New York is a very special place for basketball.

   There is the most shining stage here, the Knicks boss himself also has a North American level TV station, playing here will never lack attention.

For example, David Lee, such a player, is actually not lacking in the league. He is not inferior, but during the Knicks period, his attention was ridiculously high, and Aldridge, who is one grade better than him, is completely not To his attention.

   And David-Lee has such a degree of attention, relying on the city of New York.

However, over the years, the Knicks have struggled to attract top free agents. They can win Howard and Dragic. The former is because they want to leave the 76ers. The 76ers don’t want him anymore. The latter are the Suns. To pick the right to pick Adetokounmpo.

  In addition to these special circumstances, in recent years, the Knicks only had to use more than half of the teams for Paul, Paul for Bynum, and naked signing of Chandler Parsons.

  This city feels very complicated for basketball players, and I envy the spotlights here, but this is the most taboo place for basketball players, even ordinary high-quality role players, do not really want to go here.

   Of course, no one will have trouble with money. If the Knicks give a higher price than other teams, they will definitely go.

  However, if the All-Star Game is held in Madison Square Garden, the players would like to play.

  In NBA history, this is only the fifth time to hold an All-Star Weekend in New York. It feels very different to be a guest here.

  Since neither Howard nor Dragic were selected for the All-Star, the visitors are all visitors!

   This year's All-Star game, coach Hollins served as the Western All-Star coach for the second time, the last time was the Grizzlies team's first regular season championship 11-12 season.

In the east, the Hawks coach Budenholzer served as the All-Star coach. This is also the first All-Star coach in the history of the Hawks. Although the Hawks won two Eastern Conference regular season championships, the two seasons were Before the All-Star break, neither of them was the first in the East.

   After the rehearsal of the charity event was completed, the Western Team All-Star team conducted a simple coordination training on the visiting team training ground.

  Sun Ce was very active in discussing and cooperating with everyone. Even Durant and Sun Ce asked Durant what he felt was the most comfortable shooting method.

   Others think that a player is the most accurate shot at a certain point, but the person does not necessarily think that point is his favorite shooting point.

  To say that Sun Ce and Durant, in addition to the competition on the court, and off-site Scarlett Johansson used to use Sun Ce to stimulate Durant before. They really have no other grievances.

   Was thrashed during the game... Almost all superstars in the league were beaten by Sun Ce, and Duncan did not run away.

   And this group of people must be all people who love basketball. They have paid enough time and effort for basketball. It is difficult to disrespect Sun Ce, who tries hard to win every game.

   Durant just discusses Sun Ce, but also respects Sun Ce in this area.

I just saw Sun Ce going to discuss with James, Harden, Westbrook and the cooperation of these ball holders; and Curry, Love, Duncan and his Durant asked about his favorite shooting position... Durant I asked in disbelief: "Lord, do you still want to get MVP this time?"

   "How do you know? Is it so obvious?"


   "Will you help me?"


  Reject or not? Durant is actually a face-loving person. Refusing this kind of thing in person is really not what he is good at.

   Otherwise, he wouldn't get that reputation in time and space. If he didn't say "I chose the hardest way" for his face, his reputation wouldn't be so bad.

   The key is that Durant has never met someone like Sun Ce! The face is too thick!

   Looking at the Western All-Star coach is the Grizzlies head coach, Durant has a feeling of irreversible momentum, anyway, he thinks that the All-Star MVP is not very important, so he nodded to Sun Ce.

The last hidden danger is solved. Sun Ce does not know whether Durant will grab MVP if he scores high. This is not easy to say, but Durant must be dealt with otherwise, otherwise Durant is not cooperative, Sun Ce Yao It's still hard to fight for MVP.

   First of all, if they can win, it is time to consider MVP.

   After all, the lineup structure in the east is better.

   Others are not too much of a problem. Kobe Bryant said, "Are you afraid that I will exceed you?"

  James promised a song, let him also enjoy the Grammy-level "songwriter" song, this kind of song can not be bought.

   The younger brother of the elementary school accepted him as promised. Harden at the same time was a fan of his son...

   In terms of team atmosphere, Sun Ce estimates that there is no problem. He has the "A-level leader halo" bonus.

  On their west side, there are only three serious insiders, Duncan, Aldridge, and Love. The center is only two unreasonable centers, Duncan and Aldridge.

At 6:30 in the evening, after the preparations, seven people including Sun Ce, James, Curry, Griffin, Ross, Duncan, and Kobe entered the field to help the NBA official conduct more than half an hour of commercial charity activities. When it was almost 7:30, several people hurriedly re-activated their bodies. At 7:30, the players who entered the All-Star game began to enter the stadium...


Basketball fans in New York are more distinctive. After the All-Stars on both sides played, many fans held the slogan "Welcome, Lord", and the fans held the slogan "The Nets rolled out of New York", and there was also "Brook Lin is not New York" slogan.

And this, Sun Ce understands the reason. Since Sun Ce said "I don't want the city I play to have another NBA team besides us", the Knicks felt that they were not attracted to the end of last summer. Sun Ce's attention for the consecutive championships was because the Nets moved to Brooklyn, New York.

   Although the Knicks, except for Howard, there have been no All-Star free agents for many years, and Howard is not very likely to be selected for the All-Star game now, but New York fans have always been confident!

  Like the Los Angeles Lakers, they feel that all top free agents are likely to go to them, although this is not the case.

If the stars do not come, their fans will blame other people or other teams. The Lakers are okay and will not rot for a long time, but the Knicks are different. They have not been really good since the new century. Get up, so they angered the Nets...

The preparation time before the game was almost over. Sun Ce went to practice shooting again, and it felt pretty good. In the past few days, he didn't touch the basketball very much. Instead, he calmed down his body and mind, but did not rest for a long time, that is, a few days. Re-enter the game mode, the state is very good.

   took a look at the special event "Little Bully 2 Everywhere".

   "The little bully 2 is everywhere (*):

   Goal: The host needs to complete the NBA history All-Star Game MVP most achievements.

   Event reward: Kobe Bryant All-Star All-Star MVP Season Star Experience Card.

   Note: Long-term events, no time limit, end when the host is retired. "

  Achievement with the highest number of All-Star MVPs, that is, at present, it requires Sun Ce to get at least 6 All-Star MVPs, because Kobe is 5 times.

This also has to guard against the season Kobe is about to retire. His teammate James who wants to help him wants to help him get an All-Star MVP. Sun Ce also has to help James to help Kobe...after all Reciprocity, they all play in the West, and they will meet at the All-Star every year. James has a high status among American players. New-generation superstars like Anthony Davis are James fans. Now they have reached James adulthood. It's time to enter the NBA...that is, be prepared to get 7 All-Star MVP!

   7:58 in the evening, the starting lineup of the two teams played.

  Western side, the starting lineup of Curry, Kobe, Sun Ce, Paul George, James appeared.

On the eastern side, the starting lineup of Lowry, Ross, Evans, Griffin, and Gasol came on stage.

  Ros looked at Sun Ce who walked to the middle circle to jump the ball. He wanted to win this time!

In addition to him, the other four All-Star starters also want to win, some want to compete with Sun Ce, some want to compete with James... Mainly, Gasol wants to compete with James, who made the media always say that James is Kobe since The best teammate after O'Neill...

In terms of the bench lineup, the Eagles’ four big stars are more Buddhist. They have become team players. It’s natural to be selected as an All-Star, but Millsap and Korver are more suitable for such games. Grid is too sticky and Horford is too simple.

  The other three people, Paul, Gasol Jr. and Hayward are also very fighting spirits.

   Even if Gasol did not hate the Grizzlies for selling him, he would also like to prove that he is better than Aldridge, Hayward wants to compete with the double 3D...

  That is to say, the eight players in the East who want to win all the time, almost all went to the four big stars of the Grizzlies!

   Muxiu Yulin is probably what happened to Sun Ce and his team.

   Sun Ce in the middle circle is also in pain now. In the starter, they tried it when they were preparing for the battle. His Sun is the one who jumped the ball the most!

   It is not that he plays better than Paul George and James, but that he has a better jump experience.

Fortunately, it was the opponent who jumped the ball, it was Gasol... Although my brother played the best regular-season performance in the past two years, after all, he was already 34 years old, and the jump ball gradually moved towards the peak. Younger brother close up.

  At 8 o'clock in the evening, in the cheers of the fans on the spot, the referee blew the whistle at the beginning of the game. It was broadcasted by T.N.T for 13 consecutive years. This year, the All-Star game that was jointly broadcast by US cable TV and Canadian Columbia Radio and Television began!


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