down copy.

  3. No, mc is stupid. Wasting time. He goes to future world, but, he only thinks about gold? And sell food. He goes outside hunting zombies, can get a lot of energy spar. Shit. Wtheck. There's a lot of knowledge in that world. He didn't even want to find it. Shit. When he knows bout mouse that he's a hacker. Mc can just ask mouse for knowledge. But , all he ask was ,, can mouse mass produced vr helmet? Oh shit. Mouse the fucking top hacker. Mc only ask that? Fuck. After that, he only thinks about how to sell food. And how to get those 2nd energy spar. Tsk wasting time in base , idiot. Better go outside spamming those zombies. And yea, the system need energy points to redeem somethings, there's a lot of energy spar from zombies, why did he not tried to ask the system? Can he exchange those energy spar for system energy point? And , he shit. Energy spar, can exchange for gold. He can just hunting zombies. But? He only sell food , to get gold. Suck. From not known, to be known by powers in base. Stupid. When they come to him to make business exchange. He just let them guess that he found a big warehouse outside? And he too make them believe it just like that? Just for him to get easier getting gold? Thats fcking stupid.

  4. Not a clever answer, just dogshit mind like the author of this novel. Repopulate? Really? You can rely on his small dick to impregnate every goddamn woman? The logical answer as to why they always have harem when thr setting is apocalypes is that they want to take advantage of the weakness of the counter part gender to satisfy their own ego and lust. There is chaos everywhere, no one will reprimand you when you have multiple fuckholes. This is just taking advantage of chaos, not a positive answer like 'repopulation' that's just dumb answer.

  5. Because it is the dream of most men. In the apocalypse he can have more women because he no longer has laws and moral rules. Of course, to have more women, you need to be strong, because which woman will want to be with a weak guy in the apocalypse?

  6. Also woman in those stories, mostly strong woman have their own harem. Equality at its worst. Men raping woman, woman raping men absolute equality. Weak men finding shelter with strong female, weak female finding shelter with strong male. Happens plenty in modern day world as well, just us plebians do not get to see it because only rich and powerfull can shit on law and order. Governors son raping dozens of woman and maybe a kid or 2 and his fathers surbodinate either buys them of or kills them. Happens all the time. Why do you think hundreds of thousands woman disappear each year? Check the statistics. Hundreds of thousands woman and no they were not taken by aliens or isekaid.

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