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I Defeated the Devil, So I Had To Become the Devil Myself

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My name is Anle. I used to be a brave man. After defeating the devil, I became the devil in order to save the world.

Standing in front of me is a brave who wants to challenge me.

“You evil devil!”

“What are you doing?”

“You dominate the dark elf big sister, the succubus, the vampire twin loli, and the wicked big devil who is full of the cute goddess!”

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Hey, coach, I want to learn to drive!”

“If you don’t teach or teach, your back hurts and your kidneys are not good.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:打败魔王的我,只好自己当魔王了
Author:Autumn Wind and Remembrance
Weekly Rank:#5831
Monthly Rank:#6060
All Time Rank:#6470
Tags:Adventurers, Comedic Undertone, Demon Lord, Demons, Elves, Fan-fiction, Fantasy World, Harem, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Transmigration,
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  1. Cause chinese are 90% idiots ... as opposed to the US citizens with 50% idiots ... or the world in general with 33% idiots

  2. To be honest that’s kind of mean, and saying they are idiots is kind of dumb, just because they didn’t have a good execution doesn’t mean they are idiots 😑,and besides 90% idiots is kind of wrong, I’m Indian and I’ve actually went to China once and saw lords of hard working people, basically comparing China schools and America schools, China takes the win

  3. Ok don't be too harsh on this one. It's a complete parody novel with comedic undertones and gags throughout. Read it for fun. It is something of a mix of konosuba and overlord. The isekaid mc is a intermediate swordsman in this typical mystical world where he coincidentally defeats the demon king under certain circumstances. So he is tasked to be the next demon king by the aqua like goddess to keep balance among the realms. And guess what he wishes for as compensation???? ......For the goddess to Accompany him as assistant not for any lewd reasons but just for revenge as she had troubled him a lot over the years(Our mc although a pervert believes in gender equality). So the plot follows the mc, his kindoff weird subordinates and his stupid goddess on their shenanigans as he tries to act like a "Demon king". The story pacing and character development is completely identical to isekai japanese novels with the constant gag comedic moments and tsukkomis. Also the mc can't take off his full body Armour to hide his identity so although he ends up in the middle of many perverted situations, he cannot act on his desires which is again a troupe followed by light novels. Read it if you like konosuba or slice of life comedic books.

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