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I, Doomsday, Have Been In the Core of the Sun For a Hundred Thousand Years

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Lu Yuan was originally just a normal ordinary person, but one day he passed through it and became a day of destruction with a splendid reputation in the DC universe.

Doomsday does not refer to a single monster, but a terrifying legion from the technological civilization of Krypton.

But Doomsday is not a superman. In fact, it is a terrible biochemical weapon invented by the dead body of Kryptonian who got superhuman power and resurrected.

Lu Yuan became one of the doomsdays after just passing through, and entered the core of the sun for 100,000 years.

One day, Lu Yuan woke up, but when he flew back to Earth, he found that this place is no longer the Earth of the DC universe. I don’t know why he seems to have come to Marvel?

“Isn’t this invincible? Without kryptonite, I would be God.”

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Alternate Title:我,毁灭日,在太阳核心呆了十万年
Author:Lao Lao Xu
Weekly Rank:#945
Monthly Rank:#491
All Time Rank:#4521
Tags:Action, Adventurers, Harem, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Overpowered Protagonist, Racism, Reincarnated in Another World, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, Transported to Another World,
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  1. In the past, Lu Yuan would definitely scold a rich man who was evil. But now he doesn't feel anything at all. He once fought to a high position on Krypton, and even has an exclusive army of 100,000 people. He is also a big boss.

  2. So are the Chinese trying to make themselves out to be the supreme race like the Nazi's used to? Because their racism has reached ridiculous levels.

  3. i give u tips, if you read chinesse novel, never ever read novel with background modern world, because writers already "voluntary" sign contract to make propaganda "China is Numba Wan..!!!", better chosee neutral background (for exmple another world, primitive world, post apocalipse, etc)

  4. Living in china foe 20 years and living as kryptonian for 100000 but still chinese !!??? And i always felt that china is number one but not in power or something else but just racism , hypocrite , norrow minded ...etc Hell with thier brains Living in China always better than otherworld for million of years

  5. 200000 years. He spent 100000 years leading the kryptonians then slept for 100000 years and somehow still is super nationalistic for China

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