Chen Chuan slept until the afternoon and was woken up by Hu Kaili on the phone.

  Hu Kaili is a native of Yucheng. He runs an Audi 4S shop by himself. The family is also in the car beauty business, which is quite big. When Chen Chuan first came to Yucheng, he activated a "friends event" and needed to make a group of wealthy friends, so he bought a small sports car-Porsche 911GT2RS, and then joined the SJT supercar club created by Hu Kaili.

   When Chen Chuan accidentally showed that he had Reventon and Lamborghini, he gained the friendship of Hu Kaili and others. Later, Chen Chuan got Ferrari Rafa again, and the friendship with this group was even deeper.

   Among these people, Chen Chuan ranked them according to their strengths. Lv Ao is at the T0 level and is a non-ban must-select for this version. First of all, Lv’s family is very strong in Yucheng and has been doing real estate development for 15 years. Secondly, Lu Ao's older sister is more powerful, that is, Lu Qingshuang, with various titles and auras. But even more awesome is Lu Qingshuang's godmother. Third, Lu Ao found his relatives, whose family business is greater than that of Lu's family. With double dad halo blessing, Lu Ao must be T0 level.

   Secondly, from T0 to T1 level, there are He Meier and Li Muba at this level. He Meier's real name is He Mei. Later, when she grew up, she felt that "Mei" was quite dated and a bit rustic. It happened to be quite popular at the time, and there was a character named Xiao Mei in it. The girl used it, and she had to pester her mother to change her name to He Meier. In fact, her nickname at home was "Meimei." When her grandfather named the junior, he used the poem "Yunxia goes out to the sea, Meiliu crosses the river and spring". There are ten juniors in the family, and each of them has a word from this poem in their names. Why is He Mei'er T1? Because she was born out of the He family, who is in Yucheng, and she is also a group of 100 billion. According to her family's calculations, she must be T0, but her own family is generally developed and is engaged in the business of electronic components, such as mobile phones used by ordinary people on the market, and the cameras on them may be assembled and processed by her family.

   As for Li Muba, Chen Chuan is not very familiar with him. He only knows that his hometown is Wanzhou under Yucheng, and he is in lighting business.

   After T1 is T2 level, this level is Zhou Haimi's only gear. Zhou Haimi is a 25-year-old elder sister who is a female motorcycle rider. The girls who play motorcycles often seen on Douyin, some of their legs are not as long as her, and some are not as good-looking as her. Her locomotives are not as good as hers, and some do not drive wildly. Zhou's family is in the liquor business and is the major shareholder of Jiang Xiaobai liquor industry.

   After T2 is the T3 level, there are more people at this level, Xu Minggong, Zhang Yuanwen, Ding Yimeng including Hu Kaili, Shuai B, etc. are all in this level. In this file, apart from Hu Kaili, Chen Chuan is also not familiar with him, and he just said a few words to that little girl named Ding Yimeng. Ding Yimeng is a cute girl with big eyes. She said that her face is white and rich, but she is as tall as Feng Timo in terms of height. When this girl gets along with everyone, she doesn't seem very confident, with a little inferiority in her eyes. Especially when standing with Zhang Mengyue, looking at the face is sisters, they are all beauties, looking at the legs, the judgment is made.

   "Brother Chen, at our base camp tonight, we are all waiting for you, coming..." Hu Kaili said on the phone.

   Base Camp refers to the headquarters of the supercar club.

   Chen Chuan agreed. After all, people are social animals and need circles and friends. And to be friends with each other, first of all shoulders should be equal, that is to say, everyone has to be the same, otherwise, it will take a long time to play together.

   in the hotel room.

   Chen Chuan got up, took a bath, changed clothes, and saw a poem on the note on the bedside table. This timeless and beautiful handwriting belonged to Zhang Mengyue, and Chen Chuan could recognize it. From the perspective of writing aesthetics, the character is extremely high-level, pleasing to the eye, and the character is like its own, neat and beautiful.

   read it again, and Chen Chuan put the note into his wallet.

   Actually, Zhang Mengyue wrote a letter to him in Beijing a few months ago. It was quite touching at the time and put it away... But now it is nowhere to be found.

   "The song is full of the peach blossom fan..." Chen Chuan read this line in the poem, thinking of the gentle singing of the sister Mengyue last night, it is indeed melodious and beautiful, and it makes people motivated. Look at the messy sheets and bedding and the hair full of the bed... You can roughly see how intense the battle last night.

  Leaving the hotel room, closing the floor with tissues inside the door, Chen Chuan took the elevator downstairs, went to the parking lot and drove the red horse king, Rafa, and then went straight to the supercar club headquarters.

   In addition to drinking and partying, I also worked on a project with these friends in the club. I had to check the progress. This is business. The project is to invest in one of the biggest nightclubs in Yucheng. Chen Chuan invested 200 million yuan. Of course, it was the money deducted from the system. Others contributed 300 million yuan in partnership. The nightclub is almost completed, has been capped, and will soon enter the renovation stage.

  It’s just that when the car was approaching the SJT base camp, Chen Chuan suddenly remembered what Zhang Mengyue mentioned last night, saying that today is her mother’s birthday, and the mother and daughter will have dinner together tonight.

   Chen Chuan parked the car on the side of the road, after thinking for a while, called Zhang Mengyue.

   It is four o'clock in the afternoon.

Zhang Mengyue is working at the [Longyou Technology] company. When it comes to dinner at night, she doesn’t yell that she must let Chen Chuan go. She just said that there are no other rounds, and some other rounds should be played, regardless of their mothers. Female.

   Zhang Mengyue is this kind of ladylike personality, and it is rare to act like a baby. However, Chen Chuan knew her well. He had understood her in depth countless times, knowing that her mouth was generous, but her mind was quite small, small and tight.

   In theory, the poke is bigger, which is commonly known as c open. But Mengyue belongs to the kind that doesn't poke much, and is naturally small-minded.

   Chen Chuan guessed that about her mother’s birthday this evening, she must have wanted to go by herself, so she said, “I’m going to Hu Kailina now, and I’m going to see you around 7 o’clock in the evening?”

   "Okay, anyway...come at your convenience." Zhang Mengyue responded calmly.

   Actually, Chen Chuan knew that she must be happy in her heart.

   Chen Chuan hung up the phone and continued to drive on the road.

   The car drove to the base camp of the SJT club, but saw many cars parked at the intersection and many people surrounded. The cars are all supercars, including Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

   parked the car on the side of the road, Chen Chuan got off the car and went over, hearing the arguing from a distance.

   is a club member yelling with a group of people opposite.

   Because of the excitement of everyone's clamor, no one noticed Chen Chuan's arrival.

   "What's wrong?" Chen Chuan asked the little **** the side.

   Because of her short stature, this little girl can't squeeze in the front, only from the back.

   "Hey, Brother Chuan, you are here!" The little girl exclaimed.

   Hearing the term "Brother Chuan", Chen Chuan thought of one person, little sister Ding Yimeng. The name of this girl is different from others. Everyone calls Brother Chen and she calls Brother Chuan.

   Chen Chuan looked sideways at the little girl's face, and it turned out to be the cute girl with big eyes, "What's yelling ahead?"

Ding Yimeng said: "I am not very clear. It hasn't been long since I came here. After listening to it for a while, it seems that the Wu Group is going to meet a factory on the ground next to our club to produce fermented lemon drinks. The noise will definitely be It's not small, and the fermentation tank is close to our club. The taste is conceivable! How can this be? When this factory is involved, this place is not our paradise, and everyone is not happy."

   Chen Chuan looked at the side of the club. Sure enough, a cart had already begun to enter the venue and was ready for construction.

   "Which Wu family?" Chen Chuan asked, "Which is the mineral water house on rainy days?"

   Ding Yimeng nodded: "I heard that it is the new head-the eldest lady who has returned from studying abroad, who has made drastic reforms to the group. UU reading"

   "The one who was spanked that day..." Chen Chuan groaned.

   "What?" Ding Yimeng's eyes widened.

   "Do we have any tricks?" Chen Chuan asked.

"We are not recruiting, as they said, change the place if you are not satisfied. Don't stay here. Let's move the club. Anyway, this land was originally rented by the Wu Group." Ding Yimeng combed her double ponytails with both hands. , "Huh, there seems to be a fight over there?"

   Ding Yimeng jumped and looked in.

   Chen Chuan said: "Do you want to see? Hold you and watch."

   "I can't stop it, I'm so embarrassed." Ding Yimeng reached the waist and climbed onto a red Ferrari TDF roof.

   Chen Chuan recognized that it was her car. There are only 10 rare items in the domestic quota, and more than 8 million F12TDF.

   Standing on the roof of the car, his career is more open, Ding Yimeng said "Wow".

   Chen Chuan looked up at her, as if accidentally caught the black thread under her blue denim hot pants, "Wow..."

   Chen Chuan also said "Wow".

   "It seems to be a fight." Ding Yimeng shook the thread and said excitedly, "Wu's family came to the convoy from another direction, and the leader of the convoy came out of the team so that he could fight, and Hu Kaili broke his nose."

   Ding Yimeng lowered his head and saw Chen Chuan looking up at her. He blushed immediately, "Why look at me like this?"

   "Uh, you..." Chen Chuan scratched his head, he wanted to ask, do you wear one less?

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