If the NBA wants to set up a four-point line, perhaps the most exciting thing is not Curry, but Bosh...

The defending champions Bosh, Curry, Westbrook, Owen met in the shooting star challenge. Bosh ended the preliminaries in 30 seconds with the power of the king, while the other teams spent more than 1 minute in the preliminaries. .

   reached the final. Although the Westbrook team made more than 20 seconds of the first three shots of the final, when they made a mid-range shot, it took more than 1 minute to miss the goal. Then, after timeout, there was no result...

   That is, as long as the Bosh team put all four goals in 90 seconds, it is directly the champion.

   arrived at the Bosh team, Bosh waited in the center line, waited for more than 40 seconds, and then hit a hit in the center line, the Bosh team was fixed at 47 seconds.

   No suspense!

   In the midfield shooting, Bosh reached the peak of his life.

   followed by the skill challenge, Beverly, Wall, Westbrook, Pierce, Thomas Thomas, Lowry, Jimmy Butler, Payton's list is still very promising.

   Originally Lillard signed up for all events, but he did not enter the All-Star this year. After a wave of wrong selections, he retired and was angered. Peyton was the rookie.

  Look at the list of this year's skill challenge, all of them are famous stars, Payton this rookie is quite eye-catching.

This year's skill challenge has changed again. A group of four will play separately. The first team will be directly promoted, the last team will be eliminated directly, and then two or three of the two groups will play again. Four people will decide the first place to advance. In the final, the three finalists will face off.

   School flowers occasionally change the rules to be okay, but regarding the game itself, he, a doctor of law at the University of Chicago, may not understand so much, he may only know how to use the terms, only how to make money.

   It seems that such a rule is a lot fairer, but it is not as good as direct 8-player rotation, and the top three advance to the final.

   Fairness is fair, but it is much more protracted than the simplest rules.

Such a group of popular stars participated in the skill challenge, which should have been pretty, but Sun Ce felt that it was too long. A group of preliminaries was added in plain, and I didn’t know what to do. Instead, it was the first time in the group stage. Players whose performance is not so good are looking for opportunities.

  Finally, Beverly won the championship in the first preliminaries of Group B and third in the second preliminaries.

   turned out to make Sun Ce very excited and went to the chest to celebrate with Beverly.

Beverly's defense on the Celtics and Avery Bradley's defense line was unacceptable, and high pick rookie substitute Smart, these three, took the Celtics back. The field turned into an iron pier. The Celtics could have the chance to make the playoffs this year. Beverly was indispensable. He brought that iron-blooded temperament back to the Celtics.

   Next to the three-point contest, the Grizzlies participated in double 3D, Irving, Curry, Korver, Berinelli, Harden, Matthews participated.

   was originally Lillard to participate, but Lillard retired, the league chose Matthews top, Matthews accepted.

   But this is not important for Sun Ce. The important thing is...he watched Klay Thompson and Paul George participate in the game, thinking of the dunk contest Paul George also participated, the previous skill challenge Pierce participated.

   His grandson rejected the invitation to these events, originally invited him to participate in the skill challenge, but this group of teammates actually took him to participate in so many games!

  Curry performed very well in this three-point contest. The preliminaries won the first place with 26 points and advanced to the final.

   reached the final, but even missed 7 ordinary balls, all 9 flower **** hit! Win the championship with 27 points!

   Klay Thompson played a terrible game, 9 points were eliminated in the preliminaries...Paul George reached the final with 19 points, but only 22 points in the final.

Harden went to accompany Klay Thompson in the preliminaries. Curry won the championship and called Harden to celebrate, but Harden sighed: "Stephen, thankfully Noah did not participate this time, otherwise the two of us None of them won the championship."

   This Curry was almost kicked towards Harden.

   Fortunately, he refrained, Curry kept suggesting that he is a teammate, this is the strongest teammate, this is an MVP teammate...

Sun Ce was fortunate that he did not participate. He was really not very good at shooting like this. In fact, it can be found that the forward players are more likely to win the championship, just like Pierce and Love, they did not expect the championship that year. .

   But one thing that many people overlook is that this kind of shot is equal to a fixed-point shot, and the guard shot is usually not a fixed-point shot.

   It seems that the top linebackers of the guard line have more three-point contest winners. That is because there were few frontline pitchers and few frontline pitchers participated in such games.

   Judging from the winning percentage, the striker's probability of winning is greater than the defender's.

  The last dunk contest, Paul George, Adetokounmpo, Lavin, Oladipo four players.

   The reason why Adetokounmpo is said to be different from Sun Ce is that Adetokounmpo's scoring is almost always limited to the close range and free throw line. His athletic ability is mainly explosive and explosive. Sun Ce is a pitcher.

People at Sun Ce don’t think he’s good at bouncing. They all think he doesn’t like to jump and play, because he has a variety of amazing blocks, thinking he is limited by the lack of explosive confrontation, because he is simply a player with a good bounce height. Quite a few, Conley and Curry are representative figures. Sun Ce sent an unopposed air connection to Curry last year. The take-off height was slightly higher than that of Sun Ce to Harden.

   But Curry has a confrontation dunk...the basket hurts!

There is no suspense in this slam dunk contest. If it was ten years ago, when Jason Richardson, Richard Jefferson, Josh Smith, Howard, Nate Robinson and others participated, it might be possible Win Lavin by playing tricks and creativity.

   But Paul George, Adetokounmpo, Oladipo, three purely physical dunk players, bounced with Ravenbi... directly a grade worse!

  It is worth mentioning that Carter was invited to participate as a judge in the slam dunk contest, letting people smell a strong insider taste.

   This slam dunk contest is not ugly. Lavin's slam dunk is really pleasing to the eye. The easy free throw line dunk, the turn with a flat jump and a 180-degree crotch change for a dunk. Two perfect scores easily advance to the final!

   If Lavin is the first buckle, maybe both are not full marks, but Lavin is the third buckle, comparing Adetokounmpo and Paul George... direct full marks!

Oladipo also had a perfect score dunk in the preliminaries, but he originally used the dunk for the finals, but after Lavin's dunk, the ordinary dunk score must not be high. Sure enough, Oladipo also dunked the second It's okay, better than the previous dunks of Paul George and Adetokumbo, but only scored 39 points and entered the final with 89 points.

In the final, Lavin scored 94 points with two easy 47-point slam dunks. Carter, who was a special guest this year, was not so satisfied with the two slam dunks of the Lavin final. He did not surprise him, and he only gave 9 points. Dominic -Wilkins and O’Neal agree with Carter. No one is more authoritative than Carter when it comes to dunking. Although the dunk is smooth and difficult... No one else can complete it. Nobody in active service can dunk like Lavin. It was only Carter who was bounced by Wenbi.

   Michael Thompson and Grant Hill gave Lavin four full dunks.

   Oladipo dwarfed the dunk, only scored 72 points, and Lavin than, really a bit far away.

   Watching Lavin's dunk... Sun Ce somewhat doubted his original idea-if he got the "phenotype" skill, would he really want to participate in the dunk contest next year?

  Sun Ce opened the event section and looked at it. As long as there are 3 dunks per game in a season, the "flying person inheritor" event can get the "phenotype" skill.

   If the number of dunks in a single season exceeds 255 to break the historical record of the number of dunks in a season, O'Neill, you can get S-level dunk bag Carter's dunk bag.

   "It’s up to him to try and get Carter’s dunk bag, and to pay tribute to Carter next year... No, try to get a few more S-class dunk bags!"


   Sunce is a good day off for the triathlon day. On February 19th, the day of the All-Star Game is here!

   Round table meeting, visiting nursing homes in New York... The nursing home industry in the United States is really highly developed. After a few years, Sun Ce found that the largest public service organization in the United States, except banks, is a nursing home.

   An event that the Grizzlies team of four big stars went to.

  At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we must start preparing for charity activities.

This is Sun Ce, James, Kobe, Griffin, Ross, Duncan, Curry seven popular superstars to participate in ~www.mtlnovel.com~ There is nothing to do, there are processes, the questions asked by the host have been right Good answer.

   It's just that Sun Ce was not happy about the answer. Union Vice President Stu Jackson came and directed him alone...

  Sun Ce is called a qi, does the other few need to control?

  Listening to Stu-Jackson's repeated emphasis on answering questions according to the correct desk, Sun Ce asked: "Stu, are you discriminating against me?"

   "NO, Lord! Why do you think so!"

   "Then why don't you emphasize them?"


Stu Jackson looked at how many years he has played in the NBA and is still such a childish Sun Ce. Helplessly called the other six superstars who were laughing at the side: "Remember, don’t talk nonsense, just follow the right. Taiwan's answer is enough, we don't need a break point, your game is a break point, this event is very important and represents our image..."

Seeing that Sun Ce was finally satisfied, Stu Jackson recalled Kobe Bryant, the first man in the quasi-league 10 years ago, Jordan, the first man in the league 20 years ago, Magic the first man in the league 30 years ago... No one like Sun Ce. of!


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