Zhang Mengyue said that she was a little temperamental, and Chen Chuan smiled and didn't ask much. Anyway, it was nothing more than having trouble with Li Kexin. Chen Chuan could also vaguely guess that Zhang Mengyue must have heard He Jiajin say that she brought Li Kexin out for dinner last time, so she felt unhappy.

   As the saying goes, between two people, there is nothing that cannot be solved by a meal C. If there is, then another meal.

   Sure enough, after two meals, Zhang Mengyue became obedient. Not only did her temper disappear, she even took the initiative to reflect on and admit her mistakes.

"What should I say about you, you are also a person who fought side by side with Li Kexin, think about the last time, how well you two cooperated, how close you are... How do you turn your head and care about her." Chen Chuan proposed to Zhang Mengyue criticism.

   Zhang Mengyue lowered his head and slumped his head, lying obediently on Chen Chuan, humming and nodding to admit his mistake.

   Moonlight filled the big bed.

   Although the sheets are messy, and there are even a lot of hair scattered all over the bed, and the floor is covered with tissues, but the hotel is just that good, you don't have to worry about cleaning up afterwards, just make it boldly.

   The next day is a working day.

   Chen Chuan can get up late, but Zhang Mengyue's work attitude is serious. Although she didn't sleep enough, she still struggled to get up.

   She is a graduate student. She needs to go back to school today, and then go to work in the company in the afternoon. In the evening it is her mother's birthday. She has to accompany her mother for dinner. The schedule is very tight. Tighter than her.

In the early morning, she got up and saw Chen Chuan asleep, so she gently got out of bed to take a bath. She washed everything inside and out, put on clothes, took out her bag and put on light makeup, and sprinkled a little ambergris on it. Reflected in the mirror, a beauty with perfect temperament from head to toe. She looked dignified and ladylike, beautiful and gentle, walking on the road attracted the attention of many men. If you use a little more sinister heart, wearing a miniskirt or hot pants down to the thigh, showing her slender white legs, bypassing the boy's body, the boy can't hold the gun. But she has a serious and dignified expression, a bit of abstinence, and it is unimaginable how crazy and dedicated she is to become a female knight at night.

   Before leaving the room, she took out the pink note paper and wrote a poem next to Chen Chuan’s pillow:

   The colorful sleeves held the jade bell diligently, but they were drunk when they tried it. Dancing down to the heart and moon of the Yangliu Tower, singing the peach blossom fan. After farewell, I remember meeting each other, several times the soul dream is with you. The silver nightmare left tonight, I am afraid that meeting is in a dream!

   This is a poem by Yan Jidao in the Song Dynasty. It talks about first encounter, parting, and reunion. It also roughly reflects that she and Chen Chuan have realized their current state. Moreover, there are dreams and moons in the poem, and they also agree with her name.

   Zhang Mengyue wore high heels, bending over, with her beautiful buttocks tightly wrapped in a miniskirt, standing by the bed, bowed her head and gave Chen Chuan a good morning kiss. Then he turned and walked out of the room.

   Chen Chuan realized that she knew she was going back to school today, but did not open it, held her hair and kissed for a while, then continued to sleep.

   After all, he is not an iron man, and can't stand the toss of a super juicer like Meng Yue. In addition, there is nothing wrong with waking up early, and there is no place to go. Yucheng is extremely hot in late August. It is better to lie in the hotel’s air-conditioned room and take a good rest.

   Downstairs in this Sheraton Hotel.

   A black Range Rover parked on the side of the road, the door opened, and a handsome middle-aged uncle got out of the car, and then a temperament fairy also got out of the co-pilot.

"Dad will bring you here today to show you how difficult it is to make money. Don't do nothing at home every day. It is a good thing to come out and exercise and exercise. In the future, this company will have to be inherited by you. Besides, you have exercised. , In case the operation comes someday in the future, if you can go back to the house of He Patriarch and inherit anything you want, it will be enough for you to eat and wear for a lifetime." The uncle said earnestly.

   The little fairy nodded patiently, as if listening to the old man's lesson.

   This is He Jiajin and his daughter He Jinglan.

   He Jiajin talked with Wu Shan, who is the current person of Wu's family, and knew that Wu Shan was staying at the Sheraton Hotel last night, so she waited under the hotel in the morning, hoping to talk about the contract.

   He Jiajin took He Jinglan, hoping to exercise her daughter, and by the way, take the example of Wu Shan to educate her daughter.

He Jiajin said: "The person we are going to see in a while is named Wu Shan. The new reporter of the Wu Group, have you ever had mineral water in rainy days? She belongs to the Wu family. That little girl from the family was admitted to the Empire at the age of 17. Polytechnic University, graduated at the age of 21. Not long after returning to China, he was recognized by the father of the Wu Group. He was appointed as the heir. 65% of the shares of the group have been transferred to her name. She is 21 years old and has dozens of net worth Billion, you are 23 years old, how many assets do you have?"

   He Jinglan nodded obediently without refuting anything.

He Jiajin continued: "I know, if you don’t say anything, you must be dissatisfied in your heart, saying, Wu Shan is inheriting the family business, and you have not inherited anything with me, but... But, don’t forget. Now, you are the He family, and the He family is one of the few big families in Yucheng, a big group, and the family industry is ten times larger than the Wu family. People Wu Shan can inherit, you...you are no worse than her, right? I ran business, and after a while, I will take you back to the main house and meet your grandfather. In case you behave well, your grandfather finds that you are a manufacturable, do you understand?"

   "Understand..." He Jinglan nodded.

   The father and daughter were talking, and a fresh beauty in a summer eye-catching show-skin outfit walked by on high heels. The beauty is wearing a light-colored ultra-short A-line skirt, a pair of beautiful legs are particularly eye-catching. The strapless shirt also looks noble and beautiful with a swan neck, and looks full of the taste of youth college style. Although it is worn with exposed waist and legs, it is also gentle and elegant.

   "Hey? Mr. Zhang?" He Jiajin recognized this exquisite beauty. It was Zhang Mengyue who went to dinner with Chen Chuan last night, and said hello.

   Zhang Mengyue chuckled: "I'm not the boss...Uncle He, are you waiting for Chen Chuan here? He hasn't gotten up yet."

   "No, it's not waiting for Mr. Chen, but for the representative of the Wu group." He Jiajin smiled and started talking, "Ms. Zhang is going to work?"

   "Go back to school, I'm not the chief, but the secretary, you can call me Secretary Zhang." Zhang Mengyue said.

   "Okay, Mr. Zhang, you go slowly, do you want me to drive it?"

   "No, here the subway goes straight to the entrance of my school." Zhang Mengyue said, passing by the He family father and daughter, looking at the little fairy on the side.

   He Jinglan showed a decent smile to greet her, and Zhang Mengyue also nodded at her.

He Jiajin knew that this Mengyue was the woman next to Chen Chuan. Although the parents had to be good-looking and good-looking, especially those long white shiny legs, he did not squint in line with the principle of seeing no evil. , At most, I glanced at my eyes.

   Waiting for Zhang Mengyue to leave, He Jiajin explained: "This is a subordinate of your classmate Chen Chuan Company. Together last night..."

   "Well, I know." He Jinglan said lightly.

   "Have you seen?"

"Well~www.mtlnovel.com~ I ran into this **** the pedestrian street while shopping with Chen Chuan. At that time, Chen Chuan was a guest and invited us to have a king crab feast." He Jinglan said, looking up at the skyscraper of Sheraton Hotel Building.

   On the surface, she is calm and calm, but in fact, Zhang Mengyue's inadvertent sentence just now dropped a nuclear bomb in her heart. It is the phrase "Chen Chuan hasn't gotten up yet."

   "Dad, what did you just say and didn't finish talking halfway through?" He Jinglan asked suddenly.


   "I just said that this is a subordinate of your classmate Chen Chuan Company. We were together last night...what did you do?" He Jinglan looked at her father.

   He Jiajin blinked: "Let's eat with that....... Cough."

   "With her?" He Jinglan was surprised.

"Not only with her, but also with Chen Chuan..." He Jiajin said, "I was the host and made a game, that Lan Lan, what is the relationship between you and Chen Chuan Chen? Dad hasn't figured it out yet. , Is your relationship a college classmate? What else? He and you..."

   He Jinglan looked at the road, then smiled: "A good friend? I don't know what the relationship is."

   "Are you...have...well, that...huh?" He Jiajin scratched his head. But as a parent, he couldn't ask his daughter this question. The main reason is that his daughter is also so big, and it is not the little girl who rode on his head when he was a child. Regardless of his height or appearance, he was no worse than the one who had just passed by. There is even a refined temperament.

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